Intrinsic Hemp Review: Their CBD Products Tested

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CBD products derived from industrial hemp are fast becoming a popular option amongst individuals seeking a more natural method of combating medical issues such as depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. The United States, in particular, is amid an opioid epidemic, so CBD’s entry into the marketplace could be timely; especially if it helps wean people off prescription medication.

It is believed that CBD, a non-intoxicating compound in hemp and marijuana, boosts the levels of the bliss molecule (anandamide) by reacting with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). While scientific studies are still in their relative infancy, it is a case of ‘so far, so good’ for the CBD industry.

With so many CBD sellers on the market, it is important to be watchful to determine which brands are trustworthy. Today, I look at a brand called Intrinsic Hemp.

Who is Intrinsic Hemp?

The company was founded by David Haddix who says that he decided to become an entrepreneur with a focus on online business once he left college. He admits to making a few mistakes before finally discovering CBD oil derived from hemp. David has suffered from anxiety for years and knew that the cannabidiol market could be a winner if the compound were as effective as claimed.

He tried CBD for himself and was delighted with the results. As a consequence, he decided to form Intrinsic Hemp and provide consumers with premium quality CBD taken from hemp grown in Kentucky. David hopes that his line of products can help you as much as it helps him.

Review of Intrinsic Hemp CBD Oils

intrinsic hemp cbd oils

Intrinsic Hemp has three types of CBD oil: its regular line, a CBD oil isolate, and a special Gold Line Broad Spectrum option. The regular CBD oil comes in two sizes; 250mg for $29.95 and 500mg for $42.95, and in Natural, Cinnamon, and Peppermint flavors. It is certified organic and non-GMO.

As is always the case with CBD oil, you place a few drops beneath your tongue, hold for up to 60 seconds, and swallow. The 250mg bottle contains 30ml of liquid while the 500mg contains 60ml. Aside from CBD, this oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9. I felt that the oil was a bit weak and it would be better if Intrinsic had stronger concentrations rather than forcing users to consume lots of oil.

Someone who needs 50mg of CBD a day would have to consume five droppers’ worth. I used it for my anxiety, and it worked fairly well; I just wish I didn’t have to use so much of it!

The Gold Line oil comes in 500mg form, and you can choose between Broad Spectrum for $59.95 and Full Spectrum for $69.95. You also have the option of a monthly subscription plan where you can save 10% off the purchase price. The Broad-spectrum Oil contains 16.66mg of CBD per serving along with CBDV, MCT coconut carrier oil, a small amount of THC, and it has no residual solvents.

Full spectrum included added CBG and naturally extracted terpenes. Whether this is worthy of an extra $10 is up to you, although paying almost $70 for 500mg of CBD is very much on the expensive side of things. While it is undoubtedly more potent than the standard CBD oil option, I personally feel that it is too costly.

The CBD oil isolate offers 1000mg of pure CBD for $59.95 which is a more appropriate price point. MCT coconut oil is the ‘carrier oil,’ and it comes in a 30ml bottle. This means there is 33.33mg of CBD per ml; a more acceptable amount. The lack of coconut flavor is a little disappointing, but it went down well and does a good job if you need relief from anxiety.

Review of Intrinsic Hemp CBD Gummies

intrinsic hemp cbd gummies


The brand’s CBD gummies are amongst its most popular products with almost 90 reviews at the time of writing. You can choose between 30 x 20mg gummies for $42.95 or 60 x 20mg gummies for $62.95. The gummies come in a variety of refreshing fruity flavors with CBDA and CBG along with the cannabidiol.

As is the case with all Intrinsic Hemp’s products, these gummies are completely organic with no pesticides or herbicides, and they are gluten-free. I found these gummies to be delicious, but while they did a fair job with my anxiety, I didn’t notice a great deal of difference in my shoulder pain. However, there are dozens of customer reviews which state that the gummies worked wonders for inflammation and back pain, so maybe I am just unlucky!

Review of Intrinsic Hemp Amazing Cream CBD

intrinsic hemp amazing cream cbd

With a name like ‘Amazing Cream,’ this product has a lot to live up to! There is 500mg of CBD in a 4-oz tub for $49.95. The cream also contains CBN, CBG, and CBDA. To use, rub it on any affected area. For me, it was necessary to add it to my shoulder as it is the main source of my pain.

As it is a full-spectrum product containing aloe vera, hemp oil, tea tree oil, and vitamin E, I had high hopes for this cream. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful cooling sensation when applied. It didn’t take long for me to notice a reduction in shoulder pain. While it didn’t improve my shoulder to the point where I felt like I could play a game of tennis, I was satisfied with the outcome.

What About Intrinsic Hemp’s Other Products?

intrinsic hemp’s other products

For a small company, Intrinsic Hemp certainly tries to provide its customers with choice. It sells CBD pills. You can choose 30 x 25mg CBD pills for $42.95 or 60 x 25mg for $62.95. These pressed pills are a good option for individuals who don’t like the taste of oil. Unlike softgels or capsules, there are no fillers which means you get 99.8% CBD isolate per pill.

Intrinsic Hemp is also trying to get into the vaping market by selling CBD vape oil. You can choose between Apple and Berry flavor, and each 30ml bottle contains 550 mg of CBD for $54.95. Once again, this oil is CBD isolate and also contains standard vape juice ingredients such as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Finally, the brand also offers CBD products for pets; a growing market. The range includes 500mg of CBD oil, suitable for a dog or a cat, for $42.95. It is best if you begin by adding a small amount of CBD to your pet’s food or drink to see how it reacts. If all goes well, you can gradually increase the dose until there is a noticeable effect. I was also impressed by the option of purchasing CBD dog or cat treats because it is not often that such a product is available. Each packet has 30 x 10mg CBD treats for $21.95.

Where Can I Purchase Intrinsic Hemp’s Range of Products?

Make your way to the official Intrinsic Hemp website and go to the ‘Shop’ page. The brand promises fast and free shipping to all orders, although it doesn’t outline what that means in terms of how long it takes to process an order. It also doesn’t mention deliveries to Hawaii or Alaska which normally cost extra. Intrinsic Hemp also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Final Thoughts on Intrinsic Hemp

While Intrinsic Hemp is not yet one of the leading brands in the CBD industry, it has a growing legion of followers. Its CBD gummies, in particular, have drawn praise from consumers although I didn’t find them to be too effective for pain. Intrinsic Hemp’s CBD oil is of reasonable quality too even though it is relatively expensive by the standards of the industry.

Overall, Intrinsic Hemp is a solid brand offering a combination of broad spectrum, full spectrum and CBD isolate products. It is a reputable company and is likely to grow and expand with the CBD industry as a whole.

Rating: 8.5/10

Intrinsic Hemp Pros

  • Excellent selection of CBD products.
  • Offers full-spectrum oil along with CBD isolate products.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Decent brand exposure with plenty of customer reviews on the site.

Intrinsic Hemp Cons

  • Not sure if the CBD gummies are strong enough to treat pain.
  • CBD Gold Line range is expensive.
  • Aside from the isolate oil, you can’t get a full-spectrum oil over 500mg.
  • The oil requires you to consume a lot of liquid relative to other brands.
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