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Whether we like it or not, the growth of the CBD industry has brought with it a slew of low-quality products created by companies out for a quick buck. While CBD has spread overseas to the UK, half-baked products by dubious firms have followed it. At WayofLeaf, it is our goal to help you decide if a brand is the real deal or a rip-off. Today, we look at a Scottish company by the name of Hope CBD.

Who is Hope CBD?

Hope CBD is based in the town of Hamilton in Scotland. It sells CBD products to customers in the UK and Europe. As is the case with most CBD companies, Hope was founded when a family member, who was struggling with pain from fibromyalgia, desperately sought out an effective painkiller.

Eventually, someone asked if they had tried CBD. Ultimately, this simple query led to the formation of a small CBD company with big ideas. All Hope CBD products are lab tested and made from organic hemp. Its products are full spectrum and include CBN, CBG, and traces of THC. One of Hope’s taglines is: “People Deserve Better’, and its goals include:

  • Providing outstanding customer service.
  • Selling premium-quality cannabinoid products.
  • Ensuring all products are marketed ethically, and with respect to regulations.
  • Boosting consumer confidence in what is a relatively unregulated market.

Review of Hope CBD Oil

hope cbd review

Hope CBD’s oil products are available in two sizes:

  • 300mg: £29.99
  • 2000mg: £119.99

One noticeable aspect of this oil is that the 300mg is far weaker per ml. The 300mg of CBD is in 20 ml of liquid, while the 2000 mg is in just 10 ml. Therefore, the stronger option contains a whopping 200mg of CBD per ml and 10mg per drop. Both products are made using organic, EU certified hemp with the cannabinoids extracted via supercritical CO2 extraction.

The oil also has trace elements of CBC, CBG, and THC (less than 0.2% in the 300mg bottle). There are also no pesticides, herbicides or additives. I tried the 2000mg bottle which has no THC. It has a nice golden color and a strong herbal taste. The added MCT oil helps with bioavailability.

I was hoping to find something to deal with my chronic bicep pain and as it turns out, 100mg a day had a noticeable effect. I placed the drops beneath my tongue, held them there for about 60 seconds, and swallowed. The main downside is that at 100mg a day, I would need a new bottle every 20 days, an expensive treatment that would cost over £2,200 per annum. For patients with pain so bad that it negatively impacts their life, the above is a small sum.

There is also an Advantage Plus Peppermint Flavored CBD Oil which I did not test. You can choose between 200mg of CBD for £20.96 or 400mg for £34.95. Both bottles contain 10ml of liquid.

Review of Hope CBD Candies

hope cbd review

Edibles are always a great way to consume CBD, and I find it hard to resist cannabidiol in confectionery form. I was looking forward to trying Hope CBD’s Candies but was left disappointed. They are in hard candy form which I don’t particularly like, and each candy only contained 5mg of CBD. While they are fine as a ‘top-up,’ there isn’t enough CBD to justify relying on them as your sole source.

The 10-pack costs £9.99 while the 30-pack costs £24.99. The candies actually tasted fine and are made with CBD, propolis, and honey. Realistically, if you have severe pain, you would likely need to consume a full 10-pack daily. This is an unlikely situation unless, of course, you are planning to use the candies as a substitute for smoking or something!

Review of Hope CBD Ointment

Topical ointments are ideal for targeting pain in a specific part of the body. Hope CBD’s Ointment is non-GMO and better for your skin than brand creams that often contain harmful chemicals. It is made with several ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, and arnica. One downside is that at 3% CBD, there is only 90mg of CBD in a 30ml tub which costs £24.99.

I rubbed it on my sore bicep region and allowed several minutes for it to absorb as per the instructions. Make sure you wash the area with water first and keep an eye out for allergic reactions such as redness, soreness, or itchiness. You can use it up to three times a day. As far as I was concerned, I found it to be moderately effective.

What About Hope CBD’s Other Products?

It may not be the biggest company on the planet, but Hope CBD offers visitors plenty of choices. There is Naturale Cannabis Oil with 2.5% CBD available from £19.99, 500mg CBD spray from £36.50, and a variety of e-liquids from £24.99. You can also purchase vape pens, morning tea, and a special turmeric tea-Assam blend.

Where Can I Buy Hope CBD Products?

You will find everything you need on the official Hope CBD website. Hope CBD offers free delivery to UK customers and pledges to get its products to you as soon as possible. I had no problems with the speed of the delivery.

Final Thoughts on Hope CBD

hope cbd coupon

Hope CBD may be a relatively small company, but it has quickly developed a dedicated customer base. The vast majority of online reviews on third-party sites are complimentary with consumers praising the quality of the CBD oil and customer service. Hope CBD’s oil is effective and worth trying, especially the 2000mg, but the candies don’t contain enough CBD for my liking.

Verdict: 8/10

Pros of Hope CBD

  • Free delivery.
  • The 2000mg CBD oil is very effective.
  • Large selection of products.
  • All products are full spectrum, and Hope CBD has the lab reports to prove its claims.
  • It sells CBD tea, a staple of the British diet!

Cons of Hope CBD

  • The CBD candies are expensive and don’t contain enough cannabidiol.
  • The balm feels nice on the skin, butat 90mg of CBD per tub, it doesn’t contain enough.
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