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It seems that every time you click on the website of a CBD seller, it is telling you that they are THE most trustworthy seller of cannabidiol. Why wouldn’t they? After all, it is a blossoming industry where fortunes will undoubtedly be earned and lost over the next few years. Today’s CBD seller review features HempMeds, a firm with more visibility than most; which does wonders for its credibility.

Who Are HempMeds?

I have reviewed FAR too many CBD companies with minimal information on the founders, or how it was created in the first place. That isn’t the case with HempMeds. The company was the first to bring hemp-based CBD oil to the American market back in 2012, and was also the first to receive federal government import approval for CBD products; it achieved this in the South American countries of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, as well as being the main supplier of CBD to our Southern neighbor, Mexico.

It is actually a corporate portfolio company of Medical Marijuana Inc., and it was even the subject of a Men’s Health article in October 2018. According to the company’s President, Todd Morrow, it was exciting to have such a “glowing testimonial” for the firm’s CBD roll-on product.

HempMeds claims to have served well over 100,000 customers to date and guarantees that all of its CBD products are free from harmful contaminants, GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. All HempMeds products are tested three times during production and third-party lab reports from Pro Verde Laboratories are also available from the company.

Here is a quick look at what ‘triple lab tested’ actually means:

  1. It is first tested in Europe throughout the growing season and after the hemp has been harvested, and the CBD has been extracted.
  2. The next batch of tests occurs when the CBD oil comes to the United States to ensure the oil is still safe after its long journey.
  3. The final test is completed by the company’s formulators who have the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification for testing food and supplements. The samples are tested twice more at different stages before the oil is made available to HempMeds.

Review of HempMeds’ Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO)

HempMeds has a LOT of hemp oil products for sale; far too many to even mention in a review. I personally tried the 4oz bottle of Green hemp oil for $119; you can also get the blue oil for $129 or the gold oil for $139. The bottle I chose contained 1000mg of CBD mixed with MCT oil. It had a real plant taste, and it enabled me to feel a little less stressed after work; although it took a couple of days to get a noticeable effect.

All of the company’s RHSO is extracted from cleanly grown hemp which comes from Northern Europe. As I later discovered, the Green oil (and all ‘green’ products) are the closest to the organic makeup of the plant. It isn’t decarboxylated, which means the cannabinoids that remain are mainly in their acid form.

The Blue label CBD products use the same base CBD oil as the Green label items, but the oil has been heated slightly which means a change in the cannabinoids’ molecular structure. Blue label oil has a CBD content of 17%. Gold products have been decarboxylated,so the natural CBDa has been modified to CBD. It is the most potent of the products with a CBD content of 24%.

HempMeds also sells an RSHO X liquid hemp oil, humulus oil, and dew drops in different flavors.

Review of HempMeds’ Edibles

The choice of edibles is a bit less complex as the brand’s Kicks range only contains three flavors: Chocolate, Mango Citrus, and Sour Apple. These are powerful chews as each one contains a whopping 100mg of CBD. A 30-pack costs $49.99 and HempMeds says that they provide users with a steady release of energy without succumbing to a sugar crash.

These chews combine caffeine, and B vitamins with CBD isolate. I tried the chocolate chew and enjoyed the taste. I consumed a full 100 mg chew and was satisfied that my knee pain was significantly less noticeable a couple of hours after consuming the chew. Please note that if you eat an edible, be patient because it takes longer for the cannabinoids to reach the right places via edibles when compared to a vaporizer for example.

Review of HempMeds’ Defined Day & Night Serum

This product was on sale for $82.50 when I was on the website, but it is normally $110. The 2oz, elegantly designed bottle contains an unspecified amount of CBD. Additional ingredients include goji berry, Panax ginseng root, xanthan gum, and sodium hyaluronate.

It is a worryingly large amount of ingredients, but the company claims the cream keeps the face’s skin safe from damage caused by free radicals. I didn’t notice much of a change in complexion but it did a nice job of moisturizing and the calm feeling I had later that evening was arguably down to the CBD in this product.

What About HempMeds’ Other CBD Products?

I could write a novel on the full list of products on offer due to the enormous variety provided by HempMeds. It sells CBD applicators for use on the go; an isolate you can vape, tinctures you can use sublingually, CBD vape juice and cartridges, CBD isolate, capsules, CBD for pets and non-cannabis CBD items. It also sells goods from brands including Cibaderm, Dixie Botanicals, Cannabis Beauty Defined, and Phyto Animal Health.

Where Can I Purchase HempMeds’ CBD Products?

Make your way to the official HempMeds website and take your time to browse and see if there is anything worthwhile available for you. The company regularly has sales where 25% or more gets slashed off the price for a limited time only. You can even get free shipping on your order if you use the code ‘LOVE’ at the checkout.

Final Thoughts on HempMeds

This is a company with its finger on the pulse of the modern CBD user, and it has products for absolutely everyone. Whether you want a powerful dose on the go with an applicator, or get a faster reaction by using e-juice and a vaporizer, HempMeds has you covered. The company has also won significant praise for the quality of its customer service, and free shipping is the icing on the cake.

Most importantly, you can get a high-potency CBD product if you want it. Not many firms sell 100mg CBD chews for example. It also seems as if HempMeds has a genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of its customers. While positive media coverage doesn’t always mean a company is trustworthy, I believe that HempMeds is the real deal in the CBD world.

Rating: 9/10

Pros of HempMeds

  • An enormous number of products to suit every taste.
  • Free shipping with a special code.
  • Ships to all 50 states and over 40 international countries.
  • It is a reputable company with a clearly defined media presence.
  • All CBD products are tested on three separate occasions.
  • All cannabidiol is extracted via supercritical CO2 extraction.

Cons of HempMeds

  • The sheer number of products might be overwhelming for new CBD customers.
  • Constant sales make you wonder if you are ever receiving value.
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