Galaxy Treats: The Complete Brand Review

As the years go on, everything keeps changing in the cannabis/hemp/ market. I mean everything. As you’ll soon find out in this Galaxy Treats brand review, there are a handful of companies that are leading the charge.

While products like CBD oils and gummies are still popular, a new range of mind-altering products have entered the market, and they’re truly revolutionizing the industry. I’m talking about hemp-derived ‘alternative’ cannabinoids such as delta 8 (D8), delta 9 (D9), HHC, and THCP.

These are essentially man-made compounds that are synthesized from hemp extract. And since hemp is a legal plant, they’re available virtually everywhere.

Galaxy Treats has even ventured into the legal psychedelics market with their all-new Amanita Mushroom Gummies. (I’ll talk more about these later).

Along with a handful of other brands, Galaxy Treats is one of the few pioneering companies that is setting the standard for this hemp-derived revolution. I tried several of this company’s products myself, and in this Galaxy Treats brand review, I’ll be sharing my insights as to the effects I experienced, potency levels, and what to expect if you decide to try out some of these wild new products.

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Galaxy Treats: About the Brand

Galaxy Treats is a USA company out of Whittier, CA, that specializes in the manufacturing of ‘rare cannabinoid’ vapes and edibles. This includes products infused with Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, HHC, THCO, and THCP. The company is also one of the first to venture into the legal psychedelics market, with their ‘Moon Shrooms’ Amanita Mushroom Gummies. (I will do a full review of these later in the article).

All of these products (aside from the Amanita gummies) are 100% hemp-derived, meaning they’re legal and available for online order in most U.S. states. The products are made in the USA and are third-party lab-tested. You can actually check out the lab results by scanning the QR label on the product packaging.

  • Galaxy Treats products are 100% hemp-derived and made in the USA
  • All products are third-party lab-tested using full panel testing standards
  • Hemp-derived products contain terpene-infused flavors
  • Galaxy Treats is a top-rated brand with over 3,500 5-star reviews
  • The company has been featured in High Times magazine, Leafly, Herb, and Merry Jane
  • Free shipping is available on all orders over $30

Though the brand doesn’t market it directly, these products will get you high; make no mistake about that. Delta 8, delta 9, THCP, HHC, and Amanita mushrooms all have mind-altering components, so rest assured, these are a far cry from the mild CBD products that have popularized the hemp market over the last decade.

The real question is, do the products actually work, and are they safe?

A Word on the Safety of ‘Rare Cannabinoid’ Products

There has been very little scientific study on the long-term safety of products containing delta 8, delta 9, THCP, and other ‘rare cannabinoids.’ While I didn’t experience any severe adverse effects personally after taking these products, we simply don’t know much about them in terms of their short and long-term impacts on health.

Additionally, we can make no claims as to the health or therapeutic effects of these products. While they share many similar characteristics to the standard delta 9 THC molecule from cannabis, they are not the same thing. As such, they likely impact the body differently and may produce different short and long-term effects.

In short, one of the key takeaways of this Galaxy Treats review is to use these products (and other similar products) responsibly and with caution. While they are generally milder compared to potent marijuana products, they still have the potential to produce powerful and long-lasting effects.

Galaxy Treats Review: Products We Tested

I tested four different products over the course of several days while putting together this Galaxy Treats brand review. I tried the “Moon Babies” gummies (both the delta 8 and delta 9 ones), the 300mg Sour Belts (which contain a mixture of D8, D9, HHC, and THCP), and the Amanita Mushroom Gummies.

This was my experience…

25mg ‘Moon Babies’ Delta 8 THC Gummies

Since these are 25mg, I was expecting a little more here in terms of potency, but these produced a serene, mellow, calm high consistent with the effects of delta 8 (which generally is about half as potent as ‘regular’ delta 9 THC).

Like most edibles, the effects took a while to kick in – I’d say about an hour for me. The roll-on of effects was also very subtle, and I didn’t even realize I was high until, I’d say, at least two hours after I ate the gummy.


The best thing, however was that the mellow high persisted for several hours and left me completely in control of my brain and focus. I’m sure most of you have overdone it as far as getting high (especially with edibles), and we all know that the feeling of paranoia that comes along with being too high is awful.

To summarize, I actually really ended up enjoying the effects that these edibles produced. A mild, long-lasting, immensely calming high that slowed time down and produced a spacy/cerebral effect while still allowing me to remain active, coherent, and fully focused.

10mg ‘Moon Babies’ Delta 9 THC Gummies

I’m still trying to figure out how companies are pulling enough delta-9 THC out of these hemp products to get you high. Delta-9 is of course the type of THC that’s found in ‘regular’ pot, so essentially these are weed gummies. And rest assured – they will get you feeling a little trippy.

I took a single ‘serving’ of these (one gummy), and I actually really enjoyed the experience. I typically avoid pot gummies because the effects take forever to kick in and they often last for hours. They’re also typically overwhelmingly potent. The effects from these gummies however were more subdued. I would describe the high as the exact same as a regular cannabis high, just a little more subtle and without feeling like you’re completely stoned.

It’s an obvious high, but it’s milder and leaves you in more control compared to a typical THC weed gummy (say for instance, a 10mg edible). The effects also tapered off slowly over the course of about three hours, which was perfect for me. The only downside is I was left pretty drowsy. I wouldn’t describe these as energizing, but if you’re looking to stay in for the night or (even better) are trying to get a good night’s sleep, I would 100% recommend these.


300mg Sour Belts (D8, D9, HHC, THCP)

Word of caution – be careful with these. I ate a whole ‘belt’ straight out of the package, and I was feeling it. The high is actually difficult to describe. I would say it is more or less the same as a good marijuana high, but in some ways it’s even more potent. At the same time though it’s relaxing. I felt I was in total control of my thoughts and actions, even though I was definitely feeling super trippy and spacey. However, there’s definitely something that’s different about these ‘alternative’ cannabinoids like HHC and THCP. They have the same general effects as pot, but the only way I can describe the difference is that the high is a little less organic. I guess that makes sense, since these compounds are synthesized from hemp.

Anyway, this isn’t the product if you’re looking for mild effects. If you’re trying to get as high as possible, I would recommend these. Unless you have a high tolerance for cannabis though, they very well might send you a little over the top and make you paranoid. And the effects last a long time too. I kind of lost track of time but I think I was high for about six hours, at least. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like if you took more than one of these.


750mg ‘Moon Shrooms’ Amanita Mushroom Gummies

Galaxy Treats is one of a handful of companies that have started to venture into the world of ‘legal psychedelics.’ These mushrooms do not contain psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms), but they are still mildly psychedelic thanks to the presence of two compounds, muscimol and ibotenic acid. The company itself describes amanita as delivering “mood-boosting psychedelic and mildly hallucinogenic effects,” and they remind users that this is a legal psychedelic and to use it responsibly.


The company goes into detail on their website about what exactly amanita mushrooms are and what effects the gummies tend to produce. In general, someone eating one of these gummies (or preferably half of a gummy) can expect a mild psychedelic experience, including deep relaxation, heightened senses, deep exploratory/existential thought, and inescapable laughter and hysteria.

There isn’t a ton of information on the Galaxy Treats website about how these gummies are made, but they seem to be legit and safe, which of course is the most important thing:

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Available in two strengths: 350mg and 750mg
  • Third-party lab tested using full panel standards
  • The primary active ingredient is muscimol

Additional Galaxy Treats Products

Galaxy Treats has tons of products available on its website – far too many to list individually in this review. In addition to the four products I’ve reviewed above, they have an assortment of delta 8, delta 9, HHC, and THCP gummies in different milligram potencies and flavors.

They also have ‘Extra Strength’ gummies that contain 125mg of cannabinoids per gummy. These come in delta 8 formulas or a combination of D8, D9, and THCP.

The brand also has Delta 8 vape carts and a new product called Cosmic Krispies, which I wasn’t able to try. Your best bet is to just go to the official Galaxy Treats website, have a look around, read some of the reviews and product descriptions, and then settle on a product that you think will be best for what you’re looking for.

Galaxy Treats Brand Review: Final Summary

All in all, in the market of ‘rare cannabinoids’ such as D8, D9, THCP, etc, Galaxy Treats is no doubt a leader. I was impressed by the quality and effects of these products, and trust me – they work.

If you live in an area where legal cannabis is unavailable or hard to come by, products like these from Galaxy Treats are an excellent alternative. Just be sure to use caution when you try them; just because they’re made from hemp and are legal doesn’t mean they’re not potent. Be careful, use responsibly, and you should have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

WayofLeaf rating: 9/10

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