Foria Wellness CBD Review

Foria Wellness: Quick Summary


  • Utilizes CO2 extraction
  • Features high-quality American hemp
  • Product range is diverse
  • Boasts third-party lab-testing
  • Money-back guarantee for all products
  • Free shipping for U.S. orders over $50
  • Offers military, teacher, and first responder discounts


  • Limited selection of vape products

Foria Wellness Review

Foria Wellness is a company dedicated to helping people reach satisfaction and joy in their lives. They achieve this through the manufacture of CBD-infused products. Their products are high-quality, and third-party lab tested.

From seed to selection, Foria provides the quality control needed to present the public with trustworthy and useful items.

While many other companies may skimp on methodology, this is where Foria shines. Foria Wellness employs superior techniques to engineer a top-grade product. This includes top-shelf hemp that they carefully select and grow.

They also use natural components like MCT oil. The result includes trusted products that many people love, as evidenced by the numerous customer reviews on their site.

What Products Did We Review?

Foria Wellness offers a variety of products. This includes high potency CBD oils, lubricants, and suppositories. They also provide vape pens and lifestyle apparel. Important highlights and details are listed below:

Foria Wellness: A Look at the Complete Product Line

Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

Foria offers consumers an arousal supplement that comes with CBD. Foria specially designed and crafted this oil for women. Each bottle contains hypoallergenic ingredients that are safe and soothing for women’s delicate intimate areas. These oils also have no additives, fragrances, or synthetic components.

It is especially helpful for women who may suffer from various disorders, including vaginismus, interstitial cystitis, genital pain, and endometriosis. In addition to aiding with disease symptoms, their arousal oil may facilitate blood flow and increase sensitivity.

Consumers can apply it directly to the vaginal area or consume it. It is safe to take under the tongue and has a light, pleasing flavor.

Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD

The natural lubricant contains 200mg of CBD per bottle. It also has broad-spectrum hemp with many of the terpenes and phytochemicals that exist in the hemp plant. Foria has created this oil to enhance arousal and ease genital discomfort and pain.

intimacy natural lubricant with cbd

This lubricant is also a perfect solution for those that are allergic to traditional lubes and creams. The Foria lubricant boasts hypoallergenic ingredients and has no artificial fragrances.

Consumers can have peace of mind knowing that this Foria product comes with a guarantee of best industrial practices. It is also third-party tested for superior quality and potency.

Intimacy Suppositories with CBD

Foria Wellness offers CBD-infused suppositories that any adult can use. They are versatile, and users can insert them either vaginally or rectally. Each suppository delivers up to 50mg of top-notch CBD. These suppositories address various issues related to several conditions, including pelvic floor problems, painful sex, and muscle tension.

All suppositories are vegan-friendly, eco-conscious, and come in minimal, discreet packaging.

Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen

For those searching for an excellent vaping option, Foria provides the Botanical Vape Pen. It is reusable and features a slick design that is discreet and inconspicuous. The heating element is first-in-class and boasts a state-of-the-art breath-activated battery. This means that users only have to wait 1 to 3 seconds to get a puff of vapor.

intimacy botanical vape pen

Each 1ml pre-filled cartridge comes with 450mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. It also has other great ingredients along with an essential blend of spices and terpenes. The outcome is an intriguing mix of clove, peppermint, ginger, cocoa, and myrcene.

Foria Wellness manufactures each pen with relaxation and stress relief in mind. The combination of ingredients allows users to feel more at ease and promotes well-being. Each puff also tastes extraordinarily delicious and tasty.

Relief Suppositories

Foria Wellness has designed these suppositories to release pain and tension before and during a woman’s menstrual cycle. They use hemp extract along with an amalgam of lab-tested ingredients to promote muscle relaxation and mitigate inflammation.

Users of these suppositories have reported feeling reduced menstrual cramps, body aches, and less painful penetration during intimate activity. They have also cited the suppositories’ use in assisting with debilitating symptoms related to endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. The suppositories are pesticide-free and have no additives, preservatives, and are THC free.

Wellness Tonic CBD

Consumers looking for an excellent CBD-based oil can sample the Wellness Tonic line. These oils contain broad-spectrum hemp extract. They also have MCT coconut oil for easier absorption. Their oils are also free of solvents, additives, and pesticides.

The Wellness Tonic can go under the tongue, or consumers can add it to tea, smoothies, or other drinks. There are two potencies available: 500mg and 1000mg.

Wellness Tonic Gel Capsules

If you don’t enjoy the taste of CBD-infused oils, you can give the Wellness capsules a go. They contain the same great formulation as the broad-spectrum CBD oils. This includes a wide range of terpenes, phytochemicals, and flavonoids.

wellness tonic gel capsules

Each tub contains 30 servings or 750mg of CBD. The capsules are also free of solvents, pesticides, and harsh chemicals. They are an excellent way to avoid the mess and hassle of measuring out a dose.

These capsules are also perfect at any time of day or night. Take one with your favorite drink or water, and you’ll get a boost of quality CBD.

Wellness Bundles, Gift Cards, and Apparel

With bundles, consumers get to sample the best Foria Wellness has to offer and save money. Their bundles include multi-packs of suppositories, capsules, and tonics.

They also offer something for the fashion conscious. You can pick up an edgy t-shirt in women’s and men’s sizes beginning from small to 3XL. Foria Wellness also provides gift cards that work as great stocking stuffers or treats for family and friends.

What Else Should I Know About Foria Wellness? A Closer Look at This Brand

Foria Wellness is a sex-positive brand that touts health, joy, and overall happiness. They believe that sexual health shouldn’t be an afterthought and are also at the forefront of women’s health issues.

They seek to address many of the ills that plague women, including pain from menstrual problems, vulvodynia, and vaginismus.

Their products provide an alternative to items that cater to strict norms and values. Instead, they posit themselves as a company dedicated to the issues and concerns affecting their customers. They showcase their customer care and commitment through:

  • Eco-conscious packaging and materials
  • Utilizing sustainably-grown coconuts for their MCT oil
  • Distribution of their products worldwide
  • GMP certification and lab-testing
  • A dedicated subscription page for reordering and discounts

Foria Wellness CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Foria Wellness is a company that extols the virtues of quality and value. Their entire product range is third-party lab-tested and comes with a great money-back guarantee. They also boast eco-friendly packaging, vegan-friendly items, and a commitment to low-impact ingredients.

Their dedication to quality doesn’t end there. Foria Wellness frequently asks for feedback from their customers and features detailed reviews on their site.

Other great benefits include a responsive customer care team and free shipping for orders over $50. They also provide delivery for some international locations. Those interested in purchasing any of the products can browse the official site.

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