FAB CBD Oil Review [CBD Oils, Edibles & Topicals]

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FAB CBD: Brand Snapshot
WayofLeaf Rating88%
FAB CBD has been a welcome addition to the industry since it was formed in 2017. Offering cannabidiol products from premium-grade hemp cultivated in Colorado, FAB continues to make noise, with several mentions in nationally and internationally recognized publications. Everything about this brand screams “in vogue” from its website to its packaging, but FAB CBD is a lot more than a passing trend.
  • Featured in respected publications like LA Weekly and Newsweek
  • Friendly and responsive customer service
  • Colorful and vibrant website and packaging
  • Subscribers receive 20% off
  • Free shipping to U.S.-based customers
    • Products tend to sell out quickly
    • FAB only shows a handful of lab reports which also need updating
      Lab Test Results
      Online Reviews

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      $$ - Average

      $$$ - Moderately Expensive

      $$$$ - Very Expensive

      FAB CBD Coupon Code: 20CBDOFF


      Who Is FAB CBD?

      Founded in 2017 by Josh Delaney, FAB CBD quickly became a huge name in the industry. Josh used his vast entrepreneurial experience to build his brand into a huge enterprise within 12 months of its formation. However, he was far from content for FAB to be just another name. Josh continued to work incredibly hard, resulting in a CBD brand that’s the toast of the niche.

      FAB CBD aims to provide the best products on the market and a standard of service that makes people want to become repeat customers. The company is all about consistency and encourages customers to view CBD as an accompaniment to improved wellness.

      FAB CBD Overall Score

      WayofLeaf’s Online Review Rating
      WayofLeaf’s Reliability Factor
      WayofLeaf’s Lab Report Verification
      Product Potency Factor
      Price Range$$ – $$$
      Locally Grown / SourcedYes (Colorado, USA)
      Current Promotions/Coupons
      Free Shipping
      Types of Products OfferedOils, Capsules, Gummies, Topicals, Pet Treats

      WayofLeaf’s Top 3 Favorite FAB CBD Products

      Providing reviews worth your time involves testing each product to determine its general quality. However, we must emphasize the fact that the effects of CBD are highly subjective. Therefore, the impact of FAB CBD’s products on our team and other customers is not necessarily representative of what you may experience.

      However, the packaging of these products IS representative of what FAB CBD stands for. It is a modern, trendy brand, and its colorful boxing is a visual treat. Therefore, FAB left a positive first impression.

      Now, let’s check out three big selling FAB CBD products.

      1 – Fab CBD 1200mg CBD Oil (Vanilla)

      WayofLeaf Product Rating:90%
      General Wellness
      Lab Results
      Duration of Effects
      Current price
      $ 99

      CBD oils and tinctures remain the biggest selling products in the industry and are staples of any reputable brand. You can buy FAB CBD oil in five tempting flavors and four CBD concentrations:

      • 300mg
      • 600mg
      • 1200mg
      • 2400mg

      It’s important to note that there is 30ml of tincture regardless of the CBD concentration.

      Although FAB has a “lab reports” section, it only provides a certificate of analysis (COA) for one product per category. In this instance, we can see the COA for the 1200mg natural flavor CBD tincture. It contains 44.7mg of cannabidiol per ml, equating to 1341mg of the cannabinoid per bottle.

      Our tester chose the 1200mg vanilla flavor. The brand instructs users to consume 0.5mg of FAB CBD oil once a day for a week, taking care to gauge the effects. However, our team member is an experienced CBD user and tried 0.5ml twice a day, or the equivalent of 40mg of cannabidiol.

      He said that the vanilla flavor was subtly and pleasantly sweet. As a result, it was easy to consume it sublingually. FAB has also managed to get the texture right. Too many brands create a thick liquid that feels greasy beneath the tongue.

      Overall, after a week’s worth of usage, our tester confirmed that he found it easier to relax in the evening and sleep at night.

      What We Loved About This Product:
      • Few ingredients; nothing but MCT oil, sunflower seed oil, natural flavors, and hemp extract
      • Contains even more CBD than advertised
      • Nice texture with a subtle sweetness
      What We Didn’t Love:
      • The smaller CBD concentrations are relatively expensive
      • No broad-spectrum option
      Mg CBD1200mg
      Mg THC6mg
      Extract TypeFull-Spectrum
      Product Price$99 ($0.08/mg)
      Type of Lab ReportCOA (ProVerde Laboratories Test Certificate) (Certificate ID: 98800)
      Best Used For?Relaxation, Sleep
      Product SourceHemp (Colorado, USA)
      Buy with Special Offer and Save 20%
      20% coupon code: 20CBDOFF

      2 – Fab CBD Nighttime Gummies (750mg)

      WayofLeaf Product Rating:86%
      Lab Results
      Duration of Effects
      Current price
      $ 89

      There are two distinct FAB CBD gummies types. The “Anytime” option is a CBD isolate containing no other cannabinoids. These gummies are also gluten-free, suitable for vegans, and non-GMO. There is 25mg of cannabidiol per gummy in a 30-count bottle. According to the brand, the lack of terpenes means you get to savor the delicious fruit flavor.

      As the name suggests, the ‘Nighttime’ gummies are designed to help you sleep. There is 12.5mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gummy in a 60-count bottle. Each gummy also contains various ingredients designed to help you relax, including GABA and melatonin.

      The COA shows 11.9mg of CBD per gummy, just below the 12.5mg claimed on the label.

      One of the WayofLeaf team opted for the Nighttime FAB CBD gummies because she is having issues sleeping. She consumed two of the gummies about an hour before bedtime and confirmed a noticeable increase in her level of relaxation. To be clear, these are NOT sleeping pills despite the presence of melatonin! They are supposed to enable you to unwind enough to be in the right frame of mind to sleep and seem to do an excellent job.

      These gummies also have a pleasant sweetness. Indeed, they effectively taste like candy, so make sure you limit yourself to two at a time!

      What We Loved About This Product:
      • These gummies do exactly what FAB suggests; help you unwind before bedtime
      • Outstanding fruity flavor
      • Gluten-free, fat-free, and dairy-free
      What We Didn’t Love:
      • The lab reports indicate a lower CBD concentration than what’s on the label
      Mg CBD750mg
      Mg THC0mg
      Extract TypeBroad-Spectrum
      Product Price$89 ($0.12 / mg)
      Type of Lab ReportCOA (ProVerde Laboratories Test Certificate) (Certificate ID: 98802)
      Best Used For?Relaxation, Sleep
      Product SourceHemp (Colorado, USA)
      TasteBerry, Fruity, Sweet
      Buy with Special Offer and Save 20%
      20% coupon code: 20CBDOFF

      3 – FAB CBD 1000mg CBD Salve

      WayofLeaf Product Rating:89%
      Pain Relief
      Muscle Joint Soreness
      Lab Results
      Duration of Effects
      Current price
      $ 79

      There are just two CBD topicals to choose from, but when they are of premium quality, that’s all you need! FAB CBD cream comes in a 2-ounce container with 600mg of cannabidiol. This equates to a little over 10mg per ml. It isn’t quite as light as a lotion, but you should find it easy to apply.

      The salve comes in two CBD concentrations: 1000mg (1-ounce) and 3000mg (2.5-ounces). With the latter, you get 28.34mg of CBD per ml, while the larger option provides an impressive 42mg of CBD per ml.

      With various injuries of unknown origin, I am always happy to give any brand’s topical a try. I decided upon the FAB CBD topical cream because it is less thick than the salve. It was easy to rub into the skin, and the blood-orange scent pleased my olfactory senses.

      After a few days of regular applications to my knee, it felt well enough to risk a run. The knee felt fine after the jog but was sore the following day. However, one liberal application of FAB’s CBD cream and two hours later, I felt ready for another run, which I wisely decided against!

      The cream and salve are specifically for surface application, so if you have inflammation issues, it is worth trying one of these CBD topicals. They are potentially particularly useful if you have muscle soreness after exercise.

      The salve is thicker and requires more patient application. However, it also penetrates more deeply into the skin and could prove the better option if you have more severe pain.

      What We Loved About This Product:
      • A significant CBD concentration for a topical
      • Pleasant scent
      • Easy to apply
      What We Didn’t Love:
      • The last lab report is over eight months old
      Mg CBD1000mg
      Mg THC8mg
      Extract TypeFull-Spectrum
      Product Price$79 ($0.08 / mg)
      Type of Lab ReportCOA (ProVerde Laboratories Test Certificate) (Certificate ID: 98806)
      Best Used For?Pain Relief, Muscle Soreness
      Product SourceHemp (Colorado, USA)
      Buy with Special Offer and Save 20%
      20% coupon code: 20CBDOFF

      FAB CBD Q + A: What Our Readers Wanted to Know

      Here is some additional information about FAB CBD that we hope proves useful.

      Where Does FAB CBD Get Its Hemp From?

      The brand sources its organically farmed hemp from Colorado. Apart from using some of the best hemp in the United States, FAB takes great care to ensure the standard of its other ingredients, such as carrier oils, is top-notch.

      What Extraction Methods Does FAB CBD Use?

      Those looking for pure CBD will be delighted to know that FAB uses CO2 extraction. Carbon dioxide is technically the “solvent” in this process, meaning you don’t have to worry about residual ethanol left in the products. The company insists that it works directly with the manufacturers to ensure you get nothing but the cleanest, purest CBD products.

      Where Does FAB CBD Lab Test Its Products?

      ProVerde Laboratories, a company based in Portland, Maine, conducts the testing on FAB CBD’s range of products. It is a reputable organization that also has a lab in Massachusetts. It uses sophisticated equipment and methodologies to complete its testing and specializes in hemp, marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and clinical research.

      What Is FAB CBD’s Website Like to Use?

      A treat! FAB CBD’s official website has a lovely clean design that effortlessly mixes white space with vibrant colors. It is easy to navigate with relatively few tabs, but under each section, there’s lots of information about the products, including advice on how to use them.

      The FAB CBD blog features over 100 entries and is regularly updated. It also offers information on the deals the brand offers and guides to CBD’s legal status in different states.

      Does FAB CBD Have a Subscription Service?

      Yes! FAB has an excellent subscription service that saves you time and hassle. You can choose how often you want a product delivered (options range from every two to ten weeks) and save 20% off the purchase price in the bargain.


      How to Choose the Right FAB CBD Product

      As one would expect from a top-rated brand, FAB CBD puts great thought into what goes into each product. Too often, CBD sellers include “fillers” which add no value but could cause harm! No matter what product you buy, thoroughly investigate the ingredients to ensure nothing in there concerns you.

      Let’s outline a few possible benefits of using FAB CBD’s products to help you decide which one is right for your specific needs.

      • Muscle Pain Relief: This is a common reason why people turn to CBD and FAB has you covered in this department. Its Complete Cannabinoid Softgels contain a host of cannabinoids, including cannabinol. Better known as CBN, this cannabinoid is found naturally in the Cannabis sativa L. plant, which binds to CB receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Although research into CBN is limited, there’s a suggestion it could help relieve chronic muscle pain.
      • Relaxation: Stress and anxiety remain twin threats to countless people, and cannabidiol could help you feel calmer and more relaxed. FAB’s Nighttime CBD gummies also contain additional ingredients such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) to provide an even more pronounced effect. GABA reduces the ability of a nerve cell to create, send, or receive chemical messages. It is known for producing a calming effect, making it the ideal ingredient in any product that promises relaxation. However, you can also use FAB CBD oil for anxiety.
      • Healthier Skin: CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with skin problems such as pain, swelling, and redness. However, FAB’s CBD salve also contains jojoba oil, a so-called “beauty oil” used as a moisturizer, face wash, sunburn relief treatment, makeup remover, and more.

      What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

      There are surprisingly few FAB CBD reviews from customers on Trustpilot, but there are hundreds on the brand’s official website from verified buyers. Here is a taster of what people are saying about this brand.

      a day ago
      These products work, period. I’ve sampled many companies, I like this one the best. Sleep gummies are a game changer and the CBG oil helps me recover faster from crazy leg days in the gym. I didn’t believe it at first, but after a couple weeks of trying it after really high volume training sessions, I’m sold.
      a day ago
      Customer service is amazing and the order that I placed arrived a couple of days later which I wasn’t expecting so quick. I ordered the reserve blend cbd oil and a calm vape pen. Definitely a returning customer! Thanks @FABcbd
      a day ago
      FAB CBD nails it on delivering a high quality product consistently but they also go above and beyond in customer service. They are amongst the few rare businesses that still care about their customers & take the time to respond to any question you may have. I’m a forever customer for both those reasons and I will never hesitate to recommend them! Thanks to the FAB CBD family, you guys are amazing
      a day ago
      I absolutely love FAB CBD products!! I’ve been using them for well over a year now and I’ve never been disappointed. And the couple times I’ve had some product arrive damaged due to shipping, the customer service with this company has always been above and beyond. Product was immediately replaced and the customer service reps were always super helpful. Do yourself a favor and give them a try. You won’t regret it!!


      Additional FAB CBD Products

      FAB CBD sells the following on top of everything else we’ve covered thus far:

      • Complete Cannabinoid Softgels: A blend of CBC, CBG, CBD, and CBN combined in an equal ratio. There are 60 vegan capsules in a container, each containing 15mg of cannabinoids.
      • FAB CBD Pet Treats: These FAB CBD chews come in Apple & Peanut Butter flavor with 150mg of total CBD.
      • Superfoods: FAB CBD also sells a range of nutritious superfoods containing antioxidants, greens, nootropics, probiotics, and much more. Please note that none of these products contain hemp extract.

      FAB CBD Review: Final Summary

      WayofLeaf’s Overall Value Rating
      WayofLeaf’s Customer Service Rating
      Ships Outside the USA?
      Available for Online Ordering?
      Available in Retail Stores?No
      Military/Veteran’s Discount Available?No
      Money Back Guarantee?Yes (30 days)
      Shipping/Returns PolicyFAB CBD will only provide a full refund if it receives your order within 30 days of purchase. It only returns shipping fees if the delivery is a mistake of Fab Nutrition. If you buy more than one item, only one item of each type can be opened. For instance, if you buy two bottles of CBD oil, only one can be opened. Everything else must be returned unopened and unused.
      Link to Buyfabcbd.com
      Wrap-Up: Our Final Thoughts

      There seems little question that this brand is fabulous in the eyes of its customers. It has an extremely positive reputation, and during our FAB CBD review, we concluded that it is well deserved.

      We found that the brand provides a decent range of high-quality products with the potential to save 20% if you become a subscriber. The site is aesthetically pleasing, and it is easy to place an order. We wish the brand offered a longer list of lab reports and feel these documents require updating. However, overall, we have no hesitation in recommending this stellar brand.

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