Extract Labs CBD Review

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Extract Labs: Quick Summary


  • Each product contains high-grade, American grown hemp
  • Provides products that fit a variety of unique needs
  • Offers unparalleled, quality customer service
  • Free shipping is available for all customers
  • Products do not contain harmful chemicals or additives


  • Consumers living abroad must pay for shipping
  • There is a limited selection of CBD-infused pet items

Read on for the full Extract Labs review, or learn about some of our top CBD brands below:

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Extract Labs Review

Extract CBD exemplifies many of the virtues of a first-in-class CBD company. They create products from quality, top-shelf materials, and have a wide selection of items available. We consumed some of these CBD products for several weeks and had some great results.

We loved that all of the products have natural ingredients. Some individuals on our team have sensitivities to artificial colorings, flavorings, and the like. Therefore, it was a relief to see that all of the products were plant-based with components lots of people could use.

We also enjoyed that we could seamlessly blend many of their products into our daily routines. Many on the team have busy lifestyles and can’t afford intricate set-ups or elaborate techniques. Using their products was a breeze, and for individuals on the go, this is a plus.

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What Products Did We Review?

First on our list was their CBD oils. we were especially excited to try this as some other CBD oils we had used in the past didn’t have much effect. After a few weeks of using their oils, it was apparent their products worth trying again in the future.

I noticed after taking the Extract Labs Original Tincture (1000mg), I was sleeping much better. Before the tincture, I often woke up during the night and rested fitfully. I’ve tried a variety of methods in the past, including taking prescription medications.

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. I would often wake up feeling tired and unfocused most days. After taking the Extract Labs oil, I found that I was sleeping much better. I slept throughout the night and awakened feeling refreshed.

We tried some other great products as well, including the CBD lip balm and face cream. The lip balm has 200mg of CBD per tube and has fantastic emollients like shea butter and essential coconut oil to soothe and moisturize dry, chapped lips. The face cream spreads onto the face with ease and contains 1500mg per tin.

We thought it was a bit expensive, but after using it for a few weeks, we all felt the face cream was worth every penny. The cream calmed and soothed my irritated skin. It also helped ease the redness and inflammation for a few members of the team dealing with rosacea and acne symptoms.

Extract Labs: The Complete Product Lineup

Extract Labs offers an expansive collection of CBD-infused items. There is something to fit many different CBD needs and lifestyles. From CBD oils to shatters and vape products, individuals can find what they are looking for and at a great price point. Extract Labs also offers money-saving gift bundles.

You won’t have to wade flashy marketing pitches. Instead, their site is laid out well and focuses on the shopper’s possible needs and interests. They also feature an informative blog that has many tips about CBD and its potential uses and benefits.

Their product line includes many different options for both novices and more experienced CBD consumers, including:

CBD Tincture

Extract Labs sells a great line of tinctures. They offer different potencies, from 500mg to 2000mg. All tinctures are THC-free and feature naturally occurring ingredients with no additives and artificial compounds. The options available are:

cbd tincture


  • Pure CBD Isolate (2000mg)
  • Broad Spectrum Tincture (1000mg)
  • Original CBD Tincture (1000mg)
  • Original Strength CBD Tincture (2000mg)
  • Lemon CBD Tincture (1000mg)
  • Lemon Extra Strength CBD Tincture (2000mg)
  • Raspberry CBD Tincture (1000mg)
  • Raspberry Extra Strength CBD Tincture (2000mg)
  • Banana Foster CBD Tincture (1000mg)
  • Banana Foster Extra Strength CBD Tincture (2000mg)

They also have an oil that has a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBG. Each bottle of this formulation contains 500mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG. The CBG/CBD oil comes from American hemp and includes the full-spectrum of cannabinoids.

CBD Topicals

For those that may experience body aches and pain or may simply need skin hydration, Extract Labs offers a few topical alternatives. Their CBD-infused face cream is full-spectrum and has a wide range of beneficial whole-plant compounds. Each unit comes in a convenient, easy to stow tin, and contains 1500mg of CBD. It also provides proper moisturization and encourages supple skin.

Their CBD Muscle Cream can work well for post-workout recovery or any other aches and pain. Each tin also comes with 1500mg of full-spectrum CBD. The CBD Lip Balm has a whopping 200mg of CBD per tube as well as a refreshing hint of peppermint.

CBD Capsules

Extract Labs make it a point to pour quality into every product. That’s why each bottle of CBD capsules contains the same formulation as their tinctures. This provides consumers with a reliable alternative. Not everyone is comfortable taking CBD oil drops, and for many, CBD capsules are the way to go.

Extract Labs capsules are convenient, transport ready, and each bottle offers 1000mg of CBD. Their capsules are also full-spectrum and give consumers the same compounds that are available in the tinctures.

CBD Isolate Products

If consumers are searching for CBD with no admixtures, they’re in luck. Extract Labs’ CBD isolate products give users pure, high-quality CBD. Customers can purchase their isolate in several ways:

  • Bulk CBD Isolate: This product features powdered, white crystalline CBD you can consume in teas, drinks, or mix in foods or sauces. Each bottle contains 1000mg of THC free isolate. Bottles from 5g – 500g are available.
  • Bulk CBG Isolate: If you’re looking to incorporate a bit more CBG into your everyday routine, this pure CBG product is the perfect fit. Each bottle has 1000mg of powdered CBG consumers can add to a variety of foods, drinks, and baked goods. Consumers can choose from a range of 5g – 500g bottles.
  • CBG Isolate: For those seeking just a touch of CBG, Extract Labs offers crystalline isolates in simple-to-tote 1 gram tins.
  • CBD Isolate: Extract Labs also sells a convenient version of their bulk CBD isolate in 1 gram tins that still provide the benefits of 1000mg of CBD.
  • Pure CBD Tincture: For the isolate tincture experience, Extract Labs offers the Pure CBD Tincture with 2000mg of CBD.

Fetch CBD Pet Line

Pet owners and their furry friends aren’t left out. Extract Labs has created a gentle, pet-friendly tincture that soothes and calms. Pet owners can purchase a 500mg bottle of full-spectrum CBD tincture for their canine or feline companion. Pet owners can also stylishly accessorize with a Fetch tee or Fetch bandana.

CBD Crumble & Shatter

Extract Labs offers a wide range of terpene-infused CBD crumbles. These full-spectrum products contain CBD, CBG and CBN, and other essential cannabinoids and phytochemicals. For those seeking a shatter, they can purchase one from Extract Labs as well. Both crumbles and shatter are available in:

CBD Vape

You can supercharge your vaping experience with Extract Labs’ selection of vaping products and accessories. Their array of tank kits offers users full-spectrum CBD-infused distillate tanks along with 510 threaded batteries and chargers. Consumers can choose from several different flavor options, including Forbidden Fruit and Strawnana.

cbd vape

If you’re looking to buy just a tank, Extract Labs has three affordable choices: Strawnana, Blue Dream, and Granddaddy Purp. You can also purchase a tank bundle which includes all three of these tank flavors.

CBD Bath Bombs

Unwinding after a long day often includes a warm, relaxing bath. However, with Extract Labs’ bath bombs, you can feel like you’re at the spa. They are a great addition and provide calming and soothing ingredients such as jojoba and witch hazel. They offer four relaxing choices:

  • Breathe Bath Bomb: This bath bomb contains essential oils, flower essences, witch hazel, gemstone, and CBD isolate.
  • Sleep Bath Bomb: The Sleep Bath Bomb has blue cornflowers, California poppy, and other compounds that encourage restful sleep.
  • Deep Bath Bomb: The Deep Bath Bomb provides intense physical relaxation. It contains lots of essential ingredients, including olive flower essence, passionflower, and skullcap.
  • Bliss Bath Bomb: This bath bomb lightens moods and relaxes. It has soothing and refreshing elements such as citrus, calendula petals, and hibiscus.
  • Tools and Merch: You can purchase vaporizers, hats, shirts, bandanas, and other merchandise. They offer a variety of fun options that customers can incorporate into any lifestyle.

What Else Should I Know About Extract Labs? Some Helpful Highlights

Extract Labs isn’t just about selling CBD. Instead, they are interested in assisting people in integrating quality, high-grade CBD into their daily lives. The founder and CEO, Craig Henderson, is a former combat veteran with extensive military training.

He sought to dedicate his life to helping others. While he is now a part of the civilian population, he continues his endeavor by providing first-in-class, top-notch CBD for people from every walk of life. Extract Labs attests to this philosophy by offering veterans and other qualifying individuals up to 50% off on all orders.

Other highlights include:

  • All products are lab-tested
  • They provide in-house lab testing services
  • Extract Labs is cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Process)
  • They manufacture certified kosher, and vegan certified CBD items

Extract Labs CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Extract Labs is dedicated to providing fantastic CBD experiences. From seed to selection, their processes and techniques ensure the utmost in quality and care. They seem committed to transparency, with COA’s (certificates of analysis) and a readily available and knowledgeable customer service team.

They use CO2 extraction methods for the highest levels of CBD. Their belief in plant-based wellness extends to how they also treat their hemp. There is no use of pesticides and other worrisome chemicals. This results in products that taste and feel clean, refreshing, and energizing.

Extract Labs has a diverse selection of items that can meet many CBD needs. From bath bombs to vape products and CBD tinctures, Extract Labs has an exciting array of products any CBD enthusiast would love. Their generous free domestic shipping policy and affordable price points make their CBD accessible for a wide variety of people.

Final Verdict – 8/10

Official Site: extractlabs.com
Coupon Code: GET15

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