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EIR Health CBD: Quick Summary


  • The company has a strong focus on being environmentally-friendly and uses eco-friendly packaging.
  • Products are all vegan-friendly, non-GMO, allergen and gluten-free, and non-toxic.
  • Free from artificial flavors and preservatives.
  • 20% discount for customers who sign up for a monthly CBD subscription (EIR auto-ship and save).
  • CBD pricing comparison guide on the website allows customers to compare the value-for-money between EIR Health CBD and other brands.
  • Extensive third-party lab reports are available to view on the website.


  • Limited range of products (only CBD oils).
  • No flavor varieties available.

EIR Health Review

EIR Health was founded in 2018 by three friends working in the pharmaceutical industry. In just three years, the company has grown from a small local business to an international CBD brand featured on several high-profile online publications.

The company distributes its products throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States, with a focus on product usability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

EIR Health controls the full manufacturing process from field to bottle.

EIR Health controls the full manufacturing process from field to bottle. Plant material is sourced from organic farms located in south-eastern Europe, and the CBD is extracted in the company’s own facilities using the CO2 method. CO2 extraction is widely believed to be the safest way to extract CBD oil from organic material.

EIR Health is a brand committed to nature. No synthetic ingredients are used in the entire production process. Cannabis sativa plants are carefully selected, grown organically, and hand-harvested with the greatest care. The company operates in line with the world’s highest standards, like EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) – to ensure purity, quality, and potency.

The mission of EIR Health is to help people improve the quality of their life by offering a holistic healthcare solution. To achieve this, they demonstrate care in every aspect of the business. The goal is to create a true relationship with customers and nurture the time spent together.

What Products Did We Review?

EIR Health has a very limited range of products, consisting of only CBD oil. Initially, the brand started with a line of full-spectrum CBD oil, but they recently added an isolate line to the collection. Both varieties are 100% vegan and organic.

The company tests each batch of its CBD oils through the third-party lab, SC Labs, and publishes the results of each product type on its website. They test for cannabinoid concentration as well as contamination by testing for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and solvents. Tests are done again a few months after the CBD oils have been bottled to ensure the high standards are maintained over time.

EIR Health: Everything You Need to Know About the CBD Oil

The EIR Health website is very user-friendly and well organized, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Each CBD oil variety has a detailed product description, potency options, full ingredients list, price, and other important information.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

There are four varieties in the full-spectrum line, ranging from low to high potency options. These include NO.3 (300mg), NO.6 (600mg), NO.15 (1,500mg), and NO.30 (3,000mg).

The 300mg and 600mg strengths are considered low potency – the former being ideal for first-time CBD users, and the latter perfect for beginners or those consuming CBD as a daily supplement. The 1,500mg option is medium-potency, and best for experienced users seeking good value for money, while the 3,000mg option is high-potency and perfect for those users seeking a therapeutic dosage.


All four of these CBD oils are well-made and have a strong hemp flavor. Additionally, they all offer incredible value for money.

  • 3 (300mg) CBD oil: $28
  • 6 (600mg) CBD oil: $48
  • 15 (1,500mg) CBD oil: $88
  • 30 (3,000mg) CBD oil: $148

CBD Isolate Oils

EIR Health recently added two isolate CBD oil varieties to its product lineup. These are ideal for customers who prefer to use THC-free extracts. There are two potency options: ISO.15 (1,500mg) and ISO.30 (3,000mg). Each one comes in a 30ml bottle with 30 servings.


The 1,500mg option is medium-potency and is ideal for both first-time users as well as more experienced ones. A single serving of the formula is equal to 50mg of CBD. It retails for $88.

The 3,000mg option is high-potency and recommended for experienced CBD users. A single serving of the formula is equal to 100mg of CBD. This one retails for $148.

What Else Should I Know About EIR Health?

Firstly, it’s worth noting the company’s on-point branding. Although branding doesn’t change anything about the contents of the product, it says a lot about the commitment and work ethic of the brand behind it. The EIR Health CBD oil packaging is very refreshing and aesthetically pleasing. The website also depicts a professional, trustworthy, and premium-quality CBD brand.

Another thing we love about EIR Health is its commitment to The Earth Project. The brand lives by a “One World, One Responsibility” philosophy and uses its hemp plant leftovers to extract hemp fiber. The hemp fiber is used to create biodegradable bioplastics in an effort to eliminate traditional plastics derived from fossil fuels. Moreover, the company uses eco-friendly packaging and does everything in its power to ensure the business doesn’t generate unnecessary waste.

EIR Health is also passionate about educating customers on the true benefits of CBD, without false hopes, fake claims, and misinformation. There is an “EIR Health Journal” page on the brand website, which covers a range of topics relating to CBD for those who are curious and want to learn more.

EIR Health CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Although EIR Health may not have the huge range of products that we’ve become accustomed to seeing from other CBD brands, they focus on doing one thing very well: effective and affordable CBD oil. These oils come at an incredible value-to-price ratio and are exceptionally high quality. And it goes without saying; premium products equate to premium results.

It goes without saying; premium products equate to premium results.

You can shop for these CBD oils directly on the EIR Health website. It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you should find the process straightforward. The company has a warehouse in Europe and the United States and will ship its products to all U.S states, and European countries (including the UK) where CBD remains legal. Free shipping is offered on orders over $50.

The company also has an “Auto-Ship” option, which is a subscription service that ensures a steady supply of CBD oil whenever you need it. Basically, you sign up to receive CBD oil on a regular basis, and the best part is you will receive a 20% discount. You can cancel the subscription or skip a delivery at any time.

EIR Health CBD is a top-tier brand and one that we would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a premium-quality CBD oil.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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