Danodan CBD Review

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Danodan: Quick Summary


  • All products are water-soluble.
  • Lab results are available to view on the website.
  • The prices are very reasonable.
  • Danodan sticks to minimal ingredients.
  • The hemp is grown organically.


  • There are very few products available.
  • The tinctures only come in low strengths.
  • The extraction process is vague, but it seems to use alcohol.

Danodan Review

Danodan is an American CBD brand based in the USA, where its hemp is grown. It’s a brand renowned for quality, taking on the mission of producing top-shelf products rather than expanding its range.

Danodan begins by growing its hemp outdoors on two farms in Oregon. This brand firmly believes in harnessing the hemp plant’s natural power, so all the hemp is produced naturally. The team then harvests the plants by hand before drying them.

This brand firmly believes in harnessing the hemp plant’s natural power.

This brand is a little secretive about its extraction process, but it’s mentioned on the website that they use vegetable glycerin as a solvent. However, given that the tinctures have organic cane alcohol listed as an ingredient, it’s likely that it uses alcohol, too. It perhaps would explain how Danodan manages to keep prices low and the quality still high.

Quality assurance is at the heart of this brand, which is apparent in the lab reports. Throughout the production process, which takes place at a facility in Portland, the brand tests the hemp extract. Lab reports are freely available on the website if potential customers have any doubts.

Danodan is a unique brand in that it specializes in water-soluble CBD. The WayofLeaf team gave the products a go, and this review encapsulates our thoughts.

What Products Did We Review?

Danodan has a minimal product range. The options include a CBD tincture and a CBD shot, available in single servings and a pump dispenser. The brand also recently added two pet tinctures to its range. With just three product categories, Danodan stands out from the rest of the CBD industry, where vast ranges of innovative products seem to exist.

With such a small product range, it’s only right to give them all a try.

Danodan CBD Products: What We Thought

All of Danodan’s products are water-soluble, which is what makes them unique. It’s unfortunate that this brand doesn’t offer products like topicals, capsules, etc., but it also streamlines the company’s approach to CBD.

If you’re looking for water-soluble CBD products, then here are the options available at Danodan.

Danodan Hemp Flower CBD Shot

The Hemp Flower CBD Shot is Danodan’s flagship product. It consists of a glycerin hemp flower infusion with alcohol hemp flower extract and organic cane alcohol. It’s pretty similar to the tincture, apart from the proprietary formula that Danodan keeps closely guarded.


The shot is available in single servings or in pump dispenser bottles. The pump dispensers offer 2ml of liquid each time, each containing the full-spectrum extract. The bottles are quite big (120ml), offering potent doses that will last you a while.

Here are the available options:

  • Single Serving 6mg (5-pack): $9.95
  • 30-pack: $59.70
  • Single Serving 20mg (5-pack): $17.45
  • 30-pack: $104.70
  • Single Serving 30mg (5-pack): $19.95
  • 30-pack: $119.70
  • CBD Shot 360mg: $55
  • CBD Shot 1200mg: $97.50
  • CBD Shot 1800mg: $122.50

It would be great if Danodan offered more information on these products, explaining what makes them water-soluble and providing usage instructions on the site.

Danodan Hemp Flower Tincture

The tinctures are very similar to the shot, consisting of vegetable glycerin, hemp extract, and organic cane alcohol. Danodan recommends stirring this into beverages, but you can also use it orally. The tinctures taste bitter and herby, but the taste isn’t too bad compared to some others on the market.


The bottles are smaller, but a serving size is still 2ml of oil. There are three sizes available, which correspond to the colored labels on the other products. Blue is low-strength, yellow is medium, and red is high.

The strengths are:

  • 90mg: $22
  • 300mg: $39
  • 450mg: $49
  • Three-pack: $99

These are all pretty low-strength products compared to what is available elsewhere on the market. If you’re in the market for something that’s a decent potency but not too strong, then the Danodan products could work for you. Since they’re water-soluble, they could also be more effective than standard oil.

Danodan Hemp Flower Infusion CBD for Pets

Recently, Danodan added pet products to its range. The site features a pet tincture in two sizes. The tincture is similar to the human products, but no alcohol is contained. It consists of vegetable glycerin and hemp flower.

Each dropper holds 3mg of CBD. The website features a handy table that helps you work out the amount you should give to your pet.

All in all, this is not the best CBD pet product in the world. For example, many CBD pet tinctures contain added flavorings to make it a nice experience for your pet. Danodan has neglected to do this.

You can pick up the bottle in 1oz and 4oz sizes:

  • 1oz: $22
  • 4oz: $55

What Else Should I Know About Danodan?

Danodan does not feature a lot of information about delivery, shipping, and returns on the website. This is a shame, as it can be handy for customers to know these things before purchasing.

Similarly, it would be great to have more detailed information on the extraction process. Danodan makes a lot of vague statements that aren’t all that helpful.

It is excellent, however, to be able to see all the team members on the website. The ‘Our Team’ section features a rundown of the principal members of the company, which is often nice to see.

Danodan CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Danodan is a decent brand if you’re looking for water-soluble products that aren’t super strong. It’s a brand that prioritizes quality over having a large range and lots of potencies. The quality is certainly something that shines through in the products.

Danodan is a decent brand if you’re looking for water-soluble products that aren’t super strong.

So, if a large range of choices isn’t your main priority when shopping for CBD products, then make sure to check out Danodan on the brand’s official website.

Final Verdict – 6/10

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