Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Review

Columbus Botanical Depot: Quick Summary


  • Large selection of products
  • Price points that meet any budget
  • Informative articles and blog posts
  • Respected and lab-tested brands
  • Free shipping on all nation-wide orders


  • The website is a bit cumbersome
  • No returns or refunds on items

Columbus Botanical Depot Review

Columbus Botanical Depot (CBD) is an Ohio-based company dedicated to providing best-in-class CBD brands and customer service. Their mission also includes superior quality and choice. Their expansive collection allows consumers to make purchases based on their unique needs and goals.

As a distributor, they provide the broader public with fantastic cannabidiol options along with educational outreach. They hope to encourage the proliferation of high-grade cannabidiol infused products through their dedicated support of hemp science.

They feature a wide selection of topicals, edibles, beverages, capsules, and more.

Many items in their diverse line include some of the industry’s biggest names. They also have the option for enthusiasts who enjoy their products to become wholesalers. Their varied array works for many different lifestyle needs.

What Products Did We Review?

Columbus Botanical Depot offers an extensive collection of products. Customers have a long list of quality brands to choose from. Many of these brands provide CBD-infused staples such as topicals, edibles, and capsules.

However, they also provide a plethora of vaping products, batteries, and accessories. If consumers are looking for pure CBD, Columbus Botanical Depot offers isolate CBD and raw CBDa items along with oral applicators.

They also have specialty drinks and infused syrups that are available for purchase. In addition to these items, consumers can choose their coffee, tea, and additive products provided by several leading brands.

Columbus Botanical Depot: Entire Product Line

Columbus Botanical Depot has quite a few categories available. From accessories to beverages, they specialize in giving consumers popular items from various in-demand hemp companies. Many of these companies provide options for CBD solutions that consumers can integrate into their daily lives.

Consumers looking for reliable, plant-based options have everything in one place. Columbus Botanical Depot is the veritable shopping center of the CBD world. Consumers can browse many different products from notable brands without leaving the comfort of their homes. Some of the products they can buy include:


The tinctures offered on the website come from an amalgam of companies. These sublingual formulations come in full-spectrum, isolate, and Raw CBD/CBDa forms. Consumers can purchase various potencies from companies such as Plus CBD, Bluebird, and CannaHemp. The prices for each brand and bottle varies, but there is something for an array of budgets.


For those looking for beverages infused with CBD, Columbus Botanical Depot offers many different brand options. Consumers select from a wide range of items, including:

  • CBD Living infused water
  • CBD flavored daily fiber powder
  • Funky Farms CBD shots
  • Clean Remedies daily fiber additives
  • CBD Living loose tea
  • Green Roads Chamomile tea
  • Green Roads coffee grounds
  • Hidden Pond Farm flavored syrups

The above list isn’t exhaustive, and this category boasts more choices in terms of drink options, additives, and other CBD infused beverage enhancers.

Vape Products

vape products

If consumers would prefer to get their CBD through vaping, Columbus Botanical Depot provides various options. They can purchase disposable vapes from brands like CBD Living, Funky Farms, and Canna Hemp. There’s also vape juices and cartridges, pre-rolls, vape drips, and thread batteries.


For those that prefer direct CBD application, Columbus Botanical Depot distributes a variety of topicals. These include balms from venerated companies like Plus CBD, Theramu, Medterra, and more.


For those looking for CBD & CBDa combinations, there are several varieties as well. Other topicals also include bath bombs, lip balm, eye serum, and bath crystals.


Many CBD enthusiasts don’t like the light taste of hemp. To get around this dilemma, they may choose to take capsules or softgels. Columbus Botanical Depot has capsules and softgels from brands such as Plus CBD, CBD Living, Charlotte’s Web, EcoGels, and more. They also have available several Raw CBD/CBDa soft gel/capsule varieties.

There are price points for any budget in this product line and a variety of potencies. Consumers have a range of choices and can find a capsule or soft gel that works for their situation or goals.

CBD for Pets

Pet lovers aren’t left behind. There is a panoply of options for those that want CBD for their furry companions. Examples include:

  • CBD oil
  • Breath spray
  • Shampoo
  • Soft chews
  • Dog treats

cbd for pets

Many of these products come from some of the industry’s most highly regarded companies, such as King Kalm and Lazarus Naturals. There are affordable price ranges, and an array that pet owners can choose from and a few different potencies.


Edibles are a creative way to get CBD, and Columbus Botanical Depot has various edible options. These include instant coffee, chocolate bars, and lozenges from CBD Living. There are also CBD-infused gum packs from CBD Wellness.

There are many other products as well, including honey, ice cream, and even gummies. Consumers have a wealth of choices in this category and can enjoy choosing from several recognizable brands.

Isolate CBD

Enthusiasts of pure CBD can select from isolate CBD products. These products include balms, tinctures, pain creams, and gummies. Consumers can also choose isolate capsules or opt for a breath spray.

Oral Applicators/Concentrates

For a higher amount of CBD, Columbus Botanical Depot offers oral applicators and concentrates from Plus CBD and Real Scientific. The Plus CBD oral applicator provides a potent mixture of CBD, CBG, and CBC for a more holistic effect. Consumers can purchase 1, 3, 6, or 10 grams.

oral applicators/concentrates

This applicator comes in two classifications: Green or gold. The Real Scientific Bulk CBD Isolate 1gram offers a versatile way to get CBD. Individuals can use this lab-tested and potent formulation in vaping or take it orally. This product is THC free and contains crystallized CBD.

Sleep Aids

This category includes a selection of CBD-infused products that can aid with sleep. Some of the products come with soothing, sleep-inducing ingredients, such as melatonin and linalool. Consumers can choose between calming tinctures from the company Isodiol, Green Road’s Sleepy Z’s gummies, and Native CBN Night-Time Spray. Other items include:

  • Original Hemp CBD Capsules
  • Original Hemp Daily Dose Capsules
  • Isodiol Sleep Capsules
  • CBD Living Sleep Aid
  • Canna Hemp Disposable Vapes
  • Canna Hemp Vape Cartridges

Accessories & Batteries

Columbus Botanical Depot offers more than CBD products. They offer a line of accessories and batteries that meet many different needs. This includes KN95 masks, Hemp for Health 510 thread batteries, CBD Living Tea Infuser items, and the Penvape 2.0 Variable Voltage 510 thread battery.

What Else Should I Know About Columbus Botanical Depot: Interesting Facts and Highlights

Columbus Botanical Depot is one of the most trusted distributors of CBD brands in the U.S. This Ohio-based company began as a venture between dedicated individuals and lovers of CBD. They used parades, festivals, and tradeshows as mediums to spread the word about the wonders of hemp. Their operation soon became an organization committed to CBD accessibility and education.

They offer some unique advantages, including a newsletter to update their members and a top-rated customer service team. Other advantages include:

  • Informative photos and videos
  • Customer reviews
  • Savings on cannabis education and certification
  • Same-day shipping on most orders

Columbus Botanical Depot CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

CBD fans can shop for a variety of great brands at Columbus Botanical Depot. They provide a wide range of products from the industry’s most respected companies for items such as tinctures, balms, and shatters.

From the comfort of their homes, consumers can purchase a diverse selection of items that meets their daily CBD needs.

The Columbus Botanical Depot also has shipping across many areas of the United States. Consumers looking to purchase CBD options can also enjoy free and same-day shipping. They also feature a variety of price points. Their customer service team is top-rated and responsive, with operations seven days a week for questions or concerns. In all, this is an excellent company for anyone looking for a selection of brands all in one place.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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