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Cibdex is one of HempMeds’ most popular lines of CBD oils and is one of the best-known ranges on the market. It is marketed as a way to potentially ease the pain associated with conditions such as multiple sclerosis and is a viable alternative to pharmaceutical medicine.

About Cibdex

Cibdex is based in California under the Medical Marijuana Inc. umbrella, and the product line is represented by HempMeds Px. At present, there are only a handful of Cibdex CBD oils available, but we expect the company to release several more given the popularity of the range.

Cibdex Highlights

  • Gentle on the stomach.
  • Vegan, Kosher and free of GMOs.
  • It is a whole food source of nutrition.
  • There are no preservatives.

Cibdex’s Top Products

Upon investigating the HempMeds website, we could only find two different oils on sale. There were pictures of capsules, but they don’t appear to be available on the site although you can find them elsewhere. In any case, all of these hemp-based tinctures are non-GMO, Kosher, Vegan, low-glycemic and non-psychoactive.

Cibdex Hemp Oil Drops

cibdex review

There are unflavored, vanilla and peppermint flavors. You can purchase a 1oz or 2oz bottle of CBD oil drops which are made in the same fashion. The main difference is the level of CBD concentration.
While the 1oz bottle has 100mg of CBD, the 2oz bottle has 500mg which equates to a concentration 2.5 times higher. Since the 1oz bottle costs $29 and the 2oz version is $99, the larger bottle offers better value for money in a CBD sense.

If you purchase these CBD oil drops, spray two pumps beneath the tongue and wait up to a minute before swallowing. You only need to take the drops once or twice a day to feel the benefits.

Cibdex Capsules

There has been a brand name change; Cibdex is now called PlusCBD, and there have been some changes to the capsule range. For a start, the new bottle contains 60 capsules compared to the old version which only had 30. Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD (instead of 25mg like the previous Cibdex version), but overall, each bottle contains 150mg more CBD.

If you dislike the Cibdex CBD oil drop flavors, capsules are a natural alternative as you can drink them with water and not have to worry about any aftertaste. Like the drops, the Cibdex CBD capsules are non-psychoactive.

Medicinal Benefits of Cibdex’s Products

The main issue with Cibdex’s products is that we’re not completely sure how strong the CBD content is. It claims there is 100mg in the 1oz bottle and 500mg in the 2oz bottle but the actual percentage of CBD remains a mystery.

Having tried the three flavors, we would suggest that you should avoid the peppermint version because it tastes exceedingly artificial. Cibdex adds Stevia to ‘sweeten’ the taste and potential side effects of Stevia include bloating, muscle pain and dizziness – just to name a few.

Upon testing Cibdex’s CBD oil, we have to say that it was only effective once we increased the dosage to double the recommended amount in the 2oz bottle. Once we did that, it began to relieve stress and anxiety in a few days. This leads us to believe that while there is high-quality CBD within the oil, the level needs to be much higher.

What Cibdex’s Clients Say:

Cibdex is now better known as Plus CBD Oil, and it has enjoyed mainly positive reviews. According to Jordan in Illinois, Cibdex was extremely effective in helping him deal with his chronic pain. Craig from Arizona was also full of praise for the product. He said that he had PN pain for the last 15 years but was amazed that the pain stopped a day after he started taking Cibdex! His only gripe is the less than pleasant peppermint flavor.

Jo-Ann Gregory from Croydon discovered what we stated regarding the strength of the product. She has not seen any effects when taking 15 of the Cibdex capsules per month and said she will double the dose to 30 per month. We believe she should experience some form of relief from the pain she suffers due to her fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.

How to Purchase Cibdex

You can find Cibdex on a variety of websites including Wellspring. We believe it is a better bet than trying to purchase directly from HempMeds because these third-party websites tend to sell their products for less. As it contains practically zero THC, it is legal for purchase in all 50 states. Simply order online, and it should come directly to your door.

Of course, remember that this isn’t one of those brands that you’re going to find at a gas station or a smoke shop or something like that. They’re not some massive enterprise with unlimited amounts of stock and inventory, so some products may be on backorder until a new batch arrives. We’ve never experienced this personally with Cibdex, but we’ve known it to happen with other smaller brands like this in the past.

Final Thoughts on Cibdex

cibdex cbd

Overall, we believe that Cibdex is a reasonably good CBD oil range, but it’s clear that in its recommended dosage, it is not strong enough to handle serious medical problems. Once you up the dosage slightly, you’ll find it helps with anxiety and stress.

However, it is ineffective against chronic pain and seizures unless you take an enormous amount of it every day. Even with Wellspring’s price of $69.95 per 2oz bottle, it is an expensive option, and other CBD oil products are even more effective for half the price.

The main issue with CBD oil products that contain a relatively low level of cannabinoids is that new users may dismiss the entire industry as ‘snake oil.’ For example, if you take Cibdex for a week at its recommended dosage, you probably won’t feel any effect. At that stage, it is easy to consider it a waste of money and assume the entire CBD oil industry is the same.

We’re here to tell you that it isn’t! If you purchase Cibdex, please do so with the knowledge that while it contains high-quality CBD oil, it isn’t strong enough so prepare to take more than the label tells you to if you want to see an effect.

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