CBDPure Review: Is This Brand Pure Hype or the Real Deal?

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CBDPure: Brand Snapshot
WayofLeaf Rating86%
CBD advocates suggest that the best products are pure with no filler and minimal ingredients. Few brands on the market come closer to fulfilling the above than CBDPure. This company removes the detritus surrounding the industry, stripping it bare and leaving nothing but pure CBD. Those seeking hype or gimmicks should look elsewhere, as CBDPure offers little more than the necessities.
  • The hemp is cultivated on family-run farms
  • Extremely strict testing procedures
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Minimal additional ingredients
  • Relatively limited selection
  • More expensive than average
  • There is relatively little information on the brand
Lab Test Results
Online Reviews

$ - Inexpensive

$$ - Average

$$$ - Moderately Expensive

$$$$ - Very Expensive

$$ - $$$$


Who Is CBDPure?

Founded in Vancouver, Washington, in 2016, CBDPure is a brand on a mission to make the highest quality CBD oil on the market. It is also committed to providing such products at a reasonable price. It achieved the latter part of its aim in the company’s early days. However, the market has changed since, with brands significantly reducing the cost of their products. CBDPure has not followed suit, so now, its CBD products are on the expensive side.

There is little information about the brand on its official website. However, we know it is part of the Nutra Pure LLC brand, a well-established enterprise in the health supplement niche. CJ Montgomery founded Nutra Pure LLC and created CBDPure right at the start of the cannabidiol boom. As a result, the brand got a significant head start on the opposition and continues to enjoy a reputation for no-frills, high-quality CBD products.

CBDPure uses minimal ingredients in its products and vows never to use chemical extractions or isolates. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this brand.

CBDPure Overall Score

WayofLeaf’s Online Review Rating
WayofLeaf’s Reliability Factor
WayofLeaf’s Lab Report Verification
Product Potency Factor
Price Range$$ – $$$$
Locally Grown / SourcedYes (Colorado and Washington, USA)
Current Promotions/ Coupons
Free Shipping
Types of Products OfferedOil, Capsules, Topicals, CBD for Pets

WayofLeaf’s Top 3 Favorite CBDPure Products

There are relatively few products in the brand’s range, but what’s available is well worth your consideration. Let’s find out more about what CBDPure has to offer. Please note that you can save money by purchasing a 3-month or 6-month supply of any CBDPure product.

1 – CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil (1000mg)

WayofLeaf Product Rating 85%
Calm / Relaxation
General Wellness
Lab Results
Duration of Effects
Current price
$ 79.99

If you’re looking for a wide range of products in different flavors and concentrations, this is not the brand for you! It believes in keeping things simple, as evidenced by the CBDPure oil collection. You can purchase it in one of three concentrations:

  • 300mg
  • 600mg
  • 1000mg

While most brands use 30ml bottles, CBDPure oil is available in a larger 60ml bottle. What’s impressive is that this product contains nothing but full-spectrum hemp oil cannabidiol. There are no carrier oils, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Although many customers prefer CBDPure hemp oil 600, our tester tried the 1000mg option, placed the drops beneath her tongue, and waited 60 seconds before swallowing. She confirmed that the CBDPure hemp oil had an earthy scent and a slightly bitter hemp taste. Fortunately, the tart aftertaste associated with many CBD oils was absent. However, the flavor may not prove palatable to those who dislike the taste of grass!

Also, the fact there is 60ml of liquid means you have to use more oil per serving than the industry standard. A full dropper contains 2ml of liquid. Even at the highest concentration, you only get 33.33mg of CBD in a dropper or 16.66mg per ml. Plenty of other brands offer significantly higher potencies.

Nonetheless, our tester was impressed by the results, stating that she felt highly relaxed after using it. The golden yellow color signifies a high-quality product that’s undergone CO2 extraction. Although the oil has an authentic hemp taste, no green tints exist. Therefore, we can conclude that the brand takes great care to remove all plant particles from its CBDPure oil drops.

The lab report, updated only weeks before this CBDPure review, shows that this oil contains 1380mg of CBD, almost 40% higher than advertised on the label. While this is good news from a value-for-money perspective, the gap between the label and the reality is a little large for our tastes.

What We Loved About This Product
  • It only contains CBD with no added ingredients
  • No unpleasant aftertaste despite the hemp flavor
  • The glorious golden yellow color
What We Didn’t Love
  • The fact it is available in 60ml of liquid rather than 30ml means consuming more oil than is ideal
  • The CBD concentration is fairly low compared to many rivals
Mg CBD1000Mg
Mg THC54.5Mg
Extract TypeFull-Spectrum
Product Price$79.99 ($0.08 / mg)
Type of Lab ReportCOA (Columbia Laboratories) (Batch Number 52385)
Best Used For?Relaxation
Product SourceHemp (Colorado & Washington, USA)
Terpenes/ AromaPiney
TasteEarthy, Bitter
Buy with Special Offer and Save 15%
15% coupon code: CBDPure15

2 – CBDPure Softgels 750

WayofLeaf Product Rating 83%
Stress / anxiety
Lab Results
Duration of Effects
Current price
$ 89.99

Once again, the brand has opted for quality over quantity regarding its CBDPure hemp oil capsules. As the product name suggests, there is 750mg of cannabidiol in the 30-count bottle. Each softgel contains 25mg of CBD. Apart from the hemp extract, this product has nothing but distilled water, gelatin, and vegetable glycerin.

Another of our testers (who doesn’t particularly like the taste of CBD oil in general) volunteered to try the softgels. He noted that they are extremely easy to swallow. Apart from that, there’s not much to report! Our tester noted a slight decrease in pain around his sore elbow and said the effects took about an hour to become noticeable.

These softgels are rather expensive, among the priciest on the market. However, proponents of CBDPure will tell you they’re happy to pay extra for top-quality products that work.

The lab reports revealed 19.4mg of CBD per 0.5ml. It seems that each softgel contains 0.5ml, which means the CBD content is well below the 25mg stated on the label. We will give CBDPure the benefit of the doubt and suggest it is an anomaly. The report was updated a few weeks ago, and we’ll give the brand credit for not trying to hide anything.

What We Loved About This Product
  • Minimal ingredients and no filler
  • Easy to swallow
  • Allows for easy dosing
What We Didn’t Love
  • It is expensive
  • The recent lab report shows a much lower CBD content than advertised
  • Not vegan friendly
Mg CBD750mg
Mg THC24mg
Extract TypeFull-Spectrum
Price$89.99 ($0.12 / mg)
Type of Lab ReportCOA (Columbia Laboratories) (Batch Number 52386)
Best Used For?Stress/Anxiety
Product SourceHemp (Colorado & Washington, USA)
Terpenes/ AromaN/A
Buy with Special Offer and Save 15%
15% coupon code: CBDPure15

3- CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula (500mg)

WayofLeaf Product Rating 89%
Pain Relief
Muscle / Joint Soreness
Lab Results
Duration of Effects
Current price
$ 39.99

This Muscle & Joint Formula is the only topical sold by CBDPure. Each tube contains 500mg of CBD in 90ml of cream. According to the company, this topical gets to work within three minutes of application. It contains white willow bark and menthol to ensure you feel pain-relieving benefits.

I’m a big fan of topicals to help with post-workout muscle soreness, so I tested this product. I followed the instructions by placing a relatively small amount on my quadriceps, which were aching after a torrid session in the gym. Although it took a little longer to have an effect than the brand claims, there’s no question that it helped ease my soreness. It also didn’t leave a greasy residue on my hands.

The recently updated lab report showed that this product has exactly 500mg of CBD.

What We Loved About This Product
  • Easy application
  • Provides a pleasant tingling sensation
  • Gets to work fairly quickly
What We Didn’t Love
  • It has a low CBD concentration of under 6mg per ml of cream
  • Only one product option
Mg CBD500 mg
Mg THC5.73 mg
Extract TypeFull-Spectrum
Price$39.99 ($0.08 / mg)
Type of Lab ReportCOA (Columbia Laboratories) (Batch Number 754525)
Best Used For?Pain Relief, Muscle Soreness
Product SourceHemp (Colorado & Washington, USA)
Terpenes/ AromaPiney
Buy with Special Offer and Save 15%
15% coupon code: CBDPure15

CBDPure Q + A: What Our Readers Wanted to Know

Now that we’ve analyzed the brand’s top three products, let’s learn more about CBDPure.

Where Does CBDPure Source Its Hemp?

The brand gets its hemp from its family farms in Colorado and Washington farms. As a result, it is in a position to perform detailed quality control from seed to sale.

Does a Third-Party Laboratory Test the Brand’s Products?

Yes, Columbia Laboratories performs third-party testing on all CBDPure products. It is based in Portland, Oregon, and is the result of a merger between Columbia Food Laboratories and Pixis Labs. Besides testing hemp and cannabis, Columbia Laboratories specializes in nutritional analysis and pesticide screening. The organization claims it has over 130 years of combined analytical experience in residue analysis.

The lab reports on the CBDPure site are extensive. The six-page document analyses cannabinoid content, microbiology, solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. CBDPure updates most reports regularly, although its Muscle & Joint certificate of analysis is relatively old.

How Does CBDPure Extract Compounds from Hemp?

The brand is committed to using full-spectrum hemp extract only and doesn’t add any unnecessary ingredients. It utilizes CO2 supercritical extraction and follows strict cGMP manufacturing guidelines.

What Is the Brand’s Returns Policy?

CBDPure has one of the best money-back guarantees in the industry. If you’re not happy with the quality of your product, send the unused portion back to the brand for a full refund. While most companies only provide a 30-day guarantee, CBDPure gives you 90 days!

Does CBD Pure Have a Blog?

Yes, the CBDPure official website contains a blog. However, it is rarely updated. The site’s design is much like the brand; uncomplicated! It contains the bare minimum of information and is geared towards making it as easy as possible to make a purchase.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know About CBDPure?

Yes! It is one of the few CBD businesses with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. CBDPure has been accredited since 2019, indicating that it is a trustworthy brand.


How to Choose the Right CBDPure Product

Given the level of competition in the industry, the top brands take no chances when it comes to sourcing ingredients for their products. CBDPure is no different in this regard. It is famed for including the fewest number of additional ingredients possible. Nonetheless, despite the relatively few products available, this brand caters to the needs of a high percentage of CBD users. Here are a few reasons why people use CBDPure and the most suitable products.

  • Pain Relief: CBDPure sells a salve containing willow bark, something humankind has used for millennia. It contains salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin. In concert with the bark’s flavonoids, salicin is believed to help relieve pain. Indeed, salicin was used to develop aspirin in the 19th The chemical takes longer to offer pain relief than aspirin but could have longer-lasting effects.
  • Skin Benefits: The brand’s CBD salve also contains Prunus armeniaca, a non-fragrant plant oil pressed from the kernels of apricots. It contains several vitamins and fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and oleic acid. When applied topically, this oil could have skin-restoring and moisturizing properties. However, you could also try CBD oil to help with skin conditions such as acne.
  • Anxiety Relief: A growing body of evidence suggests CBD could help alleviate anxiety. Most consumers choose CBDPure’s oil to help them feel less stressed after a tough day. However, you could try the brand’s softgels instead if you want convenience and accurate dosing.

What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

While the brand enjoys a positive reputation, there are relatively few CBDPure reviews from customers on major sites such as Trustpilot. However, those who have commented are generally full of praise for the company.

a day ago

Consistent outstanding quality. A little goes a long way. For me, it works much better than other brands such as Pure Kana. I like that it’s not a huge company that spends too much energy and money on slick advertising. The products speak for themselves. Excellent customer service. Good prices. Packaged securely, no leaks, and ships fast. Best CBD oil I’ve tried. The muscle & joint cream works well and has a refreshing scent. Thanks, CBDPure

a day ago
My mother-in-law and I buy from them every month. We use the soft gels to help improve sleep at night. Quick shipping and reasonable prices. Highly recommend to anyone needing quality products.
a day ago
This is an outstanding company who truly stands behind their products.  When I order from them they send the product pronto.  The tincture doesn’t have other stuff in them.  It’s pure.   Their staff is friendly and helpful.  Catherine has helped me a few times.  She’s efficient and helpful.  They once sent the wrong strength CBD.  They let me keep it and sent the correct strength free!  Now that’s a company you can trust!!
a day ago
Awesome CBD products, the soft gels are my go to cbd product right now. Absolutely would recommend you give CBDPure a shot for all your CBD needs.


Additional CBDPure Products

The brand only sells one other product called CBDPet 100. This CBD oil for pets contains 100mg of the cannabinoid in a 60ml container. It is a weaker version of the company’s standard CBD oil. With just 1.66mg of cannabidiol per ml, it is especially useful when giving the cannabinoid to small dogs or cats as they require a significantly lower amount than humans.

When giving it to your pet, it is best to add it to their food. It is likely too bitter to place in their water.

CBDPure CBD Review: Final Summary

WayofLeaf’s Overall Value Rating
WayofLeaf’s Customer Service Rating
Ships Outside the USA?
Available for Online Ordering?
Available in Retail Stores?
Military / Veteran’s Discount Available?
Money Back Guarantee?Yes (90 days)
Shipping/ Returns PolicyCBDPure not only has one of the most generous money-back guarantees in the industry, it makes it incredibly easy to get a refund. The brand allows customers to return opened and used products.
Link to Buycbdpure.com
Wrap-Up: Our Final Thoughts

If you detest the complexity of the CBD market and want something pure and simple, CBDPure is the brand for you. It grows its own hemp and subjects every product to stringent testing. The result is some of the highest quality CBD in the industry, according to its many fans.

However, you need to pay a premium as CBDPure’s products are more expensive than most brands. Furthermore, there is a severely limited variety, and it doesn’t sell anything with over 1000mg of CBD.

Nonetheless, if you like the earthy taste of hemp and don’t mind paying a little extra, CBDPure is worth considering. In addition, its 90-day no-hassle money-back guarantee gives customers tremendous peace of mind.

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