CBD Oil Canada Review

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CBD Oil Canada: Quick Summary


  • Extensive collection of hemp-based products
  • Price points that fit a variety of budgets
  • Quality, lab-tested products
  • Top-rated customer service
  • Informative CBD dosage recommendations


  • Doesn’t offer international shipping
  • Doesn’t offer refunds on products

CBD Oil Canada Review

CBD Oil Canada is one of the largest distributors of CBD products in Canada. It sells a variety of items from many of the industry’s leading and trusted brands. It also offers lab results that certify the ingredients in each product. This allows customers to feel a measure of security and peace when shopping.

The online process is hassle-free, and it offers quick and efficient shipping. CBD Oil Canada also provides honest, detailed reviews. This has led to a thriving and vibrant community of loyal customers that rely on CBD Oil Canada for their CBD needs.

What Products Did We Review?

CBD Oil Canada has several different brands. Many of these brands serve various needs and interests. They include topicals such as creams, roll-ons, and hand sanitizers, alongside a plethora of other top-quality goods. Consumers can choose from a wide range of CBD drops, gummies, chocolates, caramels, and candies.

Consumers can choose from a wide range of CBD drops, gummies, chocolates, caramels, and candies.

In addition to topicals and edibles, this brand also provides all the “traditional” CBD-infused items like capsules, vape pens, e-juices, and pet care products. The extensive collection doesn’t end there, though: CBD Oil Canada also sells concentrates and CBD seeds. It carries a host of premium, top-notch products that residents across Canada can enjoy.

CBD Oil Canada: All Products Tried & Tested

While many companies have entered the CBD arena, few abide by the quality standards exhibited by CBD Oil Canada. As both distributor and retailer, it has largely avoided the pitfalls of other companies by demanding the very best.

There are lab-test results on the site, and this company encourages honest feedback from customers. It also only features brands that adhere to time-tested forms of manufacturing and processing. Also, it sells many of the products that consumers love. When looking at the site, it’s clear that it chooses to cater to a wide range of lifestyles, needs, and preferences.

The products are first-in-class, and include:

CBD Tinctures

CBD Oil Canada offers brands such as Honest, Island Therapeutics, Delush, and Miss Envy. The potencies of these tinctures run the gamut. Consumers can create unique CBD routines that fit both their schedules and their personal needs.

Some great choices on the site include the Delush Solvent Free 1200mg tincture. This oil is brimming with phytochemicals, and contains a hefty dose of CBD isolate.


If consumers prefer a full-spectrum option, they can purchase items such as the Island Therapeutics Full Spectrum Oil. Potencies for this product range from 250mg to 1000mg. With such a display of options, it’s clear that tincture lovers can find what they’re looking for.

CBD Capsules/Pills

If some consumers don’t like oils or just don’t want to bother with measuring, CBD Oil Canada provides capsules. These capsules are an excellent option for anyone who wants a hassle-free experience.

cbd capsules/pills

The CBD capsules for sale are from Miss Envy and contain 30 pills. Each pill has 20mg of high-grade CBD. There is also a CBD/THC capsule combination. These gel capsules come in a 10-pack, and offer a 5:5 CBD to THC ratio.

Vape Pens/Juice

CBD Oil Canada offers some excellent options for those that prefer to get their CBD through vaping. It carries the Savage line of vape juices, and each category features a high potency oil ranging from 500-1000mg.

vape pens/juice

Other brands include Feel CBD. This brand features a pre-filled vape pen with a natural hemp flavor. The company also boasts a line of vaping accessories, including batteries, vape kits, and refill cartridges.

CBD Pet Line

CBD Oil Canada hasn’t left out pet owners. Dog lovers can give their furry friends the benefits of CBD through several products on the site. These products include CBD oils with formulations that have been put together just for dogs. The Honest brand, along with Nutraceuticals and Apawthecary, offers a line of oils fit for any canine need.

cbd pet line

For dog owners who don’t want to deal with oils, there are also dog treats. CBD Oil Canada hosts a variety of brands that offer tasty treats that animals love. Many of the treats assist not only in daily maintenance, but in quelling pain or reducing anxiety. Other pet products include salves for tender paws, and even CBD face cream.

CBD Concentrates & Topicals

Individuals looking for a pure CBD form can turn to concentrates. CBD Oil Canada sells isolate crystals with options including 1 gram and 3.5 grams. Other choices include distillate with THC, a Viridesco full-spectrum 2 or 5 ml pure plant extract, and various isolate vaping solutions.

For a more direct CBD choice, consumers can purchase from a range of CBD topicals. CBD Oil Canada offers infused roll-ons, creams, body oils, and balms. Other items include CBD transdermal patches, bath bombs, and more. Consumers can choose from a wide range of topicals suitable for aches, pains, and skin hydration.

CBD Edibles

For CBD enthusiasts that prefer a tastier way of consuming CBD, CBD Oil Canada offers edibles. Edibles are an exciting and fun way to get a boost of CBD, and consumers can get several delicious items, including tasty chocolate bars.

cbd edibles

These chocolate bars come in several flavors, including Coconut Chocolate and Dark and Salty. Other edible choices include chewy, tasty gummies, and caramels. CBD lovers with a sweet tooth have a lot to choose from here, and they can get no-hassle CBD on the go.

What Else Should I Know About CBD Oil Canada?

CBD Oil Canada has a name that says it all. It’s a Canadian-based company dedicated to selling good, authentic CBD. Their mission doesn’t just include offering reliable products, but it also provides education.

Also, it appears to be a company centered on the holistic side of CBD rather than the bottom line. The website isn’t merely a regurgitation of what it sells, but it offers reliable information that consumers will find helpful in their CBD journey. For example, the brand’s website provides:

  • Clear and concise CBD dosage guidelines
  • Articles about CBD and anxiety
  • Information regarding CBD and pain

In addition to informing the public, CBD Oil Canada has an affiliate program that rewards consumers for referrals. Individuals that sign up as an affiliate and refer others can get up to 10% of any sale. This is an excellent way for many to become knowledgeable about the products, while offering a generous (and potentially lucrative) incentive.

CBD Oil Canada CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Consumers that are interested in purchasing CBD Oil Canada products can do so on their website. By logging onto сbd-oil-canada.ca, consumers will have access to a wealth of items and informative articles. One major downside of the company is that they only sell in Canada. They currently do not offer international shipping.

One major downside of the company is that they only sell in Canada.

However, they offer a diverse assortment of products. Their selection caters to many individuals and their preferences. They also have reasonable prices, and can meet a range of budgets. CBD Oil Canada is a good option for anyone in Canada looking for a quality, reliable CBD source.

Final Verdict – 7/10

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