CBD Life UK: The Complete Review

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CBDLife UK Highlights


  • Fast shipping and reasonable prices.
  • Large product selection caters to all needs.
  • Potent 2000mg CBD drops are available.
  • Uses solvent-free CO2 extraction methods.
  • Laboratory reports are accessible on the website.
  • Member of the Cannabis Trades Association.


  • Returns policy forces you to act very quickly.
  • Limited range of edible and topical products.

If you’d rather skip the complete review, head on over to the official CBDLife website and check out their fantastic product range.

CBDLife UK Full Review

CBDLife is a website specialising in CBD products. They offer a huge selection of different administration methods and their range is incredibly varied. Besides the basic oils, they offer many other methods of imbibing, as well as CBD accessories. They even sell hats!

Buying CBD can be difficult. Knowing what to get, what’s right for you, and answers to all the myriad of additional questions make the entire experience potentially stressful.

Thankfully, CBDLife seeks to make it as easy as possible.

Why Choose CBDLife?

CBDLife is one website among many. Thanks to the legality of CBD oils and extracts, there is a veritable cavalcade of different websites and distributors to choose from, both in retail shops on the high street and on the internet.

What sets CBDLife apart?

Well, that question is asked by CBDLife themselves in their info section – “Why CBDLife?” For starters, CBDLife is firmly trying to help you. That’s right, you – the customer.

It can be scary buying CBD on the internet. This is due to the huge amount of misinformation out there in the world regarding CBD. There are so many fantastic health benefits, yet so little public awareness.

So, CBDLife seeks to help change that.

In a clear, easily accessible info section that they advertise fiercely, CBDLife informs you both what their products are, where they come from, how they made them and what they will do to you.

They emphasise wholeheartedly that their products are safe, but also go into detail as to why they’re safe and how they affect your body.

The mission statement for CBDLife is extremely clear, even without it needing to be written down – “this product is safe, it is useful and we want to help educate you about it.”

They demonstrate this over and over again; even in the sections detailing their company and what they sell, they still emphasise CBD’s non-addictiveness and it’s lack of psychoactive properties.

CBDLife shows off its membership in the Cannabis Trades Association, its commitment to educating consumers, and its dedication to safe and fair practises.

The website design is clear, concise and informational. There is sometimes the occasional bone to pick, such as unfinished sections and thus empty menu options, or the fact that their store selection puts items in multiple categories on occasion. However, overall, CBDLife’s website is wholeheartedly functional.

CBDLife CBD Oil Products

Firstly, CBDLife offers traditional oil extracts, delivered in three different ways. You can buy either standard Hemp Oil Drops, Hemp Oil Spray, or Aqua Drops. The Hemp Oil Spray and Aqua Drops are full-spectrum, whereas the standard Hemp Oil drops are broad-spectrum (THC free).

The Hemp Oil Spray allows customers to administer a convenient dose of CBD per spray, meaning you get a simple to use and easy to carry method of ingesting. This is contrast to the traditional oil drops you put under your tongue, as it avoids the somewhat pungent taste of raw CBD oil.

If you don’t want the spray, you can use the slightly pricier Aqua Drops. These drops are water-soluble, meaning you can mix them into drinks. This is a handy feature and also comes with the added benefit of being surreptitious. No one would know you were taking CBD just from you drinking a small glass of water!

  • Hemp Oil Drops 500mg – £29.95
  • Hemp Oil Drops 1000mg – £49.95
  • Hemp Oil Drops 2000mg – £89.95
  • Hemp Oil Spray 400mg – £24.95
  • Hemp Oil Spray 1000mg – £49.95
  • Aqua Drops 400mg – £39.95

cbd life uk

When we checked the website, all of these products were on sale and the savings were pretty generous. However, if you want to avoid the oils for whatever reason, CBDLife offers a variety of other ways to give yourself CBD; indeed, it seems to be their speciality.

CBDLife CBD Vape Products & E-Liquids

CBDLife seems firmly dedicated to providing a huge variety of vape liquids, as they offer an astounding number of different options to choose from!

For starters, they offer two ready-made ePens: one priced at £29.95, another at £39.95. The price difference is simply reliant on whether you want to be able to smoke higher intensity concentrations of CBD.

The cheaper option only allows 100mg of CBD per 1ml cartridge, whereas the more expensive option offers a marvellous 200mg per 0.5ml cartridge. That’s four times the amount than the cheaper ePen.

CBDLife also offers a myriad of different vape products, with various intensities and prices. This level of choice means that customers have the ability to determine their own dosage per vape, allowing a greater degree of choice than most other websites.

CBDLife then goes one step further and offers more niche options for the discerning vaper, such as Terpene Infused Isolate and CBD Wax.

Priced anywhere from between £16 and £80 for the wax, and £11 to £280 for the isolate, these options allow users to get an incredibly high dosage of CBD.

In these two products, CBD is removed from hemp plants through CO2 extraction, allowing an incredibly potent, near-pure blend of CBD and a few other binding materials which, in the case of the isolate, is a terpene.

These products are designed to be vaporised so as to get the maximum usage out of them. They allow experienced CBD users to imbibe a huge quantity of CBD at once.

This method also carries with it a purer, more intense feeling draw, getting rid of any harshness or bitterness that some people complain of when smoking cannabis directly.

CBDLife Other CBD Products

For those that desire a different method of CBD application than vaping or oils, CBDLife has you covered with a small collection of other options.

For those that prefer capsules, CBDLife offers individual pots of either 10 mg or 25 mg, costing £24.95 and £49.95 respectively. This is for the discrete CBD user that wants to take their CBD like they’re taking medicine. Whether you simply prefer ingesting CBD directly, or you wish to be covert about your usage, CBDLife has it all.

CBDLife also offers a small selection of edible and topical products. If we have one criticism, we would love to see a bit more variety here.

CBDLife CBD Accessories

That’s right, you read that correctly. Not only does CBDLife offer a myriad of CBD products, but they also sell CBD parts and accessories!

For the Parts and Accessories section, you can pick up a branded Concentrate Atomiser for £34.95, allowing you to add it to your favourite vape device in order to enable you to vape CBD concentrates. They also offer a dab rig, offering a powerful way to utilise incredibly pure CBD in a way not possible with normal vaping.

Alongside that, you can pick up some replacement Dab Pen chambers, either in Duel Quartz or ceramic, each for £8.95. This is just to allow you to customise and alter your Dab Pen, or to replace it due to any accidental damage you might cause. Don’t judge – it happens to the best of us.

Finally, you can pick up a branded Storage Case for your CBD for £11.95, which is described in the lovely, vainglorious statement: “most of our customers own so many of our CBD products, they need somewhere to keep them all safe!”

Now, that’s all well and good for parts and accessories. Sometimes you need to replace something that’s broken, or maybe you don’t have the right part, so you need to buy it here. However… what if you want everyone to know that you shop at CBDLife?

CBDLife CBD Apparel

Yes, that’s right, you can pick up CBDLife branded clothing – either a T-Shirt, Hoodie or Snap Back Cap – for £11.95, £24.95, or £14.95, respectively.

You have to admire this kind of bravery – CBDLife is gambling that you’ll like their products so much that you’ll want to walk down the street wearing their apparel, showing off their brand.

buy cbd life

So, why would you choose CBDLife? What makes their products, or their brand, so great so as to necessitate wearing their clothing?

Where to Buy CBDLife Products

To make your purchase, head on over to the CBDLife official website. They offer standard first class or next day delivery options. It is possible to return damaged, faulty, or unopened products. However, you need to notify the company with five days of receiving your order.

Final Thoughts On CBDLife

CBDLife is a company that seeks to stand out as an exception. In a sea of unscrupulous sales practises and a torrent of bad website design and misinformation, CBDLife looks to be a beacon of hope.

Okay, let’s not over embellish – CBDLife is a CBD distributor. There’s only so much change that one company selling one particular type of products can create in the world.

However, that small amount of change that CBDLife has the potential to give? They fulfil it wholeheartedly. They understand that they can help educate people about the merits and uses of CBD, whilst at the same time selling it.

The fact that CBDLife is so concerned with their customers’ wellbeing is a testament to their good character.

A further testament is the high quality of their products, as well as the helpful and functional design of their website and shipping practises.

For a clear, consistent, simple and helpful CBD distributor, you can’t go wrong with CBDLife.

Final Verdict – 8/10 

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