CBD Infusionz Review: How Does it Work?

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CBD Infusionz Brand Highlights


  • Uses organic, Colorado-grown hemp
  • All products are laboratory tested
  • Available as full-spectrum or isolate
  • Huge range of edible products
  • Several vegan options available
  • Excellent customer service


  • Website is slightly difficult to navigate

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CBD Infusionz Full Review

One of the biggest reasons behind this brand’s popularity is that it uses hemp CBD grown in Colorado.

Not only this, but all their edible products are manufactured with lab-tested organic CBD, obtained from organic industrial hemp. Each product is packed with phytocannabinoids from the hemp.

The company is aware of the primary objective behind CBD; to rebuild the endocannabinoid system in the human body. With top-quality CBD products that fulfill your health needs, you really can’t go far wrong with this company.

CBD Infusionz is a private company which is headquartered in Denver, the capital city of Colorado. The company was established by a group of people who wanted to reduce diseases in natural ways.

The quality of their CBD products and their impacts on human health are enough to prove that the company has always used updated biotechnology principles in its product development. Over time, the company has extended its CBD products range and is now offering more than 40 custom-made edibles!

CBD Infusionz Product Review

The product line up of CBD Infusionz is long and much varied when compared with many other companies offering CBD edible products in the country.

Currently, it is offering 40+ products manufactured with natural, non-toxic, and lab-tested ingredients. We could never review every product, so instead, to make your buying decision straightforward, we have divided these products into different categories. Some of their top product line ups are:

1. CBD Oils

CBD oils are one of the most popular and top-selling categories of edible products offered by the company. This is mainly because these are available in four different sized packs and are quite easy to use.

cbd infusionz cbd oil

CBD oils are available in packaging of 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg and their price range is $31.5 to $72. Previously, the company was offering full-spectrum oils that were rich with THC. Recently, the company has introduced another kind of oil: CBD isolates. These are THC free.

One thing to keep in mind here is that these oils have different flavors; you can also purchase pure hemp CBD oil without any flavoring agent added.

2. CBD Edibles

Some of the most popular edibles that CBD Infusionz offers incluse chewing-gum, hard candy, chocolate bars, lollipops, and various natural honey items.

Different products in this category have different flavors, so there is something for everyone. You will also find sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free options to choose from.

In CBD edibles you will surely find one or more product categories that would appeal to you. The price range of this category of products is $13 to $45 whereas most of the products are available around $25. Different CBD edibles are consumed in different ways. You can eat these edibles in public places because these are like ordinary edibles.

3. CBD Capsules

There are three different options that you should be aware of before purchasing; full-spectrum, isolates, and gel options. Different packing and price ranges reflect the various options.

The full spectrum CBD capsules are available in bottles of 10, 20, or 40 capsules and their price ranges from $36 to $58.5.

cbd infusionz cbd capsules

The isolate capsules are available in packing of 25 per bottle and 50 per bottle. The price range of isolates is $36 to $63. The full-spectrum CBD capsules contain 25mg of CBD while the isolates have 10mg of CBD. CBD gel capsules are the third and rarest kind of capsules, which can be purchased at about $4 to $5.

4. CBD Topicals

Eight different types of CBD topical lotions are available in 500 mg and 1000 mg packing. The most prominent CBD topical lotions include massage oil, muscles freeze, and unscented lotion.

These lotions are beneficial both for general as well as muscle pain. The 500mg pack is available for $54, and the 1000mg pack can be purchased for $90.

5. CBD Concentrates

If your body needs a higher quantity of CBD in less time, then the use of CBD concentrates may be beneficial for you. CBD concentrates are one of the top-selling products of CBD Infusionz. This is mainly because of their availability and usage in various forms.

Some of these concentrates can be consumed by adding them to foods or drinks. But, most of the concentrates are consumed either by smoking or vaporizing. You can choose the vaporizing and smoking methods of your own choice. The price range of CBD concentrates is $14 to $50 depending on the packing size you have purchased.

6. CBD Pet Products

cbd infusionz pet cbd product

CBD Infusionz is not only famous for manufacturing edibles for human beings, but the company also produces various pet products. Like human-edible products, CBD pet products are also quality tested and result oriented. There is a page specified for pet products to make it easy for people to buy pet products. Essential pet products are full-spectrum oils, isolates, and gel capsules, bacon, cheddar cheese, and many more.

How to Buy CBD Infusionz Products

The company offers its products both online and offline through some trusted retailers. Buying online is quite easy because you can purchase simply by adding the product to your basket and checking out by filling in your necessary details. Visit the official website to view the various payment and shipping options.

Final Verdict on CBD Infusionz

After reading the entire article, we jump to the conclusion that CBD Infusionz is indeed a top-rated company providing a vast range of CBD products.

Not only offering top quality, affordable, and lab-tested products but also excellent customer service makes it a one-stop-shop for those people who have to consume CBD to maintain their health.

Final Verdict – 9/10

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