Caliper CBD Brand Review

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Caliper CBD: Quick Summary


  • Convenient, single-dose dissolvable packets
  • 5x more absorption compared to CBD oils
  • Rigorous testing for purity and potency
  • Bulk/wholesale ordering available
  • THC-free, vegan, non-GMO


  • Limited product selection
  • Relatively mild (20mg) potency

Caliper CBD Review

Caliper CBD specializes in dissolvable CBD packets that you simply add to water (or any beverage) and drink. The consumption method was novel in terms of CBD reviews that we’ve done, but the overall effects seemed to be potent and faster-acting than CBD oil.

The brand also offers CBD Swiftsticks, which are similar to the dissolvable packets except they’re flavored and are sprinkled on the tongue rather than dissolved in a beverage.

What Products Did We Review?

Our team reviewed both the Caliper Dissolvable CBD Packets and the flavored CBD Swiftsticks. Both products worked well, but the Swiftsticks were a little awkward in terms of getting used to. Both product ranges contain 20mg of CBD per packet, but this dose can of course be adjusted depending on how much (or how little) you choose to consume at any one time.

Caliper Dissolvable CBD Powder: The Complete Product Range

Again, this was our first time using dissolvable CBD packets from Caliper, and indeed the first time trying dissolvable CBD from any brand.

One of the things we loved most about these products is you can add them to the beverage of your choice. Most people assumedly will add to a glass of plain water, but we got a lot of enjoyment out of adding to hot, freshly-brewed tea as well.

Caliper Powdered CBD Packets

There were a couple negatives we noted when doing this Caliper CBD review. First and foremost, we wished the brand offered some variation in terms of milligram potency. The dissolvable CBD packets only come in single-use 20mg packets, which may limit some users.

You could of course use more or less than a single packet, but this may prove cumbersome for those really trying to dial in and fine-tune their daily milligram CBD intake.


On the flip side, a major advantage of Caliper powdered CBD packets is that they’re completely flavorless. If you’re one of the many people that dislike the taste of natural or flavored CBD oils, these would be an excellent alternative.

And of course, another major advantage here is that these are incredibly fast-acting. In fact, Caliper claims the dissolvable packets are clinically proven to offer 6.5x more absorption in the first 15 minutes compared to oil-soluble CBD.

Flavored Caliper Swiftsticks

Effects-wise the Caliper Swiftsticks are nearly identical to the dissolvable powdered packets. Both work well for improving sleep and reducing stress, and we did notice positive effects on muscle soreness after an intense workout. However, we would recommend these more for sleep and/or stress – if you’re looking for something for pain or soreness relief, you may want to try something like a topical CBD product instead.


We will say that the Swiftsticks took a bit of getting used to in terms of consumption. You pour the complete contents (20mg) of one pack directly onto your tongue, then wait about 20 seconds for it to completely dissolve.

These are available in three different flavors (Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, Cool Mint), and we tried all three. Our personal favorite was the Lemon Lime, but the Cool Mint was also great and leaves your breath feeling clean and fresh – no doubt an added bonus.

What Else Should I Know About Caliper CBD?

Another advantage if you’re looking to buy Caliper CBD products is that they offer excellent wholesale ordering opportunities. Surprisingly few brands offer wholesale ordering for regular (non-retail) customers, but Caliper excels in this regard. If you take CBD daily and go through a lot of product, ordering bulk/wholesale may very well be worth looking into.

It’s also worth pointing out that Caliper offers excellent lab testing and COAs (Certificates of Analysis), which customers can use to verify both CBD purity and content. It’s clear the company prioritizes quality above all else; all products are backed by science and go through rigorous lab testing standards prior to packaging.

Caliper Dissolvable CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

To our knowledge, the only place customers can currently buy Caliper CBD products is directly through the brand’s official online store. Their products may be available in select retail locations, but there were none that we were aware of at the time of writing.

Caliper CBD products are great for those looking for affordable, reliable, fast-acting dissolvable CBD. We preferred the powdered CBD packets (which can be added to any hot or cold beverage), but the flavored Swiftsticks were effective as well, and may be the preferred option for those that want some taste to go along with their CBD.

For more information or to order directly, be sure to visit the brand’s official online store using the link at the top of this page.

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