Blue Moon Hemp: Updated Review

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Blue Moon Hemp Quick Summary


  • CBD tinctures are easy to swallow and effective.
  • The e-liquid offers a smooth vaping experience.
  • Made using non-GMO and organic ingredients.
  • Minimal THC content ensures no intoxicating effects.
  • Products contain dozens of cannabinoids to boost efficacy.
  • High-quality CBD at an extremely affordable price.


  • Not everyone will appreciate the tropical flavors of some products.
  • Lack of a cast-iron money-back guarantee is disappointing.

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Blue Moon Hemp Complete Review

CBD is fast becoming one of the most popular alternative medicine options in the world. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and is also found in large amounts in industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp is now legal to grow across the United States; a fact that is sure to give the CBD industry an enormous boost.

It is already a multi-billion-dollar market with thousands of vendors, which means it isn’t always easy to determine whether a company is on the level or selling you rubbish. Our reviews are designed to help you spend your money on quality CBD. Today, we turn our scrutiny to Blue Moon Hemp.

Who Are Blue Moon Hemp?

Blue Moon Hemp was formed in 2015, and by September 2018 the company had already sold one million bottles of CBD oil, made from a single genetic strain grown in Kentucky.

Blue Moon Hemp’s CEO, David Fleischer, was delighted to pick up first prize in Leafwire’s Future of Cannabis Pitch Contest. The event took place in Miami in late 2018, and each entrant had three minutes to pitch their products and an additional three minutes to answer a Q&A.

As CBD is not FDA-approved as a form of medical treatment, Blue Moon Hemp has wisely labeled their products as ‘wellness’ supplements. All of its CBD products contain 0% THC, and eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods are utilized. Blue Moon Hemp also claims to provide a ‘plant only’ product with no artificial ingredients or additives. Their special formulation technique uses non-GMO, organic products.

Review of Blue Moon Hemp CBD Tinctures

blue moon hemp

Blue Moon’s ‘Tru Blu’ CBD tinctures come in natural, peppermint, and berry flavor. You also have four strength options to consider:

  • 500mg: $39
  • 1000mg: $59
  • 2000mg: $109
  • 3000mg: $149

We don’t often see 3000mg CBD options, so it was refreshing to find that Blue Moon Hemp has a ‘supersized’ bottle! All of the bottles contain 30ml liquid.

This CBD tincture consists of cold-pressed hemp oil, and Blue Moon uses high-speed emulsion and nano-technology to ensure the greatest level of bio-availability. We used the berry flavored low-strength bottle and were happy with the sweet taste. However, we would recommend the natural tasting option if you like the taste of hemp, or simply consume too many sweet things during the course of the day.

Review of Blue Moon Hemp CBD Gummies

Once again, you have several options, including special CBD gummies with melatonin to help you sleep. Here is a quick list of prices:

  • 100mg/Pack of 12: $9.90
  • 150mg/Pack of 8 (with Melatonin): $14.90
  • 250mg/Pack of 8: $19.90
  • 250mg/Pack of 35: $19.90
  • 500mg/Pack of 70: $39.00
  • 1000mg/Pack of 140: $59.00

For the standard of CBD these edibles, this offers decent value for money. It’s a shame that the melatonin option is only available in one size, but the brand still offers more variety than many others.

Review of Blue Moon Hemp CBD & Hemp Vape E-Liquids

This section of the review is for readers with vaporizers or another form of vaping device. There is a total of five CBD flavors: Red Devil, Pure, Mango Moon, Kush, and Flan. All are available in bottles containing 1000mg of CBD.

This e-liquid is a whole plant extract, which means there are over 60 cannabinoids and 400 phytonutrients in each bottle. There is a total of 30ml of liquid so be sure to calculate your dosage before trying it. The only ingredients are plant-only vegetative glycerin and bio-based propylene glycol (70/30).

We tried the Red Devil flavor which is supposedly a blend of vanilla, strawberry, tangerine, and mango. It is a fruity mixture that may not be to the taste of some. However, it worked well with our tester’s vape pen and he soon felt nice and relaxed.

What About Blue Moon Hemp’s Other Products?

There is a lot to choose from; so much in fact that we didn’t get close to trying everything. Options include:

  • Hemp Flower
  • Pet Tinctures
  • CBD Salves
  • CBD Shatters

The CBD Salve is a cream that you need to rub on any painful areas. We did not get the chance to try it out, but according to customer reviews, the Eucalyptus option is extremely pleasant because of its cool scent. Options range from 2oz for $35 to 4oz for $59. There is 250mg of CBD per ounce of salve.

Blue Moon’s CBD Shatter contains 99.6% CBD and you get to 1 gram for $39. We recommend using it as an e-liquid because it works out being far cheaper!

Where Can I Purchase Blue Moon Hemp Products?

As always, we can only recommend buying it from the official Blue Moon Hemp website. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund by returning the product(s) in question with the contents intact and unused. Unfortunately, it is NOT a money-back guarantee because the item(s) must be unopened, and all refunds are at the company’s discretion.

Final Thoughts on Blue Moon Hemp

It is important to remember that CBD does not work the same for everybody. Depending on your medical condition, general health, and physical size, you may need significantly more or less CBD to feel an effect. When using the tinctures, make sure you hold the oil beneath your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing.

Overall, Blue Moon Hemp makes high-quality CBD products which are available for an affordable price. The fruity flavors of some items might be too much for some consumers but generally speaking, they taste good and work well, which is all you really want.

Final Verdict – 8.5/10

To check out their full product range and make a purchase, head over to the official Blue Moon Hemp website using the link below.

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