Bloom Farms Review

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Bloom Farms: Quick Summary


  • All products come from American-grown cannabis/hemp/
  • In addition to CBD products, they offer excellent THC-infused options
  • Product range is third-party tested
  • Free shipping on orders over $60
  • A 30-day guarantee is available for all items
  • Utilizes gentle, proprietary extraction processes


  • Some items are expensive
  • They don’t currently offer international shipping

Bloom Farms Review

Bloom Farms is a cannabis company based out of California. Their mission is to make premium products accessible to everyone. They’ve built their company on this philosophy.

Bloom Farms adheres to responsible practices, including sustainable farming, strict quality control, fantastic customer service, and philanthropy.

The result is a company that not only offers superior products but one that actively supports community building. For instance, we admire their 1:1 business model, where for every purchase, they give a healthy meal to a family in need.

We also enjoyed their diverse selection of products. They provide a variety of whole-plant options, along with a bevy of pure CBD vaping products, 15-30% THC items, CBD-infused topicals, and more.

We liked their product range, their commitment to quality, and their investment in the community. We were also intrigued by their proprietary extraction techniques and wanted to see the Bloom Farms difference.

What Products Did We Review?

Bloom Farms has an extensive range of cannabis-based products. This includes pure CBD products, THC-infusions, and products that include both CBD and THC. In the next section, we highlight their current offerings and how consumers may include them in their daily lives. They provide a variety of lifestyle-friendly items, including tinctures, balms, vaping accessories, and cartridges.

We’ll take a look at these products and discuss what they entail and any other information. In addition to their product range, we look at their shipping and return policies and go into more detail about who they are and what processes they employ to ensure a safe, potent product lineup.

Bloom Farms: A Look at What They Offer

Bloom Farms offers a variety of different products. Their line of tinctures includes several types. They also provide vaping solutions, accessories, and topicals. While many of their products include CBD, they offer a range of solutions for those that are looking for a bit of THC. Their product offerings include:

Pure CBD Products

CBD Tinctures

Consumers can choose from a few different Bloom Farms’ tinctures. They can purchase five formulations:

  • Balance (300mg)
  • Relieve (600mg)
  • Recover (1200mg)
  • Dream CBN (1200mg)
  • Comfort CBG 1:1 (1200mg)

bloom farms cbd tinctures

The Bloom Farms’ Balance tincture has a small concentration of CBD and is perfect for anyone new to CBD’s effects. For those that are looking for a bit more CBD during the day, they offer other potencies, including Relieve and Recover. Bloom Farms also offers CBD paired with other compounds, including CBN and CBG, in higher strengths.

While we loved this selection, we were especially impressed by their use of simple ingredients. Their pure CBD products don’t have artificial colorings or flavorings, and each bottle of CBD tincture contains only MCT oil and pure hemp extract.

CBD Vapor

Bloom Farms hasn’t left out vaping fans. They offer an excellent selection of vaping CBD-only solutions, including a premium mini vape pen that contains 0.5 grams of CBD. Four vape pen flavors consumers can purchase (Natural, Stone Fruit, Sequoia Mint, and Blackberry) have up to 60% beneficial cannabinoids.

They also offer sleek and stylish versions of their mini vape pens in soft rose gold. The flavors are Blackberry and Rosé Rose Gold, with the latter providing the tasty hints of rosé and passionfruit. For anyone looking for vape cartridges, they can find these options as well. Bloom Farms has the choice of Blackberry and Rosé and a Rosé gold cartridge that comes with a battery.


Bloom Farms carries a line of vape pen batteries. Customers can choose three cool colors, including rose gold, rainbow pride, and gold herringbone. Each battery comes with world-class CCell hardware and works with most 510-thread cartridges.

CBD Only Topicals

Bloom Farms provides consumers with a fantastic CBD-infused topical. Their CBD sport stick doesn’t feel greasy or sticky but absorbs quickly and has a soothing, hydrating formulation. It also has 600mg of premium CBD along with a soft, pleasant scent.

bloom farms cbd only topicals

THC-Infused Products

15-30% THC

The search for high quality, smokable flower can be tedious, especially with the profusion of products on the market. However, Bloom Farms makes it easy with their 15-30% premium flower strains. Consumers can choose from four varieties:

  • Tahoe Glue (Hybrid)
  • King’s Breath (Indica- 24.81% THC)
  • King’s Breath (Indica- 22.94% THC)
  • Tangimal Cookies (Sativa)
  • 99 Cookies (Hybrid)
  • Gelato 45 (Hybrid)
  • GlueBerry(Hybrid)
  • Lava Cake (Indica)
  • Alien OG (Hybrid)
  • Mendo Breath (Indica- 20.86% THC)
  • Mendo Breath (Indica- 22.23% THC)
  • Heavy Nettle (Hybrid)

Each of these types comes with a detailed flavor description and Certificates of Analysis.

30% THC

Bloom Farms sells a vapor pen that has the best of two worlds: potency and beauty. This vape pen boasts a rosy, glossy exterior that is sleek and stylish. It also contains a premium CBD and THC 1:1 oil mix cartridge. This balanced ratio allows for a smooth and easy smoke. It’s a perfect choice for those that love the benefits of both compounds.

70-90% THC (Highlighter Plus Pen)

The Bloom Farms Highlighter Pen represents the pinnacle of innovation. It has a unique etched design to make holding more comfortable along with a stainless steel body. Its ceramic heating element is efficient, and you won’t waste time waiting around. If you’ve been a fan of this pen in the past, you’ll be impressed by some of their improvements.

Bloom Farms has upgraded the mouthpiece and included a stylus and LED. We also like that they’ve upped the ante with their 75-90% THC distillate that’s sure to give users a pleasing experience. Rather than order the pen online, consumers can check Bloom Farm’s handy locator to find a retailer across California.

Single Origin Cartridges

Bloom Farms’ single-origin cartridges contain distillate derived from strain types like Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Frost, and Infinity Kush. Each variety comes with a detailed Certificate of Analysis. Many of these cartridges also have high THC levels for a more uplifting smoke.

Live Resin Cartridges

Bloom Farms hasn’t forgotten about fans of live resin. Their premier live resin cartridges have fresh flowers that are flash-frozen, along with a blend of high-quality terpene extracts. Some available strain types include Wedding Cake, Venom OG, Bubblegum AK, and more.

Pax Era Pods

The Bloom Farms Pods contain a cannabis oil created using CO2 extraction for the highest level of quality and potency. These pods also feature a single origin reserve with detailed laboratory results and strain type information. Each formulation is high-intensity and contains an incredible punch of tasty terpenes for an unforgettable experience.

Consumers can choose from a diverse range of flavorful strain types like Pineapple Jack and Sour Diesel. They also boast some exclusive blends, including: Anytime Hybrid, Nighttime Indica, and Sativa Daytime.

What Else Should I Know About Bloom Farms? A Few Details About This Dynamic Company

In addition to their product line and commitment to quality, Bloom Farms offers a few other benefits. First, they are not shy about where they obtain their hemp. While some companies may vaguely specify locations or use ambiguous terms, Bloom Farms proudly lists their suppliers online. They receive their quality hemp from several farms, including:

  • Flatbed Ridge
  • Garden Society
  • Sunroots Farm
  • Heart Rock Mountain
  • Le Floret

Also, their site has detailed profiles on each of the farms and the farmers as well. We felt that getting a glimpse of who makes their hemp helps personalize their services and give us valuable insight into Bloom Farms’ philosophy.

Getting their farm-bred hemp is just one aspect of creating a quality product. They’ve also pioneered a gentle extraction process called flash-activation. Flash-activation is a method they employ that preserves much of the cannabinoids and phytochemicals throughout the manufacturing process. This results in wholesome products that may boast more healthful effects.

Besides their crafting process and farmer profiles, we liked that they have an informative blog. The Bloom Farms blog has lots of great articles, including how to maximize plant-based wellness, along with a handy cannabinoid usage tracker.

We also appreciated that detailed lab-reports are posted right on their website. Bloom Farms even has included an excellent guide to analyzing and interpreting the results.

Bloom Farms Review: Summary & Where to Buy

We discovered that Bloom Farms has many great products, and we also found that their customer care team is top-notch. They are incredibly responsive and employ knowledgeable staff.

In terms of delivery, they boast convenient same-day shipping if they receive an order before 1 pm Pacific Time. When it comes to refunds, customers may request their money back within 30 days of purchase. And while Bloom Farms doesn’t have any brick and mortar locations, they have a user-friendly website.

Potential customers can purchase many items from the comfort of their home without the hassle of driving or parking.

They also have a wide array of retailers that sell some of their products. You can look up many of the locations across California or nearest you on their site.

In short, Bloom Farms is an excellent cannabis company with a philosophy focused on quality, giving back, and customer service.

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

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