Biopurus CBD Review

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Biopurus: Quick Summary


  • The hemp CBD tea is good value for money.
  • Biopurus has been around since 2005, making it trustworthy.
  • All hemp comes from EU farms in Slovakia.
  • There are several strengths available for the tinctures.


  • Lab reports are nowhere to be found.
  • Some customers have complained about customer service.
  • Biopurus does not sell its own CBD; all CBD products fall under a third-party website.

Biopurus Review

Biopurus is a European CBD company based in Slovakia. It has evolved into something larger, now selling products in the UK, too. Originally, Biopurus was a hemp company that has existed since 2005, selling a variety of products like cooking oils. More recently, it has expanded into the CBD sector, selling products through a site called For the Ageless. This brand claims to be the exclusive UK retailer of Biopurus CBD.

Biopurus sources hemp from Slovakia, grown on organic farms under strict EU standards.

Biopurus sources hemp from Slovakia, grown on organic farms under strict EU standards. It uses CO2 extraction to create a whole-spectrum plant extract that contains cannabinoids, chlorophyll, lipids, terpenes, and more. In other words, the products are as natural as possible. Notably, chlorophyll should not be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women, though this is not stated anywhere on the For the Ageless website.

Biopurus offers up several products in a variety of strengths, which we try out below.

What Products Did We Review?

Although Biopurus offers several strengths of CBD oil, there are only two consumption methods available. The range includes tinctures and tea, so we reviewed both.

It would be better if Biopurus offered more consumption methods, such as capsules or gummies. Sadly, the brand currently does not. Perhaps it will add to its line of CBD products in the future,

For now, it does also offer a hemp bundle that contains additional products that cannot be purchased separately. We also review these, including the Strongest CBD Bundle Ever, below.

Biopurus CBD Products: Tinctures, Tea, and More

The For the Ageless website currently stocks thirteen Biopurus CBD products, several of which are bundle options. The items span tinctures and beverages. So, if you prefer CBD tinctures or usually opt for a hemp tea, then you’re in luck. Let’s see how these products measure up under review.

Biopurus CBD Oil

The Biopurus CBD tincture range consists of hemp seed oil and whole-plant hemp extract. Each comes in a 10ml bottle with a dropper attached. The careful CO2 extraction method ensures that the extract contains a multitude of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBC, and trace amounts of CBN, CBDA, and CBV. Unfortunately, the lab reports aren’t around for consumers to verify this information.

The organic CBD oils have a robust flavor thanks to the addition of all these natural plant compounds. For some users, the taste could be slightly overwhelming in its earthiness.


Biopurus estimates that there are 200 drops in each bottle. The strength options are as follows:

  • 500mg (5%): £35.90
  • 1500mg (5% in 30ml): £99.90
  • 1500mg (5% 3-Pack): £107.70
  • 1000mg (10%): £59.90
  • 3000mg (10% 3-Pack): £185
  • 2000mg (20%): £129
  • 3000mg (30%): £219.90

Biopurus Hemp Tea

Hemp tea has become more popular in recent times. It offers a natural, soothing way to take cannabidiol that’s also better tasting than tinctures. Unlike gummies, it contains no added sugar or other ingredients – it’s all about consuming the plant as nature intended. Biopurus offers both tea bags and loose-leaf tea, catering to all preferences. There are also different concentrations of CBD available.


According to For the Ageless, the tea tastes like a combination of black tea and lemon balm. A more accurate description may be that it is a little earthy and hempy, too, though it is still pleasant enough.

Once again, the tea blends contain a variety of cannabinoids. CBD and CBDA are dominant, while CBG and CBN are also present. The full range includes:

  • 4% Hemp Tea: £21.99
  • 3.25% Hemp Tea XL Bag: £19.99
  • 1.6% Hemp Tea: £13.99
  • 20x Tea Bags: £12.99

These are all reasonable prices for what you get, too. For reference, each hemp tea bag contains 1.6% CBD.

Biopurus Bundle

Listed under the Biopurus category on the For the Ageless website is the Strongest CBD Bundle. This is an exclusive deal from For the Ageless and it includes a variety of brands. The bundle features the 4% Biopurus Hemp Tea, alongside products from Love CBD, CBD Ultra, and PharmaHemp. You also get to select a bonus gift.

The bundle contains over 10,000mg of hemp in total and costs just £375. You make an £85 saving, making this a great gift for any CBD lover. Of course, it’s quite expensive nonetheless, but it’s a nice offering.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know About Biopurus?

The lack of lab reports on the Biopurus and the For the Ageless websites is concerning. Most CBD brands these days are committed to transparency. After doing some digging, we encountered someone who had contacted the company and requested lab reports. Biopurus promptly sent them over, but as the other reviewer pointed out, there is no way to know what product the reports are referring to since none of the labels include batch numbers. It’s a little worrying, to say the least.

The lack of lab reports on the Biopurus and the For the Ageless websites is concerning.

Nonetheless, most of the online Biopurus reviews are positive. That said, if you’re viewing the reviews on TrustPilot, the majority of them refer to the non-CBD products like the walnut oil and others. As a result, the CBD remains somewhat of a mystery. We found that it was okay, but not as high-quality as some of the other brands on the market.

Biopurus CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Biopurus is a decent brand. It’s not the best brand we have come across, and we have to say, it’s a little annoying that the CBD products are not available through the official website. That also seems a bit strange. Nevertheless, the For the Ageless website has been around for a while and also has lots of positive reviews on its CBD products. We are certain that Biopurus/For the Ageless is reputable and legitimate, but we have also seen higher-quality products than those from the Biopurus range.

Hopefully, Biopurus will rectify issues like the lack of lab reports in the future. For now, several readers may enjoy using this brand; the hemp tea, in particular, seems good value for money.

Final Verdict 6/10

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