Bio CBD Plus Complete Brand Review

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BioCBD+ Quick Review


  • The online reviews for BioCBD+ are overwhelmingly positive.
  • The brand provides lab reports for its items.
  • Discounts are available for those on low incomes.
  • There’s a focus on water-soluble CBD.


  • It can be difficult to get in touch with customer service.
  • The “100% bioavailable” claim is a little misleading.

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BioCBD+ Review: Who Is This Brand?

James Sol Radina founded BioCBD+ due to his history of volunteering. In 2010, he met a seven-year-old boy with Crohn’s disease, Lance, and he took on a role as big brother to him. The pair tried numerous options over the years to try and manage Lance’s disorder. However, his condition continued to worsen.

In 2015, James produced a film titled The Truth About Cannabis, which focused on CBD and its therapeutic benefits. He got Lance on board, and the film documents his journey. Apparently, using CBD allowed Lance to start attending school, where he achieved a 4.0 GPA. He also started playing sports and got into several colleges.

BioCBD has taken a different direction from other CBD companies, offering a minimal selection of products.

This touching backstory is undoubtedly compelling, but it is not all that unique in the CBD industry. Numerous founders start their brands after seeing CBD’s power first-hand. So, what else sets BioCBD+ apart?

Currently, this brand is led by a team of women, including a female CEO. This is great to see in any industry. Plus, BioCBD has taken a different direction from other CBD companies, offering a minimal selection of products. It doesn’t even sell a tincture!

Instead, their products focus on high-quality ingredients that blend CBD with other health-promoting items. They seem pretty great, but let’s see what others are saying.

What the Reviews Say About BioCBD+

The third-party reviews online for BiOCBD+ are mostly favorable. A couple of hundred reviews are available, which is a substantial amount and the overall rating is pretty good.

On TrustPilot, the brand has a 4.6 rating out of 5, with the large majority of users claiming the products banish pain. In fact, 84% of reviews are five stars. This is a great sign.

Furthermore, BioCBD+ is pretty good at responding to reviews. That said, some of the complaints are regarding customer service, which some people find difficult to reach. It’s worth noting that some of these reviews are old, and some of the negative reviews concern old products that have since been discontinued.

BioCBD+ Products: What’s Available?

The BioCBD+ range currently features just three products. All three are reviewed in more detail below.

Water-Soluble Capsules

BioCBD+ places an emphasis on water-soluble CBD. According to some studies, water-soluble CBD may be more effective; it makes sense when you consider that the human body is 60% water.

The Total Body Care capsules are, according to the website, 5-10x more potent than oil-based options. However, we would urge shoppers not to take the “100% bioavailable” statement entirely literally.


Alongside CBD, they also contain curcumin, magnesium, and brown rice starch. These ingredients can provide immune support, making this a powerhouse combo.

There are 30 capsules per bottle, each with 10mg of CBD.

For such a low dose, the price tag of $99 seems expensive. That said, the water-soluble nature means you get more bang for your buck, and there are few items on the market with this blend of ingredients.

Topical Oil

The Muscle & Joint Relief Topical Oil is one of BioCBD+’s best sellers. It contains a seemingly low dose of 64mg, but this amount of topical CBD can be sufficient.


Besides, this oil contains a variety of other ingredients that can lead to pain relief. White willow bark, for example, is a natural painkiller, while spicy ginger can bring warming relief. It also contains anti-inflammatory curcumin and frankincense to provide a lovely scent.

BioCBD+ recommends using this oil before bed, during a massage, or just applying it whenever necessary. Customers seem to love this oil and the pain relief it provides; it’s a very effective product for reducing pain. It’s no surprise that this is one of BioCBD+’s top sellers.

It comes in the middle of the BioCBD+ range, costing $65 for a 2oz bottle.

Organic Fruit Slices

The final item available is organic fruit slices infused with CBD. This is a unique item not sold by many brands, but we love it. Whereas gummies may contain added ingredients unsuitable for some users and may not meet some dietary requirements, everyone can enjoy fruit slices. They are just as sweet but vegan-friendly and perfect for health enthusiasts.


Each fruit slice contains 10mg of CBD. They’re great for snacking on throughout the day as a means of taking a small amount of CBD over a long period. A tub of sixty fruit slices costs $49, which is pretty mid-range for a product of this kind. Remember, as with most cases, you are paying a little extra for better quality.

BioCBD+ Shipping and Customer Care

BioCBD+ is a for-benefit company, suggesting that it is not too heavily focused on its profit margin. That said, the prices can be a little higher than other CBD items on account of the water-soluble formula.

One thing we love, though, is that BioCBD+ offers discounts for people on low incomes and in other groups who need access to CBD. It makes the products much more affordable.

BioCBD+ offers discounts for people on low incomes and in other groups who need access to CBD.

The brand also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This is the case with most brands these days, but it’s still something we appreciate.

In terms of shipping, all orders placed before 2 PM PST are shipped the same day, with most orders arriving within 3-4 business days.

Final Thoughts on BioCBD+ and Where to Buy

Overall, BioCBD+ is a fantastic brand offering high-quality CBD products. The use of water-soluble CBD sets this brand apart from others on the market, so don’t be deterred by what seems like less CBD than you are used to. With these products, you get more bang for your buck.

It’s evident that this company is driven by genuine care for people. It focuses on making a small range of products as effective as possible, rather than catering to a vast market. The process includes high-quality extraction, exceptional ingredients, and hours of research into the best ingredient combinations.

If you’re looking for CBD products to help with pain and other chronic symptoms, BioCBD+ seems to be one of the best around.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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