What is a Triple-Barrel Joint? [Explained for the Rookie]

A triple-barrel joint is basically just three single rolled joints bound together with a hemp wrap to form one super-sized triple-barrel joint. As you can imagine, a triple-barrel joint is not for a novice smoker as this bad boy packs a punch. It is definitely better suited to a seasoned cannabis smoker looking for a more intense smoking sesh. Just as you wouldn’t expect someone who never drunk alcohol before to sit down with a bottle of Jack Daniels and start drinking it neat, the triple-barrel joint is only advisable for hardcore, long-term, experienced cannabis smokers to try.

How to Roll a Triple Barrel Joint

The simplest way to make a triple-barrel joint is just to roll three separate single paper joints. Make sure that they all have their own individual crutches at the end. A crutch, also known as a filter or a tip, is basically a mouthpiece and is usually made out of glass or wood pulp. A crutch acts as a handle for a joint, making it easier to hold or pass to your smoking buddy. The crutch also protects your hands and lips from being burned, as it acts as a buffer between the roasting bud and your mouth and fingers.

Another benefit of using a crutch at the base of the joint is that it will prevent the base of the joint from becoming soggy when you are sharing a joint with friends. Using a crutch for each joint in the triple-barrel joint will also help with airflow, as the crutch will prevent the end of the joint from collapsing in on itself. A crutch also helps when you are rolling a joint, too; it provides a perfect cylinder shape, which makes it easier to pack your weed in more evenly.

It is definitely a good idea to try and make all three of the joints in the triple-barrel joint as identically as you possibly can. You want all three joints to burn evenly to get the best results from your triple-barrel joint. Make sure that you put an equal amount of weed in each joint and that it is spread as evenly throughout each joint as possible. Roll each joint as tightly as possible, but you will probably find that as you smoke the triple-barrel joint that they will start to naturally loosen as they burn. This will actually allow you to gently move the joints in the hemp wrap to make sure they are all evenly in line with one another.

Once you have rolled all of your joints, each with their own individual crutch (which ideally should be just under an inch in length) at the bottom, you simply bind the three joints together with a hemp wrap. In terms of the structure of the triple-barrel joint, it is best to place two of the joints side by side with the third joint sitting on top (a triangle type structure). Naturally, this will make it easier to smoke your triple-barrel joint as opposed to having all three joints side by side.

When wrapping the triple-barrel joint together with the natural hemp wrap, make sure that all three joints are even so that the end and tips of each joint are all in line. Don’t cover the triple-barrel joint’s crutches with the hemp wrap, simply start wrapping right next to the crutches until all three joints are held tightly together.

Once this is done, you are good to go. Be sure to light all three of the joints at the beginning so that they burn evenly right from the start. One tip when smoking your triple-barrel joint is to keep rotating it after each puff to help it burn more evenly and for each joint to receive equal airflow. Keep an eye on each joint as you are smoking the triple-barrel joint to make sure that they are burning evenly.

Final Thoughts on the Triple-Barrel Joint

A triple-barrel joint is definitely not for the faint-hearted, nor is it suitable for a novice smoker as the intensity of the high will be too much and completely overwhelming for an inexperienced cannabis smoker. It is also probably a good idea, depending on your tolerance levels and experience, to opt for a cannabis strain with an average THC level rather than a high THC level for your triple-barrel joint.

The key things to remember when making your own triple-barrel joint is to roll each joint individually, try to make them as similar as possible, i.e., the same size with the same amount of weed in each one and that they are all in line with one another. The triangle-type structure, i.e., two joints at the base with one sitting on top, works best. It is also advisable that you use a crutch for each joint and use a natural hemp wrap to bind all three joints together.

Smokers who have tried the triple-barrel joint say that if you love smoking joints but are looking for a steamroller high, then the triple-barrel joint is for you.