What Are “Cannasexuals”? [Understanding This Take on Marijuana and Intimacy]

The term ‘cannasexual’ is a relatively new word. You might just be a cannasexual and not even know it. If you have ever intentionally used cannabis while engaging in sex to help your experience on a multitude of levels, then congratulations – you are a cannasexual and didn’t even know it!

The founder of this word, Ashley Manta, is a sex educator who is experienced with helping people in their relationships and sex life, and she has been doing so for almost 10 years now. She has even gone so far as to trademark the word ‘cannasexual’ after she moved to California. It was in California that she coined the term and realized just how much cannabis can help people’s sex lives and all of the problems that can arise throughout it.

In this article, we will be taking a look at what being cannasexual entails and deepening your understanding of the link between marijuana and intimacy.

What Are Cannasexuals?

Cannasexuals are people who, as discussed briefly above, deliberately combine intimacy with cannabis. If you have ever experienced a problem in your relationship due to sex and smoked cannabis to see how that would affect it, you are a cannasexual yourself.

Many different problems can arise during sexual intimacy such as lack of arousal, performance anxiety, and even problems with maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction). Adding cannabis to the equation can greatly improve many of these problems due to some of the effects of certain strains on your mind and physiological functioning.

The term was originally coined and also trademarked by a famous sex educator named Ashley Manta. Working as a sex educator, she was able to realize that not a lot of people were talking about the combination of cannabis with sex, which was a combination she thought could be especially beneficial. Ashley is a survivor of sexual assault and she used cannabis to cope with PTSD symptoms as well as pain that she experienced from intercourse.

She helps to encourage and empower people in the area of sexual health and all of the struggles that people may be too afraid to speak out and ask about. She wants to help people to use cannabis during sex, so as to reconnect with their inner sexuality, as well as their relationships with other people in intimate ways.

In addition, ever since California legalized cannabis, the plant has become more available to people who can now use it for intimacy, which really helped Ashley’s cause.

How Can Combining Cannabis and Intimacy Help Me?

Cannabis combined with intimacy can help in a variety of ways, one of which is physical. Due to the CBD found in cannabis, it can help with pain during penetration, or if you just suffer from pain in general, which is an altogether inhibiting factor to enjoying your sexual experience. Cannabis oils can even be applied to the genitals for a more targeted pain relief approach.

Products that are very high in potency can help with such pain and it is much more helpful and beneficial to turn to cannabis and CBD products rather than dangerous prescriptions such as opioids. In addition, opioids often have an anti orgasmic effect on the body and can further exacerbate any sexual dysfunction you may already experience. With cannabis, you can help yourself to reconnect with your body and others while eliminating the pain and discomfort that is causing your lack of enjoyment in sex.

Besides pain though, there is also the problem of anxiety, particularly performance-related anxiety. With today’s very competitive and body-focused world, many people simply do not feel that they are good enough or have nice enough bodies to be attractive, and due to this, they feel as if they can’t have orgasms.

Through using cannabis, however, you may be able to see things out of the box and be more present in your relationships, instead of thinking that something is wrong with you and you are not good enough. In addition, the THC found in cannabis can help with energy and arousal – as it increases blood flow throughout the body. That is what’s going to make it easier for one to maintain an erection for successful intercourse as well as to experience more arousal due to nerves being stimulated.

A lot of people have changed their lives through becoming cannasexual because it has helped them to experience full-body pleasure during sex. With the proper education and awareness, people can come closer to their bodies to themselves and to their partners through cannabis.

How Can I Use Cannabis During Sexual Intercourse?

One of the most popular ways to use cannabis during sex is to use cannabis oil applied topically. By doing it this way, you are getting a two in one function, as you can use it as a personal lubricant, but it is also absorbed and can be utilized by the body. Topical cream can be absorbed into the tissues and nerves of the sex organs and be used to bring about an enhancing effect.

If the cannabis oil contains THC, it is especially helpful as it can act as a vasodilator, acting as a sort of Viagra that helps to expand blood vessels so more blood can enter the genitals and form an erection and more arousal. So basically, when you apply an oil that has THC, you are making sure that the tissue is full of blood and rich in oxygen and therefore better able to experience pleasure and proper functioning. It can also help to decrease painful sensations that may arise during sexual intercourse if that has been a problem for you as well. If you’re worried about getting high and anxiety is not of concern, applying it topically is the way to go for you.

In addition to applying a topical oil or cream, you can also, of course, go the traditional route and smoke your cannabis for an all-over effect that can help with performance anxiety and pain or discomfort in general. By smoking or vaping cannabis, it can help to have a relaxing high and make the sexual experience incredibly intense, as well as the orgasm incredibly intense. Some of the best strains of marijuana for sex are those with moderate levels of THC and CBD to help with energy, arousal, blood flow, anxiety, and pain.

Which Strains of Cannabis Are Best for Cannasexuals?

best strains of cannabis for sex

Some of the strains that are best for combining with sex are Girl Scout Cookies, Bubblegum Kush, Sour Diesel, Harlequin, and Jillybean.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is great for helping to bring about vivid fantasies and increasing your libido. Being that the Girl Scout cookies strain doesn’t take long to start working, it is pretty fast acting and allows you to get in the mood in no time at all.

Bubblegum Kush, on the other hand, is good for becoming more sensual and relaxed. It doesn’t make you as edgy and energetic as the other strains, so it is good for a slow lovemaking experience. If you’re looking for a relaxed experience with more romance and sensuality, the Bubblegum Kush strain can definitely help you in the bedroom.

For a really big rush, however, that is heart-pounding and full of energy, the Sour Diesel strain may be a great strain for you. It can produce anxiety if you smoke too much, so you have got to be careful and find the sweet spot. So overall, the Sour Diesel strain is great for libido and having a very steamy sexual experience that is intense and lustful.

The Harlequin strain is great, however, for morning sex. There is a lot of CBD in the Harlequin strain, which can help you to be relaxed, pain-free, and have a clear and focused mind – which is great if you need to go to a job straight after. If you are like most people, you cannot start the day off with a THC high strain and get super baked before work, so Harlequin can help you to feel relaxed and experience pleasure during your sexual experience and so as to continue that pleasant feeling throughout the workday.

The Jillybean strain, lastly, is a great strain to help you kick back and loosen up. It can give you a confidence boost and help you to become more creative and euphoric. It can help inhibition to fade away so that you can be the true you if you have had nerves or anxiety related to spicing things up in the bedroom. Overall, the Jillybean strain is a great strain to help you lose all things holding you back from trying something new in the bedroom as well as make you more bold, uplifted, and happy.

So, as you can see, there are many strains that you can use in the bedroom to help with any sexual problems that may arise and work your way to becoming more cannasexual strain by strain. But in general, it is not advised that you choose a strain that is over 15% THC, due to the risk of becoming way too high and the focus being, therefore, less on sex and intimacy, and more on the feeling of euphoria that can take over and distract you.

Final Thoughts on Cannasexualism

Being a cannasexual is something that a lot of people are without even realizing it. As you combine cannabis with sexual intimacy to experience a whole new world of pleasure and relaxation, you are able to more thoroughly connect with your partner and your own self, having more fulfilling sexual and intimate experiences as a result.

People use cannabis in the bedroom to help with the mental and psychological hindrances that may arise during sex, such as performance anxiety or PTSD, or just simply general anxiety. A lot of the times with mental health conditions, lack of libido is one of the side effects that can result, potentially inhibiting someone from having enjoyable sex as it begins to feel like more of a chore. PTSD is another factor that can greatly mitigate your ability to enjoy sex due to the physical or psychological trauma involved.

Likewise, as our world is very superficial and body-focused these days, a lot of people simply do not feel good enough, but by combining cannabis, a lot of these inhibitions can be set aside to simply enjoy the sexual experience for what it is with your partner. In addition to the mental and psychological hindrances that can arise during sex, cannabis can also help with energy and physical blood flow to the genital area, helping to increase pleasure and mitigate pain as well.

Applying cannabis in a topical oil or cream directly to the genitals can help increase blood flow and bring about an erection or more nerve stimulation to the vagina. It can greatly enhance the feelings and pleasurable sensations that are supposed to occur during sex, which many people do not get do to many physiological factors. But in addition to topicals, you can also smoke it for a more all-over effect as well.

Seeing as there are many different strains for many different purposes, you have your options covered for the wide array of problems you may be trying to address. So overall, combining cannabis with intimacy has many different benefits which can help you both psychologically and physiologically.

Being a cannasexual is more common than you think, and you may already be one without even knowing it. By exploring and trying different strains of cannabis for different intimacy needs, you too can incur the benefits of combining cannabis with intimacy in this sexually liberating and stimulating movement that is cannasexualism.