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The Top 8 Tastiest CBD Edibles on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy CBD edibles…

With hemp-based CBD legally available in most states, cannabidiol may soon rival THC as the most-used cannabinoid in the U.S.

CBD is so prevalent, that you can pretty much get your hands on cannabidiol-infused anything. This is pretty exciting for us, as we get to review these products for you!

From CBD bath bombs to CBD candies, the market is skyrocketing. Unfortunately, so are some of the prices! For those of you just dipping your toe in the CBD pool, or those who want to shop on a budget, we’ve put together a list of our top eight favorite CBD edibles that won’t break the bank.


#1. Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus CBD Infused Gummy Rings

gummy rings

Did you ever think you’d see your favorite childhood candy in combination with CBD? Diamond CBD has been around for a while and is responsible for introducing many innovative products.

Diamond’s high-quality hemp extracts and many of its products contain full-spectrum ingredients. They are also thorough in their testing practices. Indeed, Diamond CBD is a company worth checking out if you’re in the market for quality CBD.

Diamond CBD’s infused gummy rings come in a variety of flavors that will please even the fussiest sweet tooth! Delivering over 8mg of CBD per 30mg gummy, these are ideal for microdosing throughout the day. They’re also a good option for snacking when you have a sweet craving.

#2. Paradise Confections Hemp Infused Caramels


If you have a sweet tooth, and gummies aren’t your thing, then Paradise Confections Hemp Infused caramels are a perfect option for a delicious treat at an affordable price!

Established in 2009, Paradise Confections focuses on bringing well researched and natural products to the market. These products are on the high-end of the scale but the low end of the price range.

Each caramel contains around 10mg of CO2-extracted, CBD-rich hemp oil. You can even get your hands on the THC version of these tasty treats!

#3 Level+ Cold Brew


CBD coffee is all the rage at the moment. Now Level+ has brought to market an innovative take on the hottest new trend that offers an all-natural approach to caffeine and CBD.

If you can’t go without a cup of java but are prone to the caffeine shakes and anxiety that sometimes plagues the best of us, we can’t recommend the CBD-infused cold brew enough.

Using Coava coffee exclusively, Level+ has created a product designed to promote focus while remaining level-headed and calm. This is the perfect energy boost for those prone to anxiety. Each 16oz bottle contains around 5mg of CBD, zero calories, and a whole host of natural ingredients!

#4. Cannabinoid Creations – CBD Hard Candy

Cannabinoid Creations is a go-to brand for CBD-infused products, emphasizing affordable and delicious edibles. These can be used to ease pain and other medicinal symptoms in a natural way.

The products brought to market by this company have won the High Times Cannabis Cup in the past. They cover a range of areas from sweets to chocolate.


The CBD Hard Candy products are delicious, and they come in a variety of flavors, including cartoon cereal crunch and pomegranate lemonade! Each bag contains four delicious pieces of hard candy containing a whopping 60mg of CBD each!

These would be an excellent option for those experienced CBD users looking to medicate with a new and innovative product.

#5 Monk Drinking Botanicals

Ever heard of CBD cocktails? Well, Monk has brought out the next best thing for your CBD medicating needs – non-alcoholic cocktail drinks infused with CBD and combined with super healthy ingredients. And there’s no alcohol, so you can use them freely!

Each bottle is revitalizing, easy to drink, and delicious! A real bargain for those summer days when an ice-cold botanical drink would hit the spot!

#6. Stash CBD Sugar Hi CBD Edibles

Sugar Hi CBD edibles come in a range of fun flavors from Tutti Fruity to Sour Mini Worms. These hemp-derived CBD treats boast an organic and sugar-free approach to CBD edibles. Plus with each pack containing 100mg of CBD, these are 100% worth the money!

The website promises a THC-free experience, with no pesticides, chemicals, or GMO ingredients. Therefore you are assured of a tasty and organic edible you can feel good about eating.

#7 Headly Harvest Pixie Sticks

headly harvest pixie sticks

We all remember the candy sticks that would send us on a sugar-crazed high for hours as kids. Now that Headly Harvest has introduced us to CBD Magic Stix, be prepared for a nostalgic experience like no other!

Perfect for microdosing, these little sticks of heaven contain 25mg of CBD each. They also come in many different flavors, including sour apple, sour orange, blue razz, and sour strawberry.

These edibles are perhaps one of the most fun on our list today. They can be bought in packs of four, making them an affordable option for those not seeking vast amounts of CBD!

#8 Hepmetics CBD Oral Spray

Finally, we finish up with something a little different that packs a significant CBD hit. Super discreet and easy to carry around on the go, the Hempmetics CBD Oral sprays offer 150 mg of active CBD in every 0.4ml bottle!

The CBD isolate used in these wonderful little sprays is water-soluble. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to get the benefits of CBD quickly. The spray can be picked up in the following flavors: watermelon, spearmint, fruit punch, and bubblegum.

The spray is great if you aren’t into eating sweets or chocolate, and it’s reliable for a quick hit of CBD while out and about!

Final Thoughts on CBD Edibles on a Budget

There are so many wonderful reasons to opt for edibles over oils or capsules when it comes to getting your daily dose of CBD! They are fun, tasty, and often perfect for microdosing throughout the day.

We can’t get enough of these eight products, and we look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below!

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