The 5 Best Cannabis Books For Sale on Amazon

Considering marijuana cultivation as a hobby or maybe even a career? Fascinated by strain and seed varieties? Wanting to diversify your reefer cooking skills? Willing to try new methods of benefitting from the medicinal benefits of ganja? Generally curious about specific details regarding cannabis?

There’s a plethora of information out there on the internet, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Discover the Top 5 Best Marijuana Books on Amazon. All of them will provide you with a different pocket of cannabis related information. For a reasonable price, become educated by marijuana experts, toking professionals and cannabis connoisseurs with these incredible reads!

1. The Cannabis Encyclopedia

best marijuana books

A top selling and award winning book that clearly and diversely describes the processes of medical cannabis cultivation, including indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing techniques. This lengthy and detailed book will provide you with all the information you could possibly ever need with its grand amount of 596 pages and over 2,000 beautifully colored images.

  • Affordable material for the quantity and quality provided, with so many research oriented pages, as well as step-by-step examples and instructions to get a hands-on learning experience from this content.
  • Conveniently ships within 2 days with Amazon Prime.
  • Features chapters specifically tailored to medical marijuana patients and caregivers who are desiring more information regarding the healing powers of marijuana.
  • Each stage of plant growth is explained in depth with amazing graphics, allowing the learner to truly get a grasp of the processes.
  • Gold winner of the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Award
  • Adored by fans, cultivators, experts, professional and critics worldwide! A truly must-have cannabis encyclopedia.

2. Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts—Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles and Medicines

top marijuana books

If you’re interested in any process beyond simply marijuana flowers, this is the book for you. This read truly takes you beyond bud and opens up a world of opportunity in so many other realms. Whether you love to Vape or Dab, eat edibles or make medicine, Beyond Buds teaches you all the information you could possibly know to do it all yourself. Make amazing extracts at home for yourself and others- even start a business and make them for patients. Spread the ganja love and heal others all around the world.

    • Considered “the handbook for the future of marijuana” and written by ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal, a praised expert of the cannabis world, in this book award-winning artisans describe how to process and develop hash, oils, concentrates and more using both traditional and modern techniques.
    • On top of extract processes and descriptions, this easy read details and reviews various tools and accessories needed for using these high potency, THC-laden concentrates and consumables.
    • An affordable price for the information, with 264 pages of enthralling content and usefully applicable information.
    • Amazon Prime eligible for 2-day shipping. Receive your book fast and start absorbing the information today!

3. Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits: Marijuana Varieties from the World’s Best Breeders

big book of buds

Another top-hit, a highly praised and loved book by Ed Rosenthal, Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits goes into depths about some of the best strains in the world. With brilliant quality and colorful pictures of every single strain explained, truly witness the differences in appearance of each and every type of bud. Admire the beauty and magical qualities of cannabis, nature’s greatest plant. Ed Rosenthal is the world’s leading pot expert, having written numerous books about marijuana and the industry. He flawlessly provides the perfect amount of info about each and every single flower and taps into knowledge that is important for understanding each bud’s process for cultivation.

  • 240 pages of incredibly educational and colorful content, with a detailed yet interesting writing style. Includes test pages where you can describe your experiences with certain strains and keep track of these moments in a research style write-up.
  • Not enough strains for you in this book? Don’t fret! There are 4 more volumes of Big Book of Buds. Collect them all and learn everything there is to know with Volumes 1-4.
  • Receive your book within 2 days with Amazon Prime eligibility.

4. Juicing Cannabis for Healing

marijuana books on amazonThe story of a unique cannabis experience, a revolutionary book that isn’t discussed nearly enough. Author Katie Marsh describes her experience with healing and transformation by juicing fresh marijuana leafs. This practice is an nontraditional one, gaining popularity within some cannabis cultivation communities and in some marijuana legal states. Believe it or not, juicing raw marijuana leaves is the most potent way to receiving the medical benefits of this phenomenal plant. Learn how to take hold of your health- especially if you suffer from chronic pain, and start juicing ganja leaves today!

    • Learn information that in unknown by most of the world, yet is the best practice for getting rid of pain and various symptoms.
    • Trust the information provided by Katie Marsh, a former triathlete who suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for years, but managed to cure her pain with the powerful and potent medicine present in raw cannabis leaves.
    • Get your book delivered to you quickly, with Amazon Prime 2 day shipment eligibility.
    • An amazing alternative to smoking, vaping or consuming edibles. A different route to self healing for someone looking for something else.
    • Incredibly affordable read, packed full of life-changing information!

5. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

high times cannabis cookbook

Created by the editors of High Times Magazine for fellow stoners who love to get baked from the food they eat, this recipe packed book will give you amazing ideas for your next cannabis cooking adventures! The world of edibles is a fountain of endless information, and this book proves that cooking with marijuana is greener than ever.

  • Featuring over 50 unique and intriguing recipes, have a new concept to cook any day of the week that will amaze you and excite your 420-loving friends.
  • Delicious and mouthwatering flavors so you can start making phenomenal and gourmet appetizers, entrees, stoner sweets, cannabis cocktails, ultra high holiday dishes and more from the comfort of your very own home!
  • Colorful and hunger enticing photographs that will inspire you to create more and keep cooking with cannabis.
  • Affordable book that is conveniently eligible for Amazon Prime, so you can receive it at your doorstep in 2 days.

We hope you enjoy the diversity and information-packed qualities of all these books, just some of our favorites here at WayofLeaf, so that your next cannabis content shopping experience can be an even easier one!

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