The Unwritten Rules of Cannabis Etiquette

So – we have all seen it happen, you are invited round for a casual smoking session and someone comes empty handed! Whether you are a host or a guest, there are some things you need to know. . .

While smoking weed is famously a sociable activity, and a great way to bring friends close together, there are some Universal truths to be known by anyone embarking on a communal smoke. OG weed smokers may have these rules down, but for the newbies out there, we have compiled a list of the most important marijuana etiquette rules that you NEED to know before joining the smoking circle!

#1- Sharing Is Caring

Perhaps the most obvious one of the bunch – if you are invited over to join your friends in a smoking circle, it is a common courtesy to bring along some weed to contribute. When you consider the cost of cannabis, especially when it is being shared amongst a group of people, it can total up pretty fast! So it is only fair that, where possible, you contribute your own herb to add to the mix! Your friends will thank you for it, and when you are hard up they will be much more willing to share! This rule is even more relevant if the idea to smoke was yours in the first place!

#2 -Don’t Be a Pusher!

Peer pressure amongst friends shouldn’t be an issue, however sometimes it is easy to do even without realizing it! If you notice that someone in your circle has passed on their turn, don’t put pressure on them to smoke. Everyone has different levels of tolerance to weed, and the last thing anyone wants is to be looking after the friend who smoked too much! Likewise, if someone is passing altogether on having a smoke, let them be. This is their decision… and besides, it just means more for you!

#3-Roller’s Rights

This rule is as old as time and doesn’t really need much explanation! If you have rolled the joint, then you earn the first puff! The rule applies to whomever has rolled that specific joint, regardless of whose weed is being used. If you choose to be polite and give the first to someone else, that is fine too, but just know that it is not expected.

#4-Don’t Take ‘Sharing Is Caring’ Too Seriously!

A standard smoking circle involves a lot of passing around of the joint, blunt or bowl. That is a lot of mouths sharing the same mouthpiece. So if you have someone in the group with a cold or suspicious-sounding cough, there is a high chance you will all become contaminated! If you are ill in any way, don’t be keeping that to yourself! Allow the rest of the group to make the decision on whether they want to run the risk of catching your cold. If you want to avoid this conversation altogether, then just bring along your own supplies so that sharing is no longer necessary!

#5-Don’t Be Greedy!

If you are the host of the smoking session, then you want to make your guests feel welcome. By offering the first smoke or bowl, you are being gracious and putting your friends at ease straight away! The first hit, known as the ‘green hit’, is the best tasting of the lot, so your friends will thank you for the courtesy. With this in mind, don’t be a greedy host – it will put people off returning and it will ruin the whole vibe!

#6-Don’t Be Shy About Asking For Help.

There is a certain pressure behind rolling a great joint, but it can be difficult to master – some would say it’s even an art! If it comes to your turn to roll and you have no idea where to start, don’t attempt it and waste perfectly good weed/papers. Rather, ask someone to do it and make a point of watching them for the next time. If you have a good group of friends around you, then they will understand, it takes a lot of practice!

#7-Puff, Puff – Pass!

In most smoking circles, it is a universally understood rule that you take two puffs before passing on to the next person. Things can become particularly awkward if someone is hogging the joint and everyone else is incredibly aware of it! Don’t be that person who is clueless to the situation. Puff, Puff – Pass and then everyone can enjoy the high!

#8-Learn Your Left from Your Right

As the song goes, ‘Pass the Dutchie to the Left Hand Side’! Another common and widely followed rule amongst weed lovers, is to always pass your smoke on to the person to your left. There is no complex meaning behind this one, it is just standard protocol amongst the circle, and makes everything more streamlined and easy!

#9-Be a Giver, Not a Taker

Similar to rule #4, it is an unspoken rule that when invited to a gathering you should bring something along. If bringing your own contribution of weed is out of the question that is fine! But bring along some snacks and drinks, or whatever you can muster, and your friends will be thankful for the contribution.

#10-Show a Little Respect

The most important unspoken rule of all is this: always show respect. If you are going to be in someone else’s home, show respect to your surroundings. It goes without saying really that if you had guests over you wouldn’t expect them to leave their stuff lying around, so likewise you should show the same courtesy. Simple things such as remembering to clean up your area, if ash gets on the floor – clean it up, always empty the chamber before passing it on. In general these simple steps will ensure you are invited back over and over again!

Final Thoughts

These 10 tips on cannabis etiquette are not hard and fast rules. Rather, they are simply guidelines to help you avoid any embarrassing or awkward situations. All smoking circles differ depending on the individuals, and amongst close friends the rule book may go out the window entirely!

As long as everyone involved is on the same page, you can enjoy a long and relaxing session with your friends.

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