The Top 5 Medical Cannabis Resources That We Love!

Let’s cut to the chase – there are a lot of marijuana related resources out there in the world. Save yourself precious time by following our informative guide – the best resources you can find on the internet pertaining to medical cannabis and ganja culture. Look no further – our guide has your answers!

1. The Best News Resource: Get Your Canna News Today at!

Medical Cannabis News is by far one of the clearest online resources for receiving an accurate description of all the latest news and developments of the marijuana world. Not only does cover educational news regarding legalities and laws, it also covers ganja in the entertainment world, growing and cultivation information, upcoming reefer events that you may want to be in attendance for (like the glorious CANNABIS CUP) and it even has its own “headshop”, a store where you can purchase all the magazines that High Times has published.

2. The Best Online Store to Purchase Ganja Gear aka The Best Headshop Only at

Medical Cannabis Shopping an incredibly diverse internet Headshop offering a huge variety of marijuana paraphernalia and smoking devices. Almost any device you can think of, from dabbing and oil rigs, bubblers, bongs, pipes, vaporizers, herb grinders and even rolling papers, grasscity has got it all.

3. Get Your Cannabis Education and Become an Expert In a Career In Cultivation: THC University

Medical Cannabis University


THC University, or, one of the best ways to get a cannabis cultivation education on the web, offers a unique program of medical marijuana related courses, designated for professionals looking to master the booming industry of cannabis cultivation and production. Start your career in cultivation with THC University, or if you are simply a reefer hobbyist, THC University offers a program for that too. Choose your designated level of commitment to this ganja program and discover a system in which learning about marijuana is both fun, easy and affordable.

4. The Ultimate Weed Strain Guide:

Medical Cannabis Strain is a wonderful resource to discover your favorite strains and the high effects they carry. Don’t know what strain you want to pick up during your next dispensary run? No problem! Research the effects you’d like to achieve from your magic marijuana with Leafly’s convenient strain filtering system. Then further filter by selecting Indica, Sativa or Hybrid. In addition to each strain having detailed information, users of Leafly are also encouraged to review each strain, so you can read opinions of other stoners just like you.

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5. The Best Cannabis ONLINE Directory for Businesses:

Medical Cannabis WayofLeaf is your ultimate resource for discovering cannabis and marijuana related businesses. A site that offers a space for businesses to present the unique role they play in the reefer industry, WayofLeaf offers information on medical clinics, dispensaries, restaurants/coffee shops and hotels. Not only does WayofLeaf provide useful information for the travelling ganja connoisseur, it also provides a highly informative blog about the ever changing reefer industry, as well as cannabis recipes to make unique THC laden dishes from your very own home.

Link to Site:

With all this new information, go out there and dip your toes into the big sea of pot culture, there’s a plethora of information out there, we are just here to guide you through the process and make your discovery that much easier. Although known medical benefits do exist for the consumption of cannabis, it is the user’s sole responsibility to practice discretion when consuming cannabis and marijuana products. Please read our policy.