What Happens When You Smoke Marijuana for the First Time?

Like with most things, smoking cannabis is an art and a journey that is full of learning curves, some of which can be more fun than others! But hey – we’ve all been there, and today we want to help you out with five of our top tips and tricks for your first time (smoking, that is!)

Whatever your motivation, if you have decided that now is your time to delve into the world of cannabis, there are some things you should know. Seasoned smokers will be quick to tell you some crazy tales of their trippy highs, but as a newbie, you want to avoid any next level hallucinations for your first go.

Let’s make your first smoke a great one by following these five nuggets of wisdom . . .

#1 Be Somewhere Where You Feel Comfortable

We’ve all seen those stoner movies with a bunch of twenty-somethings stoned off their heads at a party full of drunk people, right? Well, this type of environment is the very last thing you will want on your first time trying weed – trust us on this one!

It might be tempting to follow the advice of friends who may have more weed experience than you, but starting off in a place that is both safe and secure, and somewhere you feel comfortable, will make all the difference to your high.

Imagine getting high for the first time surrounded by rowdy drunk folk in an unfamiliar setting where there is the risk of the police showing up at any minute. Relaxing? We don’t think so!

The environment is critical – choose somewhere like your house or a trusted friend’s home where you can really enjoy the effects of your weed and let the high consume you without being always on edge!

#2 Be Around The Right People

We cannot stress enough how important this one is, not only for your overall experience but also for the good of your friendships! There is nothing worse than feeling either left out the loop by people who are avid cannabis users, or even worse, being peer pressured to consume more weed than you’re comfortable with.

Not every cannabis experience is likely to be the most amazing high of your life, but you want your first time at least to be one to remember positively. Choosing trustworthy and understanding friends to smoke with will help you feel comfortable and relaxed without being under pressure to perform.

Another huge benefit of having the best people around you is that you can often find the most useful and beneficial tips. We recommend that if you are consuming weed for the first time to try it alongside an experienced weed lover, that way it isn’t a case of the blind leading the blind and you can learn while doing!

A good smoking friend will have your back if your high goes south, know when you have had too much and not pile the pressure on for you to consume more, and most importantly will have snacks on hand as and when needed!

#3 Have Plenty of Food and Drinks to Hand

This leads us nicely onto our next tip, which is to have plenty of food and drink on hand for when those famous munchies appear, and they definitely will! A high person does not want to be getting up and cooking, so ensure you are surrounded by snacks or at least have your favorite pizza joint on speed dial in preparation.

There is a whole host of amazing treats you could opt for, from pizza through to chips and donuts – but making sure you have the right drinks is essential. Avoid things such as alcohol or caffeine, especially on your first time – you don’t want to be adding anxiety-inducing caffeine into the mix after all! Water will be your best friend, and the more you drink, the less dry mouth you will wake up to in the morning after a heavy night!

Check out online lists of some of the best snacks you can get when you’re high – there are plenty to choose from!

#4 Relax

It is natural that you will be nervous, excited and even a little scared going into your first cannabis experience but if there is one thing you should take from this, it is that it is essential to relax!

Remember that nobody ever died from taking too much cannabis, so if you have a terrible high ride it out. Remember to sip water regularly, avoid any stimulants such as caffeine and practice calm and measured breathing.

It is entirely common to feel sweaty and anxious at first, but this should quickly pass and make way for a pleasant and laid back high. If at any stage you are feeling worse for wear, delving into some food should help balance things out.

#5 Know Your Limits

The first time is going to include a lot of trial and error, but like with all things, you should take the experience and learn from it. This is especially true when it comes to knowing and learning your limits.

If trusted friends in a comfortable place surround you, you should have the support you need to get you through a bad high, being too stoned, or simply feeling a little worse for wear! But you can avoid any of the above by taking your time, not being embarrassed to pass your turn once or twice until you feel better, and listening to your gut when you think enough is enough!

We must stress once again that nobody has ever died from taking too much weed, but the side effects of going overboard aren’t pleasant, so be mindful of this going in!

Final Thoughts For You First Time Smokers

Your first experience with weed should be a good one if you follow our tips, but remember that if it doesn’t go to plan the first time, you can always try again with another strain or an alternative method of consumption.

Not everyone is the same, so doing what suits you best should see you on the right tracks!

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