5 Most Insane Weed Products of 2020

As cannabis has become more popular over recent years, with more states than ever legalizing the plant in some form, there has been a natural rise in interest when it comes to consuming the infamous flower.

While we appreciate the fact that smoking isn’t for everyone, you no longer need to be concerned about smelling of weed or inhaling smoke! There are now literally hundreds of products containing cannabis, and with the monstrous stream of new products that are hitting the shelves every few months, you might say we’re pretty spoiled for choice at the moment!

So whether you fancy getting high with some edibles or benefiting from CBD’s potent properties in soap and bath liquids – you can get pretty much cannabis-infused anything in 2020!

In this article, we are going to take a look at the five of the most insane cannabis-laced products that you can get your hands on this calendar year!

#1: Weed Beef Jerky – Badfish Extracts

Weed Beef Jerky

You’ve heard of the pot brownie, right? Well, that’s old news; what you need to try is the weed beef jerky by Santa Cruz Company, Badfish Extracts! This THC-laced jerky not only tastes insanely good, but also you can get it in a range of flavors, and have the choice from a selection of strains, which makes it a pretty versatile treat for all you meat lovers out there!

Being dubbed as “reef jerky” based on the moniker “reefer”, this product is certainly up there in terms of the craziest ideas we have seen hit the greater edibles market. So move aside those traditional sweet treats that would leave you feeling euphoric, because this beef jerky by Badfish takes on a whole new meaning to the term ‘edible’ (they even won third place in the Best U.S. Edible category at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup)!

We know you will appreciate these salty treats as much as we do!

#2: Weed Spray – Cannabis Care

Weed Spray – Cannabis Care

If you are looking for a product that can deliver a fast-acting yet discreet high, you need to see this! Californian company Cannabis Care has developed the next best thing in covert cannabis consumption, and we can’t get enough!

Created to help patients in treating their conditions, the THC spray has quickly been picked up by cannabis enthusiasts as a great and healthy way to get baked! A quick shot of this breath spray will see you enjoying the effects almost instantly — and for hours to come!

The spray combines organically grown cannabis topped with an infused alcohol/glycerine/honey extract blend to come up with this brilliant product! It looks like a pen at a distance, and can easily pass off as a regular breath spray, which means you can use it on the go without turning any heads!

What’s not to love here, right??

#3 Mountain High Suckers

#3 Mountain High Suckers


In keeping with the theme of a discreet cannabis experience, Mountain High Suckers had to make our list! This company has brought to the market a huge selection of deliciously sweet edibles that look like regular lollypops, but will leave you reaping all the medicinal benefits — with a nice little high to sweeten the deal!

The company advertises the medicinal, or recreational contents of each lolly making it super easy for you to make a decision based on your specific needs! From orange cinnamon to Lime with chili flakes, there is something for everyone here (they have over 20 flavors to choose from!).

Incredibly delicious, super discreet, and medicinally beneficial – what more could you want?

#4 Lip Balm – Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Basics’ Lip balm

If you have spent any length of time in the cannabis industry, you have likely already heard of Cannabis Basics, as they have been around since 1995 providing some of the best quality topicals on the market – and this next product might be our favorite one of all!

Cannabis Basics’ Lip balm not only provides a moisturizing and soothing treatment on the lips, but can be used to treat a whole host of skin complaints! If you are sick of spending money on expensive skin treatments that don’t seem to get the desired effect, then give Cannabis Basics Lip Balm a go!

The cannabis-infused product can be used to treat spots, dry skin, herpes simplex and a whole host of other surface skin issues such as eczema or even freshly-healing tattoos! It’s pretty hard to believe you could get SO much from such a small product, but Cannabis Basics knows what they are doing, and this wonderful lip balm is a clear winner for us!

#5 Bath Soak

Dixies Bath Soak

Last but by no means least is your answer to a stressful day at work, an intense gym session, or just an excuse to have a soak — a Dixie’s Bath Soak, that is! Dixie has created a bath soak infused with pure-extracted THC to help you unwind, relax the muscles, relieve tension, and reduce general aches and pains!

They promise 100 mg of THC in every bottle of soak (each of which smells amazing by the way), and they currently offer rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood options for a truly spa-like experience.

Dixie put a claim out there that while it is unusual for topical products to cause any psychoactive effects, the bath soak may cause women to experience such effects upon using. So depending on what you want, this could be an even more enjoyable experience — especially for you women!

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that all of Dixie’s products are triple lab tested for purity, high in beneficial THC, and are super relaxing in the way that only 100% natural cannabis therapy can provide. We have absolutely fallen in love with this innovative bath soak!

Final Thoughts on These Insane Weed Products

It was never going to be easy to narrow the market down to just five products, but someone had to do it! This collection might be a mismatch of edibles, topicals and other weed-infused products, but overall they encompass the pinnacle of cannabis innovations, and represent fun (and therapeutic) new options that we feel you NEED to try!

While some of the five will indeed leave you feeling a bit buzzy and euphoric, others have been manufactured simply to help relieve the pains and stresses that come with everyday life. So whatever your particular case is, with the medicinal benefits of cannabis being potent in all of them, we feel these unique products are no doubt some of the most wonderful new options out there on the market right now!