How to Roll a Scorpion Joint Like a Pro | Video Guide

Lighting up a joint isn’t just about the way it tastes or how it smells. It is also about how it looks. Sure, you can make a plain old joint, or you can jazz it up with a masterpiece. And trust us, at your next 420-meetup, you are going to really impress your guests.

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With the help of this video tutorial from RuffHouse Studios, we are going to show you how to make an insane Scorpion Joint. It’s a bit challenging, but once you’ve done one or two, you’ll be pumping these out like an automatic turbo joint creator.


Ok, so let’s get creative and learn;

How to Roll a Scorpion Joint

What you’ll need;

How to Make a Scorpion Joint


Step 1

Grind your cannabis.

Step 2

To make the body you are going to need some king size paper and a crutch for the tail. You are going to want to roll the tip as normal but make it slightly larger. The idea is to create a cone size joint which is slightly larger than a normal joint. Pack it, but not too tight as you are going to have to bend it.

Rolling Body - How to Make a Scorpion Joint


Steps 3

Now we are going to move on to the legs. The legs should be rolled without a tip. Roll 3 Pinner joints

Legs of Joint - How to Make a Scorpion Joint

Step 4

For the claws, you are going to use regular size papers. These joints are also not going to have any tips. Here you will need to roll cone shaped joints. Don’t fill the joint to the end as you will want the joint to look like a claw and bend it.

Claw tips - How to Make a Scorpion Joint


Step 5

Find the midpoint of your body and make a hole diagonally through. Follow up by making two additional holes about an inch apart. One additional hole you are going to have to make for your claw tips.

how to roll a scorpion joint

Step 6

Push your poker through the holes to make them slightly larger and also poke a hole through the legs, so that the air can pass through the joint while you smoke them.

Step 7

Slide your first leg through the body. Make sure to open up any air holes that have closed up due to you pushing and pulling the joints. Line the air hole so that it’s aligned with the center of the body. Move on to all the legs.

Step 8

Push down on the bud in your claws and trim off the tip. In your final hole on your body, stick from each side a claw. The idea is to have one joint (claw), sticking out from either side of the hole.

Step 9

Now bend the claws forward and the legs to the side. Twist the tip to restrict the air flow. The final step would be to bend the tail section.

How to Make a Scorpion Joint


Again, these creative joints take time and practice, but once you get the hang of them, you are going to really impress your guests at your next 420-meetup.

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