How to Make a Sploof [Guide]

Are you an avid cannabis smoker who is having trouble enjoying your bud due to nosy or cannabis-conservative neighbors? There is always, of course, the option to find your own little hideaway where nobody can detect your cannabis fumes – but this is inconvenient and entirely unnecessary. If you have been looking for a way to hide your cannabis smoke without running off to a forest every time, you may be in need of a sploof.

A sploof is a device that can help to hide the aroma of weed when you are smoking. You can make them yourself, and usually with stuff that you already have around your house or apartment. A sploof is basically a filter. It is a tube that is filled with stuff to help eliminate and absorb the smell of smoke. After you take your hit from your bong, exhale into the sploof. It will filter the smoke to stop any smell from filling up a room or flowing into your neighbor’s window.

In this guide, we will give you all you need to know on how to make your own sploof for a successful and discreet smoke session, free from all the worries of attracting the attention of your neighbors and landlords alike.

Making a Sploof

make a sploof

Making a sploof is super cheap to do. Most of the stuff that you need is probably within an arm’s reach. In total, you are going to need:

  • A cardboard roll/tube from toilet paper or paper towels, or an empty and clean plastic bottle
  • A pair of scissors
  • A rubber band or tape
  • Dryer sheets with scent to help mask odors

Step 1

The first step to making your own sploof is to prepare your device structure. If you are going to be making a sploof from a plastic bottle, you need to cut it so it is roughly the size of a soda can. If you’re going to be using a roll from toilet paper, then no further action is needed.

Step 2

Take around 3 to 4 dryer sheets and stuff them into your paper towel or water bottle. You don’t need a ton of sheets; 3 to 4 should be plenty to hide any unwanted aromas and filter out that smell.

Step 3

After you have stuffed your device with dryer sheets, you then take an additional dryer sheet and wrap it around the end of the sploof. This will act as the final filter and allow even more smoke to be captured upon exhale. You can adhere your dryer sheet to your sploof with a rubber band or tape. You can also use an elastic hair tie for even more convenience, as it can be reused and is less likely to break.

Step 4

Now you have a sploof and it’s ready to use! Exhale into the opposite end of the device where a dryer sheet is not attached and be amazed at the lack of cannabis fumes flooding your abode.

If you’re really feeling crafty, you can even decorate it and customize it for a more personalized touch.

Final Thoughts on Making a Sploof

Now that you know that such a device exists and how to make one, you can use your sploof to filter the smell of cannabis, instead of running away to try to find a discreet spot when you need to smoke. It’s really simple to make and practically can be made from things that you were going to throw away or recycle in the first place.

Now those nosy neighbors will no longer be able to detect when you are smoking for an even more stress-free experience. So blaze up, and happy smoking!