How People Smoke Weed Differently Across the World

Each place has its own unique smoking traditions and habits…

The world has come a long way since the early traditions of lighting up some crudely-rolled weed. Globally, many traditions exist for the way in which people have consumed marijuana for centuries, but in the past few decades especially, some nations and even states have developed their own methods for getting their regular intake of cannabis. As cannabis technology has improved, the past decade has brought about even more inventive methods, some of which have stuck like glue to certain regions of the world.

In this article we will discuss some of the interesting ways that people smoke weed across the world. Of course, not everyone that smokes weed takes part in consuming it through one of these specific manners, but certainly these trends are unique, intriguing and noteworthy.

Keep reading to discover the ways in which people smoke weed differently across the world…

1. California Likes to Keep Things Potent

California has been a leader in the world of marijuana for a while now. This could be in part due to its supreme growing climate for ganja, which seems to flourish outdoors in numerous regions throughout the state. Whether it be herb grown in the mountains of Humboldt County, the coastal airs of sunny San Diego or even the warm deserts of the Inland Empire, there are plenty of spots that make an ideal place for your crops to flourish. As expected, being in close proximity to those all-natural, outdoor grows means incredible quality cannabis throughout the local medical dispensaries and recreational pot shops.

The marijuana being produced out of California is strong, potent and fresh, and serves as a real treat to those who are accustomed to schwag quality herb, as is the case with many of the more inland or colder states throughout the U.S. In many ways, native Californians are spoiled when it comes to their weed, with those who are regular consumers often developing a strong tolerance to this already intensely potent green.

This may be the explanation for why exactly dabbing culture has become such a huge thing throughout CA, because marijuana consumers are searching for an even stronger option to fulfill their daily dose of dank chronic. Although other states throughout America do partake in dabbing, California is notorious for the culture and practices surrounding dabbing, and chances are if you live in CA, you or one of your friends is set up with the entire dabbing rig.

What exactly is dabbing, you might be wondering? Dabbing involves vaporizing a concentrated form of marijuana, which is typically in the form of a wax extract, hash or shatter. It is dabbed by taking a small amount of the concentrate, placing it on a metal wand and using a heated up metal nail device to smoke by touching it to the substance and taking a big breath in. Dabs normally hit hard, and the concentrates being inhaled are rich with THC – some shatters, for example, actually have been reported to contain THC contents in the 90% range.

For this reason, the waxes you can buy for dabbing are usually expensive, but your high hits you with a strong intensity and lasts for hours on end. This option is especially popular amongst those who have developed a strong tolerance to THC, as it can make even the most experienced cannabis consumers high, especially if the concentrate you buy is of superb California-style quality.

2. The Pacific Northwest Knows How to Keep Things Floral

Spliffs are common in many regions throughout the world, especially in areas where marijuana is notoriously overpriced. Adding tobacco along with your ground-up weed implies that you’ll be able to enjoy a joint without wasting all your expensive cannabis, because it prolongs the existence of your green meaning you’ll be able to take more puffs from one joint. People throughout the Pacific Northwest, which primarily consists of the states Oregon and Washington, are not so concerned about the price of their marijuana for there is plenty of access to fresh and locally grown herb.

One trend, however, that’s proving to be rather clever and peculiar, is that some people in this region enjoy their already floral weed with an extra added touch of flower. Oregonians, it seems, appreciate from time to time what they call a lavender spliff. This is essentially the mixture of the best ground cannabis they can find, along with a pinch or two of dried lavender flowers, usually bought from their local co-op or health food store. The combination of the two is a delicious one, but certainly not suited for everybody. It is extremely flowery, as expected, but it also can leave a slightly sour or bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effects, though, which could encourage a deeper experience of letting go and discovering tranquility during your high. Of course lavender spliffs aren’t commonplace amongst all groups of Pacific Northwesterners, but the only place we’ve ever heard of that offers these floral bad boys is up in the PNW region.

3. The U.K. Knows How to Prolong the Life of Their Weed

Marijuana is notoriously expensive in many regions throughout Europe, especially on islands such as the United Kingdom. Some indoor grows of course do take place throughout the U.K., but nevertheless they are secret operations due to the legal persecution that cannabis cultivators in this region can face if they are caught. The world of marijuana on this part of the globe runs as more of a black market operation, which implies that prices are marked up because there’s still a demand (and only so many individuals who can fulfill these desires).

People in the U.K. have learned to adapt to these circumstances and save some bucks where they can, all while still being able to enjoy their ganja in whatever quality it happens to arrive during that day. For this reason, spliff culture is a massive practice throughout the U.K., because you don’t always know how your herb is going to taste and you know for a fact that it’ll cost you a pretty penny. By rolling up a joint along with some tobacco, the longevity of your cannabis is extended. Also, if you enjoy the flavor of tobacco, it may even make your weed taste a bit better.

This combination of tobacco and weed is known officially as a “spliff,” which you can also commonly discover in other countries throughout Europe. So if you’re planning a Eurotrip soon, be prepared to come across plenty of these – even in popular Amsterdam coffeeshops.

4. North America Likes to Go Beyond Rolled-Up Cannabis

Many regions throughout North America, including both the United States and Canada, enjoy consuming pure cannabis, and not always when it is rolled-up. Some individuals with the fortunate access to fresh ganja claim that rolling up their herb actually wastes far too much product for their liking. For this reason, the tradition of smoking cannabis from a pipe, bong or other piece of glass has steadily become a popular activity amongst North Americans, especially in regions where marijuana is legal either medically, recreationally, or both.

Bongs and glass pipes are of course a wide-spread choice, but one-hitters have also become a more frequent site to see. This is about as pure as smoking herb can get, and North Americans would certainly like to keep it this way if they can. Additionally, choosing to go paper-free allows the consumer to truly taste the flavors of their marijuana and properly experience what smoking herb is like in its rawest form.

5. The Netherlands Makes Smoking Cannabis a Social Experience

It is definitely a myth that all the locals of Amsterdam consume marijuana regularly, let alone throughout the famous coffee shops, but the prevalence of these sit down and smoke cafes has definitely turned cannabis into more of a social experience for the Dutch, as well as the tourists who come to visit these shops to try it for themselves. Although marijuana is technically not legal anywhere in the Netherlands, it is permitted within the coffee shops so long as other drugs are not present.

Many tourists think that you can just walk around Amsterdam with a joint in hand, but this actually is not the case. Although the locals might not think too much about seeing someone consuming weed out in public, it is still not a legal activity and should be reserved to your time spent inside the cafes. You may even enjoy your high more this way, because at the coffeeshops you can sit down, chat with friends or even strangers, enjoy a warm drink and maybe even munch on some fresh pastries or delicious eats, which certainly sounds more pleasurable than being out on the busy streets of Amsterdam, doing your best to jump out of the way of the thousands of bikers riding past you.

6. Smoking Marijuana in Russia Implies Being as Discreet as Possible

There’s no doubt about it: possessing or consuming marijuana in Russia is very illegal, and generally the public opinions about cannabis and other drugs is quite conservative. If you possess 5 grams of pot or less, which is the number considered to be in the “personal amount” range, then the most you can expect is a fine and some reprimanding if you’re caught. However, if you happen to be carrying more than 5 grams, that is really where you can run into some trouble.

At this point, it is possible that you could receive prison time, in addition to a fine, and the police of Russia really aren’t messing around when it comes to this rule. Because of these strict regulations, those who do like to enjoy marijuana (and happen to be located in Russia), have developed discreet methods for smoking weed that also conserves the amount of bud that they have. As expected, with herb being so illegal the prices are quite steep, in addition to the quality usually being mediocre at best.

More often than not, for example, the weed you buy could end up just being a pile of larfy leaves and stems. Smoking both hash and cannabis is common in Russia, regardless of its legal status, but the way in which Russians are smoking weed may not be how you would expect. Rolling joints is actually a commonplace practice throughout Europe, but you will rarely catch a Russian rolling a joint. Instead, it is likely they will be emptying out the tobacco from cheap, unfiltered cigarettes that they frequently smoke.

One commonly bought brand for this purpose is Belomor – once one of these suckers is filled up with weed, it is termed a “kosyak”. They will roll Belomors up with either pure weed or a mix of herb and tobacco, depending upon what is affordable and preferred. Russians also sometimes make their own gravity bongs, which are inexpensive to build and quickly disposable. They call these homemade creations “burbulyators”.

Final Thoughts on How People Smoke Weed :

If the marijuana consumption practices of other regions has ever intrigued or interested you, then this article should be able to provide some outlandish examples – some of which you may not have known about before. Marijuana smoking traditions and practices are not only rich, but also are diverse depending upon what region is observed.

We hope this article taught you something new about how people smoke weed differently across the world, and hopefully it was entertaining, educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.