How Hollywood Does High-End Cannabis [Prepare to Be Entertained]

Say hello to LA luxury marijuana

The days of bullet-proof glass windows, sketched out security guards, questionably sourced buds and a tiny variety of weed to choose from are long over – at least in Hollywood and the Los Angeles area. The term “cannabis dispensary” has quickly changed from a place that some feel concerned about entering, to a bright, luxurious, high-tech storefront full of boutique buds and futuristic, super potent edibles and extracts.

For some, entering a high-end Hollywood marijuana dispensary is similar to stepping foot into an Apple store; there are well-lit jars with glistening crystalline flowers underneath perfectly set lighting, and touch screen tablets sitting idly by to procure your selection. Budtenders dressed in matching uniforms greet you with a friendly hello, and maybe even explain a bit about their special offers for the day. They are more than happy to let you check out the immense stock of freshly trimmed herb they have on-hand, or better yet, to answer any cannabis-related questions that might be lingering on your mind.

For many, this is the brave new world of high-end Hollywood cannabis. Even though the experience may be “different,” we certainly cannot say that we miss the old way cannabis shops were run, because let’s face it – this luxury opportunity is far too cushy not to accept and even embrace.

Keep reading to discover exactly how Hollywood does high-end cannabis…

How Did High-End Marijuana Become a Thing?

It’s widely recognized that Hollywood and Los Angeles in general has an affinity for luxury items, designers and so on; it might be a result of the star studded neighborhoods that house some of the world’s biggest celebrities, or the fact that it is so damn expensive to live in most of LA, which means money is not much of an object for the city’s wealthier residents.

Regardless of the reason why, somehow high-end marijuana has snuck its way into Hollywood, and this trend seems to be growing – joining the list of healthy, hip fads like yogalates, juice-cleanses, hanging out at Urth Caffé, and drinking skinny almond milk vanilla lattes.

LA residents are truly digging the comfortable and effortless marijuana dispensary experience that not only keeps the consumer in mind, but also makes an effort to ensure the customer feels at home the minute they step foot into the store. Aside from aesthetic impressions, though, these high-end marijuana shops are also packed-full of outlandish cannabis products that are becoming familiar, if not staple items for many 420-friendly LA’ites.

The journey of this form of cannabis actually begins in January 2018, when recreational marijuana officially became legal in California, followed by the opening of Hollywood’s first recreational pot shop just a month later. Investors quickly realized that “luxury marijuana” would sell like hot cakes amongst the rich and famous, so that’s exactly what they were given.

Other dispensaries followed suit, soon turning their storefronts into designer locations that appealed to their customers in more ways than simply having dank quality herb. Simply having top-notch product wasn’t cutting it anymore with all the competition in LA, so certain locations got even more creative, attempting some revolutionary concepts that seemed to stick. Some critics have even gone as far as to relate the experience of stepping foot into one of these high-end dispensaries to the way one feels entering a swanky dry bar or Barneys New York at The Grove.

What Does Hollywood Luxury Cannabis Look Like?

Sometimes described as “boutique dispensaries,” each luxury marijuana shop is so unique from one another that it is challenging to compare them or truly cover all the bases in terms of what they have to offer. It is important to remember, though, just as designers like Yeezy are selling plain t-shirts for more than $200, some high-end marijuana shops are also selling absurd products or experiences to their customers, and apparently there is a market for this in LA that exists even outside the registered cannabis dispensaries.

For example, the boutique cannabis lifestyle store Mister Green offers an original Argentinian onyx pipe for $889, while weed-friendly salon Bellacures offers its customers the treat of a Canna-cure pedicure, which involves an intensive experience with CBD oil and a scrub down with a unique CBD-exfoliating topical.

In addition, shops like Alfred Tea and Coffees are offering truly unique weed-treats like Peach-Ginger Matcha Tea and CBD-infused Blueberry Mint Cold Brew coffee, which is specifically brewed for the residents of this sunny city (many of which probably need a chill-pill after having sat in traffic for 2 hours or been belittled by their savage entertainment industry bosses).

All in all, from boxes of fancy Lowell Smokes pre-rolls to Lord Jone’s old-fashioned gum drops (which are often utilized as an alternative to Xanax), the creativity and usefulness of the products turning up in the world of Hollywood is intense, yet simultaneously pleasant (and kind of hilarious to read about as well).

The Best LA/Hollywood High-End Dispensaries:

Of course, not all medical dispensaries or recreational cannabis shops in Los Angeles are luxury or high-end. There are plenty of casual places to pick up your medicine, for those who do not feel like going through the whole “journey” of dealing some fancy, modern, ultra-hip place. For those who are truly intrigued by the high-end marijuana experience in Los Angeles – all the Hollywood glamor and glitz included – then one shop in particular seems to be the epitome of what the classy, high-end experience is all about: MedMen.

MedMen Dispensary: West Hollywood

With locations in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Downtown LA and others, MedMen keeps the marijuana experience hi-tech, appearing very reminiscent of one top electronics distributor (cough cough… Apple).

With sleek and streamlined interior decor that incorporates elements of organic and all-natural industrial warmth, you are immediately greeted with a smile by friendly budtenders dressed in bright red shirts who are ready to assist you and help provide you with the medicine or products you desire and need.

The merchandise is neat, lined up elegantly along perfectly stacked shelves that continue with the organic trend present throughout the entirety of the shop. Some expensive and popular Los Angeles interior designer clearly got involved in this Southern California chain, because the atmosphere is not only professional and clean, it is simultaneously inviting of the real “stars,” which of course are the dispensary’s top-shelf marijuana buds.

Moreover, iPads line the wooden shelves and help you make decisions with ease, while electronics are organized in display cases. However, we aren’t talking laptops and smartphones electronics here – these display cases are packed full of the latest and greatest in vape technology.

MedMen sees potential in a different demographic, not simply the classic stoners or medical marijuana patients who look and fit the bill. Instead, they cater to the “Chardonnay moms” and rich and/or famous types who are drawn into the storefront out of pure curiosity (or, maybe because they feel the design is as “high-class” as they are).

Whatever the case, MedMen definitely tailors itself to those who are caught up in the rush of the LA lifestyle, and suits those who desire a place to pick up marijuana that matches the rest of their lives; somewhere nice, hip and up-to-date with the ever changing trends.

Final Thoughts on Weed in Hollywood

If you have ever wondered what the high-end cannabis experience is like, or have ever been curious about how the rich and famous do weed, then we hope this article has helped shed some light on a fascinating and unique concept that seems to be taking over the norm in parts of L.A. and Southern California.

Even though the luxury marijuana experience is not for everyone, it is nice to know that shops of this nature exist, and that other weed dispensaries are now raising their standards and quality of practices after the widespread legalization of cannabis.

Many marijuana dispensaries, even if not technically coined as being “high-end”, do seem to exhibit this general vibe across the United States, often presenting their products in a well-stocked, clean and seamless manner so that customers do not feel uncomfortable about purchasing the all-important medicinal plant to help treat their sleep issues, anxiety, generalized pain, or other forms of ailment.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.