Can Holistic Medical Doctors Prescribe Marijuana?

Medical marijuana may be the answer for a well-rounded treatment plan…

These days, simple conventional treatments are not enough. There’s a whole world of possibilities out there, especially when it comes to medical treatment plans. Now, it seems people have begun connecting deeper with the healing properties of some ancient techniques and medicines, tapping into its vast resources once again. Even if conventional treatment plans for common medical conditions have been successful for some, many have not received the results they desire from these limited options, and for that reason they have started turning towards a more well-rounded form of medicine.

This has become known as holistic medicine, and now it is likely that every big city, at least in America, has at least one highly skilled holistic medicine practitioner or doctor available for consultation and assistance. Although some holistic doctors are “Cannabis-phobic,” still unable or unwilling to prescribe medical marijuana as part of their whole self treatment plan, a multitude of holistic medical practitioners have seen the value of medical cannabis and are quick to recommend it to their patients.

Especially as the world is becoming more marijuana friendly with each passing year, holistic doctors are taking note of the herb’s newfound accessibility, and utilizing its vast resources of therapeutic potential. And, it seems, they aren’t the only ones…

Keep reading to discover 5 ways that holistic doctors prescribe medical cannabis…

What Is Holistic Medicine?:

Conventional doctors simply treat symptoms. Although this can offer relief maybe in the moment, it does not generate long-term healing, which is vital for many chronic and lifelong conditions. Holistic doctors, on the other hand, dig down deep into the root and source of an issue, working on the body in a well-rounded wholesome way where not only the issue on hand is dealt with, but also that of the full body, mind, spirit and inner energy.

The methods used by holistic practitioners varies considerably from professional to professional, but it seems as marijuana is gaining momentum in the world as it has become legal in numerous states and countries. More and more holistic doctors, it appears, have begun prescribing this healing and magical green substance that hails straight from the bosom of Mother Earth herself.

5 Ways Holistic Doctors Prescribe Medical Cannabis:

1. For pain and chronic pain:

Because a massive percentage of the world suffers from physical pain in one way or another, whether chronic or temporary, the holistic treatments for this experience are quite literally almost limitless.

It’s widely known that while conventional doctors prescribe painkillers (which are often derived from opioids and can cause a slew of addiction and negative side effects), holistic doctors try to stay away from these drugs as much as possible. Acupuncture and chiropractics is probably the most commonly suggested alternative methods of pain treatment, while physical therapy and massage can also be beneficial. Additionally, lifestyle changes are sometimes recommended, which involves a routine exercise plan, changes to a more wholesome diet, meditation, yoga, hypnosis, the addition of supplements/vitamins, and much more.

All of these options are maybe more of a relief in the long run, and they can take time to take effect. For this reason, these options are often paired up with marijuana because medical cannabis offers almost immediate relief from various forms of pain, including chronic pain. It’s known that THC especially works wonders on pain, although the non-intoxicating substance CBD also seems to have a “magic touch” too.

For pain management, higher doses of cannabis should be consumed, possibly even in the form of potent edibles, because this is where the greatest amount of relief will be experienced. Of course, though, it depends greatly on the seriousness of the condition, but all in all this seems to be the case.

2. As an addition to various cancer treatments:

Did you know that in the United States alone there are about 340,000 new cases of cancer every single year? Cancer is, by far, one of the most common diseases and it has a massive impact on those who have to go through its debilitating effects, as well as their families and loved ones. Holistic doctors have their own methods of handling cancer treatment, and of course each medical practitioner’s techniques vary greatly from one to another.

Some holistic doctors mix conventional forms of treatment with more natural ways. For instance, by advising their patient to be administered smaller doses of chemotherapy or radiation treatment, simple and natural shifts in the body can take place.

Additionally, mass changes in diet are also prescribed, which can include the removal of all sugar and sugar-related products. Some other patients might even be geared to switch to a macrobiotic or raw vegan dietary plan in order to promote cellular functioning at its utmost efficiency.

The truth is there are numerous alternative healing cancer clinics globally, and some of them have actually produced truly profound results. Some miracle recounts discuss how sometimes people would be diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and come into a holistic clinic after conventional doctors told them they only had a short time left to live. Ultimately, the holistic practitioners were able to help the patients using alternative treatments, increasingly with the effects of medical cannabis.

Sometimes, though, medical weed might be prescribed by holistic doctors just as a way to cut the negative side effects from chemotherapy or radiation treatment, which commonly produces fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, depression, nausea, anxiety, stress, pain, and much more. In other cases, high potency oil extracts, sometimes primarily consisting of CBD, are administered.

3. For depression and/or anxiety:

It is said that more than 350 million people globally suffer from depression, while around 40 million adults in the United States alone suffer from some form of diagnosed anxiety disorder. While these numbers are grand and somewhat surprising, many individuals with a mental disorder choose not to seek conventional medical treatments.

The process of finding the right medication for you can sometimes be quite frustrating, as it requires plenty of trial and error. Certain medications, in fact, can cause a worsening of symptoms and some individuals have reported their side effects being so bad that they maybe even outweigh those caused by the condition itself. For this reason, holistic doctors are frequently working with patients who suffer from depression and/or anxiety disorders, offering them alternative solutions to conventional treatment methods.

Although prescribed medications do of course work for some, especially when combined with talk therapy, it is not the right solution for everyone. Holistic practitioners work with lifestyle changes primarily, recommending meditation, regular exercise, healthier whole-food diets, the development of a new hobby, and more. Other times, some types of herbs or natural medicines are considered, including plant based natural lithium and St. John’s Wort.

Lately, though, since legalisation has increased accesibility, cannabis has been a popular choice to prescribe for depression and anxiety – mostly because both CBD and THC have proven benefits with dozens of scientific publications and clinical trials. For those with depression and/or anxiety, medical marijuana is either recommended by these practitioners in smokeable or edible form, but if you don’t want the psychoactive effects, then a pure CBD extract or tincture is a wonderful option, as long as you opt for higher doses.

4. For migraines:

In many ways, migraines are somewhat medically unexplainable. Some researchers even believe that migraines are due to an imbalance in endocannabinoids in the body, causing pain to arise which cannot be allocated within the tissues during performed scans. Conventional doctors typically prescribe painkillers for migraines, which sometimes include the compound caffeine, and although this does work for some, there is still no official cure for migraines.

Holistic practitioners have developed a multitude of alternative practices for managing migraines. In some instances, a gluten-free diet is prescribed, as well as staying away from food additives such as aspartame or monosodium glutamate (MSG). In other circumstances, acupuncture and massages are recommended, as certain pressure points on the body are said to stimulate parts of the head that are affected by these migraines.

Medical cannabis also plays a role in migraine management, especially for holistic doctors. It is recommended often as a way to lessen the pain and discomfort from these uncontrollable, major, and sometimes even debilitating headaches. Certain strains are maybe more specifically tailored to migraine relief, but extracts of THC and CBD, or simply just one of the two, are recommended by these alternative practitioners due to positive clinical results and little to no side effects (especially when compared to conventional migraine medications).

5. For Insomnia or Chronic Fatigue:

For insomnia and chronic fatigue, countless pharmaceuticals are prescribed by conventional doctors to deal with the symptoms, but these are not always capable of helping everyone, as neither condition technically has a cure. Sleeping pills such as Valium and Ambien are prescribed for insomnia, because they act as sedatives for the body and help the patient hit the hay faster.

Other drugs such as antidepressants and stimulants (for example Zoloft, Wellbutrin or Adderall), are prescribed for chronic fatigue. Although these medications can work for some with successful results, they can carry extensive negative side effects, which can be debilitating within themselves. For this reason, some people have turned towards holistic practitioners for help. For insomnia, these alternatives include stress-relief techniques like meditation, massage, hypnosis, adopting bedtime rituals, and more. Furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy has also proven to assist, in addition to natural supplements like Valerian root and melatonin.

Some holistic doctors have begun prescribing medical marijuana for insomnia, because indica dominant cannabis strains that are heavy in THC seem to work wonders at knocking people out and placing them into a quick, deep sleep. Chronic fatigue, on the other hand, also has many holistic remedies, which include lifestyle changes like exercise, meditation, proper diet, administration of B vitamin complex, taking enough vitamin D, and so on and so forth.

And finally, setting up routines and getting enough sleep is often recommended and important, as is drinking enough water. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also recommended for some, in addition to homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and ayurvedic techniques. Along with all these options, medical marijuana is also sometimes suggested for chronic fatigue. Sativa dominant strains in particular are known to work effectively to fight the tiredness and discomfort caused by chronic fatigue, which is why holistic practitioners routinely prescribe it.

Final Thoughts on Holistic Medical Doctors:

If you have been considering obtaining holistic treatment for one of the above medical conditions with the assistance of medical marijuana, or even if you are simply curious about how cannabis plays a role in the world of holistic medicine, then this article is a brilliant start for your research and understanding of the subject.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken. None of the information presented above has been evaluated by a doctor or medical professional, and therefore should not be interpreted as medical advice.

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