Don’t Use These Excuses to Get Money from Parents for Weed!

The top excuses parents just won’t believe…

For anyone that has consumed cannabis or is still consuming marijuana while living under the roof of their parents, it may be all too familiar how excuses need to get a bit creative to keep your love for ganja under the radar. For all those young people out there, parents are often clever, too, and a lot of excuses simply don’t work anymore. For parents who also love cannabis, there are some excuses you should look out for the next time your kid asks for some undisclosed weed money.

Don’t use these excuses to get money from your parents for weed…

Excuses You Shouldn’t Use to Get Money from Your Parents for Weed

There are plenty of ways to come up with weed money to keep yourself medicated, happy, and healthy, but these are definitely the ways you should NOT go about doing so.

Weed Money Excuse #1: “School upped the price of lunch” *slowly saves all extra cash for ganja fund*

The reason why this excuse is a bad idea is for a number of reasons:

  • Your parents could easily check online and see how much lunch is actually costing you.
  • It’s going to take a while for you to save up enough money and, in the end, you won’t be getting all that much ganja out of it.
  • The more money you spend on weed, the less money you’re actually going to be spending on nourishing yourself and eating food. Starving every day at lunch is not a healthy way to live or treat your body.
  • The more you get high, the hungrier you’re probably going to become. You’ll be sad that you spent all that money on weed and not on actually eating lunch. The munchies will turn into a rough experience.

Weed Money Excuse #2: “Mom, my car’s out of gas again. Can I have a twenty?”

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. With inflation, for some individuals it seems reasonable that you could run out of gas money fast, especially if you’re driving far for school or other necessary activities. There are a few reasons, however, why this excuse might not fly:

  • Inflation isn’t THAT insane. Yes, gas prices have gone up in many states. But not to that extent.
  • You might actually end up out of gas, which could easily mean your parents are onto you when you stop being able to show up to school or after-school activities because you don’t want your car to burn any more fuel.
  • If you’re under 18, you might not have that many far away places to go, so it’ll be hard to keep asking for gas money at some point when you’re mostly at home and school.

Weed Money Excuse #3: “I need more money to buy cigarettes.”

Yes, believe it or not, some parents are more OK with their of-age children smoking packs of cigarettes than weed. Why this is the case, the world will never know, but it’s a fact. Not only will you possibly have your parents concerned about your nicotine addiction, but this could also easily be ruled as a poor excuse:

  • You’ll have your parents constantly on your back about quitting cigarettes and how it’s going to be your last pack when in reality you’re actually enjoying herb which is much healthier for a number of reasons. All that nagging and pseudo-intervening is going to get ANNOYING.
  • Your parents might start to wonder why they never actually see you smoking cigarettes, even though you’re asking for money.
  • At some point, your parents will likely actually cut you off, which means your funding for ganja goes down the drain too.

Weed Money Excuse #4: “Can I go get the groceries for you?” *Pockets change to buy herb*

While this excuse does often work for many and in turn makes you seem like an absolute angel, if your parents are on the stricter side, you might end up with a mother or father that wants to check receipts, which could result in further questioning. Here’s why you should skip this excuse next time:

  • You won’t have proof of actually spending all the money they gave you on groceries, and you’ll have to flat out lie when they ask for the change.
  • If you don’t normally help out your parents by getting their groceries, they might start to question what’s gotten into you, leading to various suspicions.

Weed Money Excuse #5: “Dad, I need girl money because I just got my per-” *Dad quickly hands over $20*

Actually, this excuse is a pretty good one and in many ways puts ladies that love to blaze at an advantage, because – let’s face it – even though men shouldn’t be so grossed out about the natural monthly cycles of women, many of them still are. Especially dads. Often times, dads want to avoid this conversation by all means with their daughters, and feminine care products can be quite pricey. There are a few reasons, though, why this plan isn’t foolproof:

  • You might not actually have any money left to buy sanitary products, leaving you in a difficult situation.
  • Your dad might tell you to go talk to mom, and mom, being familiar with the topic, might end up asking questions.
  • Lying to your parents is never a wise move to make unless it’s 100% necessary.

Weed Money Solutions that Work: What You Could Do Instead

While there are plenty of excuses that won’t work to get money from your parents for weed, there are still ways you can have access to all the cannabis you’ll want. Here are some weed money solutions that work instead of making excuses.

Offer to Help Out Around the House

Many parents, at least those that have the money, are happy to hire their kids to help out around the house. Consider asking your parents if there are any chores or tasks you can take care of that are beyond what you should already be doing to cover your rent. Some examples include:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Washing the cars
  • Regularly walking the dog
  • Tutoring your younger siblings
  • Getting groceries, dry cleaning, and running errands
  • Babysitting

The possibilities are endless, AND you’ll be seen as a hard worker that puts forth the effort to get what they want. Best of all, you’ll undoubtedly have some extra cash to spend on marijuana, and you won’t need to make any excuses for it. Few things beat the satisfaction of buying herb that you earned with your own hard work and dedicated effort.

Get a Part-Time Job

We’re sure you’re tired of hearing this, but get a part-time job if you really want to always be able to afford your cannabis consumption. Especially if you’re still living with your parents and aren’t required to pay rent, even with a minimum wage part-time job you’ll still make enough money to cover cannabis use if, of course, you aren’t getting high all day, every day; that could get a bit more pricey.

Depending on where you live, many companies are open and willing to hire young, school-age employees to help out on the weekends and in the evenings. Although this does add a bit more stress to a hectic week of learning, being able to get your own paychecks, even if just a small sum, feels so fulfilling and satisfying; trust us. Best of all, you’ll get familiar with the real value of money, which is a useful realization to possess once you enter your adult years and have to start covering your own bills and expenses.

Get Honest with Your Parents

We totally understand that many adults, let alone parents, are not comfortable with the idea of consuming cannabis, but if you feel like there’s a possibility your parents won’t completely freak out and cut you off, consider getting honest with them about your love for Mary Jane. If you happen to live somewhere where pot is quite readily accepted, and if you suspect that your parents possibly even consume it, don’t be afraid to tell them the truth. If they themselves consume marijuana, chances are they’ll be happy about your truthfulness and support you on your 420 journey, too.

A Note to Parents that Smoke Cannabis

If you are a parent and consume cannabis, don’t be afraid to have the talk with your kids when they’re at an age you deem appropriate. As marijuana is slowly getting legalized all around the world, broader acceptance and tolerance of the plant begins with destigmatizing the way we discuss cannabis, and this starts with being honest with our friends, family, and loved ones if we feel it is right for us. If you suspect your kid likes weed, being open about it not only protects them, it also allows them to feel more comfortable in their own lives, in turn strengthening the relationship you have with them. The bottom line is: Don’t be afraid to be honest.

Final Thoughts on the Excuses You Shouldn’t Use to Get Money from Parents for Weed

There are responsible ways to get the money you need for cannabis, but this article primarily covers the excuses you shouldn’t use. The reasons why you shouldn’t use these excuses vary from one to the next, and a lot is changing in the world now. Parents are more educated than ever on the antics their kids try to pull–thanks internet! There are ways, however, that you can consume marijuana to your heart’s content AND put in the work to get that reefer.

As always, it is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken. Furthermore, we are in no way endorsing the consumption of marijuana amongst minors; we’re merely offering an informative article.