Can’t Roll a Joint? Here Are Your Options

For those who do know how to roll a joint, it may seem like a shock that so many have difficulties with this process, which is thought to be a “right of passage” for most stoners. In reality, knowing how to roll your own joints by hand is not essential, and not even close to necessary. Of course, if you possess this skill, it can be an added bonus, but if you can’t roll a joint, don’t worry: here are your options…and trust us, there are plenty of them…

Here are the Top Alternative Ways to Smoking a Joint

Switch to the Pre-Roll:

Marijuana joint

Although they can sometimes turn out to be a little spendy, a majority of medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis shops offer quick, take-with-you pre-rolled joints that make it simple to smoke these heavenly sticks. These pre-rolls come in many shapes, strains and sizes, offering a multitude of variety for every type of smoker. Some dispensaries offer special deals where they throw in a few pre-rolls for free if you buy a certain monetary amount of other products. Prices for decent to top-shelf quality pre-rolled joints, can range anywhere from $5-$20 for one cone.

A Rolling Machine



Rolling machines do arrive with a bit of a learning curve, but these handy devices can turn out to be quite magical, rolling a perfect joint for you, as long as you know how to set it up. There are simple and easy to follow instructions for these contraptions all over the internet, but here is also a quick overview of the process:

1. Grind up your marijuana buds nice and fine so that they are ready to be smoked in a joint and insert them into the center of the rolling device, where the plastic sheet is curved like a bell, ready to catch the ground up cannabis. Pack this section as densely as you want the joint to be.

2. Make a little space on the right side of where the cannabis is if you decide to have the joint with a filter. If you prefer filter-less joints, fill up the entire space with just ground weed.

3. Using your thumbs and index fingers, close both sides of the machine and move it in a rolling motion, pressing firmly so that the marijuana does not fall out. Once you have done this for a small amount of time (approximately 5-10 seconds), you will notice that the pot has been rolled into a cylinder.

4. Now is the time for the piece of paper. Using a regular sized rolling paper, slip one into the space where your cannabis is, with the gummed edge upwards and facing you. Using your hands again, rotate the rolling machine until only the gummed edge is visible. Give the edge a lick and then keep rolling the device. Give it a few more rolls, and once it’s ready, open up the machine and grab your freshly crafted, gorgeous joint.

The One Hitter (but Not a Quitter):

The most popular one hitters may look like a cigarette, but it is all a big facade. Made to appear incognito, these tubes are actually hollow inside, perfect to be packed up with a pinch or two of some fresh marijuana, so you can light it up and give this thing a puff. In addition to being a quintessential device if you only want to consume just a little Mary Jane, the one hitter also helps disguise your consumption of cannabis, predominantly if you are in a public area and wish to be discrete.

Bongs and Pipes Are Still a Thing:

Certainly a suitable alternative to smoking a joint, even if rolling one might be more convenient due to ease of disposal, less need for a constantly working lighter and simplicity when sharing with friends, bongs and pipes are still an option, and can pack up with just as much weed, unlike the aforementioned one hitter. The down side? They’re bulky, expensive on occasion, sometimes heavy and can be a real pain to clean when the time comes.

One Word- DAB:


For those who long for something a little stronger than a joint, using a butane torch and a dab device to smoke concentrates, waxes or shatters (also referred to as “dabbing”), offers a suitable alternative with higher potencies. It is even rumored that a shatter exists in the world that contains a 98% THC content, so just a tiny hit of this stuff could instantly knock you off your feet. Novices beware, dabbing is not for those without marijuana consumption experience. This alternative method can be immensely potent, even sometimes becoming too intense for advanced, long-time smokers.

Alternatives to Smoking:

If you can’t roll a joint and you’ve realized that maybe smoking marijuana is not for you, but you still desire the medical benefits of this magical, healing plant, then the following choices are seamlessly tailored to you…

Vape that Green Stuff Instead:

Best Wax Vape Pens

Vape: Cloud V Platinum

There are a few different types of vapes available on the marijuana market, but regardless of which one you choice, make sure it is actually suited to be paired with either cannabis oil cartridges, or dry herb. Not just any general vape can work with thick marijuana oil, and if you try utilizing a regular nicotine vape, it could completely fry your device and cost you some money by either ruining your coil, or your entire machine. Most vape shops now sell CBD/THC friendly vaporizers, especially since the vaping trend has risen immensely throughout North America, predominantly throughout legal states. The two most popular types of cannabis appropriate vapes includes, cartridge/oil vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers. Both choices are alternatives to regular smoking, with the dry herb vapes requiring the same cannabis bud you use to roll up in a joint.

The main downside to cartridge only vapes, is that they require you to purchase specialized packed oils, which are then placed into the vaporizing device. Some more expensive vapes are multi-use, offering both dry herb and oil cartridge functions. This selection would be most suited for those who enjoy vaping both oil and dry herb. One upside to the oil; you can purchase pure CBD cartridges instead, an incredible option if you are sensitive to THC or don’t want this psychoactive cannabinoid in your system, yet still long for the medical benefits of cannabis.

An Edible Can Do No Wrong:

Cannabis Edibles Brownies

Last but not least, you could always try an edible. Edibles can be just about anything consumable for the stomach and laced with good ol’ reefer. Some individuals choose to add kief into their cooked dishes, eating their dose of THC along with their regular meal. Others get a little more formal and purchase green pastries, baked goods, candies, chocolates or tinctures from dispensaries, keeping them on hand for when the time is right. T

he world of edibles is quite literally endless, ranging anywhere from cups of tea that will get you high, to your favorite sweets made into stoner treats, (and everything in between). Edibles are not only endless, but also versatile, ranging in a variety of doses, quantities and price ranges. Best of all, if you are a bit crafty in the kitchen, with a simple guide, you can create your own marijuana infused oil or cannabutter and get cooking your own edibles in no time!

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, if you can’t roll a joint, fret not! You still have plenty of alternative options, including using a rolling machine, smoking from a one hitter, using a bong or pipe, consuming an edible, taking a dab or vaping marijuana instead. Best of all, if you decide rolling a joint is a skill you want to master, you’ll still be able to get your fill of cannabis while you are undertaking the learning process. We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.