5 Marijuana Conferences You NEED to Be Aware of for the Rest of 2019

As you know, 2018 was a HUGE year for marijuana, and as the industry grows, so do the number of cannabis conferences. The days of huddling clandestinely in a corner speaking code are long gone. In the modern era, weed lovers can openly declare their desire to sample the best herb and gain a greater understanding of the marvelous marijuana plant.

Cannabis conferences are not limited to North America either. Already this year, we have had a Cannatech Conference in Panama, and another in Israel. While there have already been a few major events such as CannaCon in Seattle, 2019 is only getting warmed up. Here are five important cannabis conferences you can’t afford to miss during the rest of the year.

1 – Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition

This particular four-day Expo actually takes place across three American cities in 2019:

  • New York: May 29 – June 1
  • Los Angeles: September 25 – 28
  • Boston: October 23 – 26

The Expo is a major B2B trade show event for the legal marijuana industry. It is the perfect forum for weed growers, investors, suppliers, dispensary owners, and even medical professionals to identify new areas of growth in the industry. Attendees are typically highly-qualified professionals and entrepreneurs who represent all sectors of the weed industry.

Day one is usually dedicated to Workshops, while Day 2 is when companies set up their exhibits and speakers are invited to address an audience at Keynote and Conference sessions. The following two days have a similar pattern to day 2. If you are interested in attending the New York conference, a one-day Expo Pass costs between $35 and $50 depending on how early you book.

There is also a three-day Expo pass for $50-$75, a three-day Seminar pass for $99-$195, and a Super Saver Professional Pass which costs between $275 and $395. If you want to go to the Workshops, there are several options ranging from $199 to $700. Other options include a Networking Mixer and an Industry Party.

2 – MJ BizCon NEXT New Orleans

MJ Biz is another brand that is spreading the news about marijuana all over the world. European weed lovers can attend the European Cannabis Symposium in Copenhagen on May 6 while there are North American events in New Orleans, Toronto, and Las Vegas.

The next MJ BizCon in the United States is a three-day event and takes place in New Orleans from June 12-14. NEXT is the place to be if you are a marijuana business executive, a grower, an extractor, or one of the industry’s innovators. In New Orleans, you will learn about next-generation technology and ideas likely to be the future of our industry.

Unlike our first entry, you need to purchase a full three-day pass. The April 11 deadline for the Early Bird price of $499 has come and gone, unfortunately. If you buy your pass before May 23, the price is $649, and it will cost $749 from that point onwards.

3 – CannaCon

CannaCon has already been to Seattle in January and is going to make its way to Oklahoma City (18-19 April), Detroit (June 21-22), and Springfield (August 23-24). It is a two-day event and billed as one of the world’s biggest marijuana industry exposition events. The organizers say CannaCon helps business owners achieve success by planning for contingencies.

Attendees will learn all about the most important issues facing the industry today, including retail insights, cultivation & compliance, extraction technology, branding, marketing, and financial trends. There are still tickets available for the upcoming event in Oklahoma City where you can network with fellow professionals and entrepreneurs.

The seminars that will take place in Oklahoma include a guide to consuming cannabis based on terpenes, everything you need to know about feminized seeds, and how to achieve the ideal temperature and humidity in your grow room. There will also be exhibits from companies such as BIC, Air Vapor, Agron, Lightning Labels, Nature’s Kiss and dozens more.

It costs $40 for a one-day ticket to the Expo only, $70 for both days, $100 for a one-day Seminar & Expo pass and $150 for a two-day pass. You better hurry, because these low prices are only available until April 17.

4 – Grow Up Conference & Expo

This two-day event takes place in Niagara Falls from 13-14 September. It is an exclusive event, and its target audience is marijuana industry professionals looking to increase their knowledge, while also networking with like-minded individuals. It is the largest marijuana growing conference and expo in Canada.

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend the opening keynote, every session, and panel, and will also have access to a vast exhibition area, a networking café, and you can also enjoy yourself at a networking party. Most importantly of all, you will learn all about the art of growing marijuana from the professionals.

Overall, there will be more than 200 exhibitors across 80,000 square feet of space. As it is an industry event, weed won’t be available in any form! It is also one of the most affordably priced events on the calendar. At present, you can avail of the Early Bird special price of just C $39 (price is in Canadian dollars).

5 – CBD Expo

Once again, this is a series of expositions taking place across the United States. Here are a few dates for the calendar:

  • Seattle: June 28-29
  • Denver: October 11-12
  • Orlando: November 15-16
  • San Diego: December 5-6

The CBD Expo is a two-day event which claims to be the largest CBD event platform in the industry. It is an opportunity for CBD companies to showcase their products and also to share their knowledge. There will be 75 exhibitors at the event, and 3,500 people have already booked their tickets to the Seattle event in June.

Themes include Medical Trends and Innovations in Technology. There will be an extraction workshop, a DIY mixology lab, and a forum to discuss the benefits of CBD. Lucky attendees will even have a chance to sample some delicious CBD edibles.

As for the speakers, topics are set to include CBD and eCommerce, an A-Z guide to cannabinoids, the economics of CBD and your business, and how CBD looks from a pharmacist’s perspective. Incidentally, as the CBD Expo is taking place across the country, tickets are divided into regions: Northwest, Mountain, East, and West & Natural Products.

If you are interested in attending a conference in the Northwest, for example, tickets are available from $94 to $164. Interestingly, the expo is still welcoming exhibitors so if you have a killer CBD product you want to share with the world, book your table now. A foyer table will set you back $2,250 at the time of writing, with the price set to increase to $2,500 after April 30.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Confernences 2019

Cannabis conferences are a wonderful way for businesses in the marijuana industry to showcase their products, network, and learn more about this incredible plant. Imagine having the opportunity to listen to exclusive seminars where you learn information you won’t find online or presenting your CBD products to an audience of industry professionals with a vested interest.

If you have any intention of becoming a success, you simply must book your tickets for at least one of these expositions, because your rivals certainly will.