5 Best Gifts You Can Get a Stoner [Impress Your Fellow Cannaisseurs]

If you haven’t already noticed, marijuana use is increasing rapidly in the United States. In fact, it’s doubled since 2001. That’s right; stoners are everywhere. So when it comes to the holiday season, birthdays, or any other special occasion, you’re more likely than ever before to be buying a gift for a “stoner,” A.K.A someone who likes weed.

Just a few years ago, most marijuana accessories were all pot leaves and terrible puns. But, thanks to the increased legalization of marijuana across the United States and the subsequent increase in marijuana users, there’s now a huge selection of weed-related items out there for you to buy as gifts for your stoner friends.

Some stoners want to go out into nature and feel the vibes. Other just want to stay at home in their favorite sweatpants for as long as possible. While each of your stoner friends may share some characteristics, no two weed-enthusiasts are really the same. With that in mind, here are five of the best gifts you can get a stoner.

1. E-Lighter

Every stoner knows the struggle of going through a stack of lighters and trying to find one that works. It’s extremely frustrating and a waste of some valuable smoking time. Not to mention, if the lighter gets wet, cracks, or if it’s windy outside, so it’s virtually impossible to use the lighter. Imagine hanging with your friends and then having to put the party on hold until someone is able to find a working lighter. This is why electric lighters are becoming so popular among stoners.

E-lighters are flameless, USB rechargeable, and don’t need to be refilled. They’re also windproof and waterproof. Since they create a spark without a flame, it’s one of the best ways to smoke for your lungs – butane is completely eliminated from the equation. In fact, being that they are flameless, plastic-free, and butane-free (which makes them chemical free), they are all around a healthier option than regular lighters.

They have been designed in such a way that they won’t turn on when not in use, and they are extremely durable. In addition, they’re also great for lighting deep candles, because there is no flame to scorch your fingers.

E-lighters are becoming increasingly popular for convenience and health reasons, and are therefore a great gift to buy for just about any stoner.

2. Cannabis Candle

For many weed-enthusiasts, cannabis use is a ritual in and of itself. It’s often one of enjoyment, relaxation, and a celebration of senses. Many stoners enjoy creating an environment to enhance the experience. Some people will use incense and a special rolling tray, but a simple way to instantly elevate the surroundings is by using a cannabis-infused candle.

They can smell like anything you like – you can find many scented candles for sale from different retailers. Cannabis candles are a great way to brighten the mood, but they could also be used to mute the cannabis cloud discreetly. Candles represent many different things to different people, but having one glowing in the background while you do almost anything, instantly induces “more chill.”

Typically, they are made from cannabis essential oils, and combine distilled oil with terpenes for an overall cannabis scent and feel. Ultimately, cannabis candles should induce feelings of calmness through their aroma and enhance overall well-being.

3. Weed Cookbook

Due to the increasing popularity of weed, cooking with cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. Cannabis-infused food and drinks are one of the hottest new trends, and weed enthusiasts are jumping onboard by learning how to make their own cannabis edibles.

From cannabis-infused tea and coffee to the infamous brownies and now gummy bears, lollipops, and special vegan dishes, the world of marijuana edibles is near limitless. If you can imagine it, someone has probably made an edible cannabis version of it.

However, knowing how to make edibles is a process that requires a certain amount of knowledge, both of weed and of cooking, to craft the perfect match. This is why a weed cookbook is such a great gift idea for a stoner. Chances are high they’ve thought about diving into the world of making their own edibles but perhaps feel a bit overwhelmed by all the different options. Or maybe they’re already familiar with making some edibles but are looking for a few new ideas.

These days there is an endless number of possibilities when it comes to cannabis edibles. A cookbook is a great way to get a little bit of inspiration, and also learn all the ins and outs of cooking with cannabis.


4. Electric Weed Grinder

Electric grinders (shredders) are used to shred the bud down. They are equipped with a top compartment where the bud is placed in its full form. There are some shredders that contain a small compartment, and you can easily fit the entire unit in your pocket, which is very handy for traveling. Other shredders have a large compartment, which means that you can grind up large amounts all at once.

Traditionally, stoners use manual grinders, meaning that they have to crush the bud manually. This process can be very painful on the hands. With electric grinders, the weed gets ground up at the click of a button, and they simply have to unscrew the compartment to get to it. Electric grinders are easier to use, work faster, and allow for more control over the grinding process.

Most stoners will be delighted to receive an electric grinder as a gift if they don’t already have one. However, there are a few stoners who prefer manual grinding – they have their reasons. So, just be sure that an electric grinder is something that the person you are buying the gift for is interested in.

5. Odor-Proof Stash Bag

Most stoners want the most fragrant cannabis, but when traveling outside of their home, it can be a liability. To counter this problem, odor-blocking stash bags have been introduced to the market. Whether your stoner friend would prefer something practical, stylish, lockable, or compact, there’s a stash bag for every type of stoner on the market.

From stylish cross-body stash bags to safety cases, weatherproof bags, and polished stash bags, the selection is endless. These bags are all designed to “mute” or disguise the cannabis scent and also have the purpose of being practical and convenient.

Smell-proof bags are lifesavers for those stoners who smoke the extra stinky stuff. They use carbon technology to absorb any smell completely. There are many online stores that sell odor-proof stash bags, so you shouldn’t have any problem trying to find the perfect one for your bestie.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know exactly what types of gifts are best for stoners, you can get shopping. Each of these items sells for different prices, so whether you’re on a strict budget or looking to splurge a bit, one of these gifts is sure to fit your needs.

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