5 Fun Facts About Weed and Sex

The debate of whether cannabis increases or decreases the desire for sex, or maybe has no effect at all, has long been debated and discussed between scientists, marijuana connoisseurs and the curious folks. Although there isn’t a clear answer, what can be said for the relationship between ganja and getting it on, is that it heavily depends on a lot of various factors that are coming into play regarding THC levels and hormones that are probably raging.

1. Your Strain Can Decide A LOT!
Sativa vs Indica

The bud strain you choose plays a HUGE role on the type of effects you’ll be feeling, and therefore the presence or lack of your arousal. Some strains, particularly Indicas, can really mellow you out, making you want to just couch-lock yourself and stay inside. Other strains, such as Sativas, are very energetic reefer types and have a tendency to make you want to go out and have fun, maybe even be social and have a good time with friends. Hybrids fall somewhere in between those two. Just by the personality of these strains, it’s likely to say that Sativas might be the greater candidate for sexual arousal, however many indica strains can leave you feeling cuddly and cozy, so it all just depends.

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2. You Might Be Done Faster Than You Know It

Weed and Sex facts

In 2009 a study conducted discovered some evidence that consuming marijuana and orgasming too quickly for men, were correlated to one another. Many people will tell you the reasoning behind this is because marijuana makes your perception of time altered and slowed down, so much that you may feel like 1 minute was actually 20 minutes. Imagine what this altered reality does to your sex life. The solution to this is being as mindful as you can if you are dissatisfied with your timing, try remembering that although it may feel like forever, it’s really only a small moment in time.

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3. Cannabis Consumption Can Tie In With Greater Promiscuity

Pot and Sex facts

When the Australian Research Centre in Sex conducted a study in 2009, what they discovered was rather fascinating. Females who frequently consumed marijuana also claimed to have had more than two sexual partners in the last year, while men who consumed any level of reefer doubled in likelihood of reporting more than two partners in the last year. What does this say about ganja? Although there is some connection, at the end of the day the amount of partners and sexual encounters you choose to have in life is solely your choice, regardless of its correlation with weed.

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4. Weed Can Decrease Levels of Testosterone in Men

The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a study in 2002 that seemed to claim marijuana reduces levels of testosterone in the body. Low testosterone also means a lower libido, because this hormone plays an essential role in sexual arousal. Although there is still quite a debate with many varying opinions regarding this research, there is a fair amount of evidence showing a correlation between low testosterone and the good ‘ol green.

5. Ganja Might Decrease Fertility

Marijuana and Sex

Since marijuana is so heavily outlawed in many cultures in society, this has limited our ability to research cannabis, but Oxford University Press’s 2015 published study found evidence that claimed the consumption of marijuana more than once a week can lower a man’s sperm count by nearly a third! Scientists are not quite sure why this is the case, but they hypothesize it could be the THC reacting negatively with certain receptors in the testes. For females, cannabis can affect the cycle of menstruation, leading to fewer eggs being produced and less fertility therefore.

The concepts of the correlation between cannabis and sex are complex ones, with many factors and interactions coming into play, many of which we have no knowledge or understanding of. At the end of the day, these two matters are personal things and are solely the choices and decisions of each separate individual.

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