The Best Ways to Buy Weed Online

It’s no secret that California is quite a pioneer in the weed industry, becoming recognized as the cannabis capital of the world with its outstanding growing conditions, convenient walk-in dispensaries and mind-blowing bud. Of course, CA being the game-changing place that it is, has taken the world of marijuana one step further.

Now, it is easier than ever to receive your herb anywhere and at any time of day. For once, order ganja when it’s convenient for you, even if it’s from the comfort of your very own home. It may seem challenging to understand how you can trust online companies to bring you your tender greens, but we’ve thoroughly done our research so that we can provide you with online dispensaries that are not only reputable, but that also keep identities confidential and that truly care about their customers.

All of these options are completely legal methods of receiving your ganja quick, as long as you possess a CA medical cannabis card…

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The 3 Best Online Marijuana Dispensaries in California:

1. EAZE:



Claiming to deliver their marijuana in just minutes, EAZE has become quite a frontrunner for supreme service online dispensaries, hiring numerous trustworthy and fully background checked drivers to deliver cannabis to you, simply create your profile on their website, select the weed and quantity you desire, provide them with the address you’d like the herb to be delivered to and meet with the driver to complete the exchange when they arrive. Not only does EAZE have an absurdly easy-to-navigate website, but they also have a user-friendly app that you can download to your smartphone, so that the medicine you need is conveniently accessible from the palm of your hand. This incredible online dispensary has a reputation for fast delivery times, often not taking any longer than 30 minutes, as well as top-quality weed and competitive pricing. Best of all, if you love working independently but still in a career that involves good ol’ Mary Jane, EAZE is always searching for new, trustworthy drivers to deliver for them.


  • Currently EAZE delivers only to medical marijuana card holders in the state of California
  • Delivery times are almost always less than 30 minutes!
  • Convenient, quick and so simple to order
  • Highly reputable company, adored by 420-friendly patients all over the Golden State
  • Ample strains to choose from on their menu, always featuring outstanding quality local-grown buds and fair pricing
  • Professional customer support team to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns

Ease of Use:

Ordering with this online dispensary is eazy (see what we did there?) Now, to be serious, their website is exceedingly professional, with a sleek and modern design that is painless to navigate. Once you’ve created an account, logged in and provided your medical recommendation information, ordering your ganja and receiving your delivery is the effortless part. Once you’re all registered, order herb quickly, whenever you want it. Anytime you stumble upon issues or have questions and concerns, EAZE has a rapidly accessible customer support team that will problem solve for you.

Final Thoughts:

There are not many online cannabis dispensaries that surpass the brilliant reputation of EAZE, trusted by thousands of stoners all over California. You don’t have to settle with just buds; also purchase edibles, concentrates, pre rolls and accessories from their seamless website. With an extensive cannabis menu, featuring delicious medicinal strains that can be delivered to your location in minutes, getting your dose of Mary Jane has never been this straightforward. Oh, and one last thing. EAZE also help you get a medical card under their second division EAZE.MD. Read the complete Review on EAZE.MD here.

2. The Goddess Delivers:

how to get weed online


With a slightly different, yet still just as efficient structure as our number online dispensary pick, The Goddess Delivers is a fully compliant medical marijuana cooperative that delivers through quick ship to locations of their patients throughout California. They pride themselves in quick delivery times, full confidentiality and discretion and an affordable yet variety driven selection. It’s simple to order from this online dispensary. Just locate the items you desire, add them to your cart, submit your information and check out. The process runs especially similar to other online shopping sites, with the added requirement of your medical card information.


  • Offering free next business day delivery for all overs order $75 (an absolutely incredible deal)
  • Only serve customers around California
  • The perfect option if you are planning ahead and aren’t in an immediate rush to stock up on more medicine
  • User-friendly website that is simple to navigate and presents a sleek, organized design interface
    Offer an extensive menu beyond just flower including, edibles (chocolates, vegan, candies, oils, baked goods and more), concentrates, tinctures and vape supplies
  • Their free support team can answer questions that arise and assist you with any of your needs
  • Their service hours are from 10AM-6PM every day

Ease of Use:

Featuring a clean website design that is straightforward to navigate and search for the exact items you want, The Goddess Delivers always does their best to ensure that customers are receiving their medicine in a timely and prompt manner. Presenting frequent new strains on their site plus gorgeous full-color pictures to accurately depict all of the products they sell, never feel unsure about your purchases from this top-shelf online cannabis dispensary.

Final Thoughts:

As long as you don’t need your medicine immediately, The Goddess Delivers offers some of the best prices of any online dispensary, making their services a huge plus for any of the regular stoners out there. If you’re willing to do a little planning ahead and order refill ganja a day or two before you’re out, then this dispensary is the way to go. If you need your flower more urgently, choose our dispensaries featured in numbers 1 and 3.

3. SpeedWeed:

speedweed - how to buy weed online


Live delivery servicing Los Angeles and its surrounding neighbourhoods and offering overnight and same-day delivery services to individuals throughout the rest of California, SpeedWeed is a bit of a blend between our selections for numbers 1 and 2 above. They will always try to on-demand deliver to the select cities that they service, but if that just isn’t an option, their shipped delivery speed is not a bad second choice. Known as the largest cannabis online delivery service in California, they pride themselves in being a completely legal and compliant method of getting patients the medicine they need and desire, always only offering fine strains of various Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids. It’s immediately obvious that their service is reputable just by glancing at their website, where it becomes known that popular news outlets such as the LA Times, HBO: Vice and GQ (just to name a few), have all featured SpeedWeed and its outstanding services. What’s maybe even cooler? Their hilarious and sometimes adorable content on their website that makes browsing through pages an actually entertaining experience, and the fact that they seem to not only sell weed, but a lovely collection of accessories and unique THC/CBD items.


  • On-demand delivery available for some serviced cities, same-day or next business day delivery available for the rest of California (delivery is never more than a 2-day wait)
  • Offering so much more than bud: edibles, concentrates, specialty products, seeds, topicals, CBD only, vaporizers and gear (accessories)
  • Hilarious website that is simple, yet fun to navigate through
  • Supreme customer service
  • Raved about by multiple popular news sites, generating a reputable reputation
  • Their deliveries are safe, fast, discreet and completely legal

Ease of Use:

SpeedWeed’s website is clearly laid out, a perfect presentation for individuals with all levels of computer skills. It’s simple to see their shipping times, on-demand serviced cities, product pricing and full-access menu with just the click of a few buttons. Plus, the content of their website is actually pretty funny and entertaining to browse through as you’re placing an order. Additionally, it’s simple to contact customer service and receive any necessary help you might desire.

Final Thoughts:

Although the on-demand services of this online dispensary are limited to certain cities only, their delivery waits are sometimes just as quick, with products often getting received during the next business day. If you live outside of the serviced cities, be sure to plan ahead and re-stock your big crummy ganja jar before it runs dry. The quality of products and level of customer service that SpeedWeed provides is amazing, which has already been noted by a number of popular news outlets, as well as customers California-wide.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this break down of the 3 Best Online Marijuana Dispensaries in California. Delivered weed is likely the way of the future, with stoners rejoicing everywhere now that all the herb they desire can conveniently be delivered to the comfort of their homes. Californians are excited to see what is to come in 2018, when the recreational marijuana legalization will go into effect. We wonder how this will revolutionize the online dispensary industry?

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

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