10 Facts About Marijuana that Will Leave You Mind Blown

With marijuana becoming a major topic in news and media worldwide, it seems that everything should already be known about this magical and medicinal plant. However, there may be some information about ganja that could surprise you.

Here are 10 facts about marijuana that will blow your mind:


1. In America, you can get a degree in pot cultivation, a.k.a. Cannabis Colleges

Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA; University of Vermont in Burlington, VT; University of Oregon in Eugene, OR and University of Colorado in Boulder, CO all offer marijuana cultivation classes and certifications, just to name a few.

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Facts about Marijuana growing

2. The Founding Fathers grew Pot…

Well Hemp technically. Although not the same variety of Cannabis that has THC present and gets you stoned, Hemp has been used for centuries for a variety of reasons. Still, to this day, on a federal level both marijuana AND hemp are illegal in the United States.

3. Marijuana is currently recreationally legal on a state level in 4 states plus the District of Columbia in the US, with 24 states embracing medical marijuana

But these numbers don’t just stop there. Currently Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington are embracing state recreational legality, but it is predicted that in near upcoming elections, 11 other states have the possibility of becoming legal.

4. Cannabis and hops (yes, the ones you brew beer with) are in the same plant family, known as Cannabaceae

That means these two sister plants do not grow so differently from one another, and both certainly require a fine art to raise and cultivate.

Facts about Marijuana hop cones

5. In Colorado, 3 reefer dispensaries exist for every 1 Starbucks

This clearly shows that folks in Colorado admire their ganja much more than their Starbucks caffeinated drinks.

6. There are not only 2 main species of THC containing marijuana

Although many strain varieties exist with hybrids- mixes of Indicas and Sativas, a third species also exists, known as Ruderalis. The origin of Ruderalis is from central Russia and it is quite uncommon compared to Sativas and Indicas. This species typically grows no larger than 2-3 feet in height.

7. Endangered Spotted Owls are threatened in some illegal cannabis cultivation locations in California

In Mendocino County specifically, many Spotted Owls are dying due to the rat poison that can often be found at illegal “guerrilla style” marijuana grows in Northern California.

facts about marijuana owls

8. Buds can be grown with a variety of different scents and colors

In fact there is a strain called Panama-Sedena Red which has bright red sugar leaves to the bud, making it appear almost as if it is a strawberry. Another strain known as Blueberry tastes and smells almost exactly like fresh blueberries. Marijuana buds are phenomenal and incredibly diverse!

9. Ganja is the number 1 most popular illegal drug in the United States

With over 100 million Americans having tried marijuana sometime during their life, and 25 million having used it within the last 12 months. That just goes to show how many people have experimented with the effects of marijuana.

10. Marijuana has over 200 slang terms, all meaning the same thing; Cannabis

Some of these popular names include, reefer, ganja, Mary Jane, bud, the Green, herb, skunk, hash, ganj, weed, pot, grass, purple nuggets, 420 and tree.

You can find out more about these terms here.

In addition to all this mind-blowing marijuana information, there are thousands of more intriguing statistics and facts related to cannabis. Although ganja has many known benefits, both physically and mentally, there are also some detrimental effects of marijuana, so it is advised that the user takes full responsibility for his or her usage and consumption.

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