As the old saying goes, ‘quality is not an act – it is a habit.’ Here at WayofLeaf, we strive in every possible way to embody the sentiment behind this saying; from the articles we publish to the content we review, our entire foundation from day one has been built upon one thing and one thing only: quality.

As such, we have implemented vast amounts of time and resources into recruiting a team of talented writers, editors, and contributors – a team which we believe holds the capacity to produce some of the highest-quality cannabis-related content in the industry.

In today’s lighting-fast age of digital information, it’s no secret that everyone has a voice; an open platform on which to share their thoughts, opinions, and knowledge. With this in mind, we have chosen to utilize the talents and expertise of some of the cannabis industry’s most distinguished figures to deliver the highest-quality news, information, and product reviews to you, the reader.

Each of our six key contributing writers and editors boasts an extensive background within the health and/or medical industries, in addition to sharing a unifying trait that is common to them all: a passion for all things cannabis.

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