Hippie Butler Box Review [NEW Updates!]

For decades, we have had to suffer through the entire Christmas hamper subscription service thing. But finally, stoners are benefiting from modern convenience in the form of companies like Hippie Butler. A typical problem associated with regular marijuana use is the fact you keep running out of essentials such as lighters, filter tips, and rolling papers.

Another issue is making the transition from joint smoking to bong use or dabbing; it is so damned expensive! Not anymore! Subscription services allow you to pay for a monthly weed accessory hamper delivered to your door with complete discretion. The number of such companies is increasing rapidly, and today, we take a look at Hippie Butler – one of the highest-regarded brands in the fledgling niche.

Hippie Butler: What’s on Offer?

Hippie Butler was founded in 2016 and has already snared a legion of fans. Its Unique Value Proposition (USP) is that it offers premium-quality subscription packages you can tailor to your individual needs. All you need to do is answer a few easy questions, and you can pick one of the three monthly subscription box options. The result is a personalized shopping experience seldom seen in the marijuana world.

There is a total of five boxes, including a one-time box. You begin by choosing your preferred box and are then taken to a new page where you must answer questions on your preferences. Then you enter your address and wait for the goods to arrive. Please note that all plans renew automatically, although you can cancel at any time. Arizona residents must pay a sales tax.

The Party Favor – $1 Per Month

The Party Favor - $1 Per Month

With this box, you get everything you need to get rolling, including papers, rolling tips, and matches or hemp wick. Hippie Butler says the goods are worth $5 and it charges $1.99 for shipping and handling.

Rollers Club – $15.99 Per Month

Rollers Club - $15.99 Per Month


As you can probably guess by the name, this box is especially for those who love rolling joints. We all know that great joint rolling is an art form, and with the Rollers Club box, you get all the necessities including lighters, hemp wraps, papers, pre-rolled cones, and several other accessories.

If you select the Rollers Club option, you are invited to choose your preferences. First of all, you need to choose one of Rolling Papers, Hemp Wraps, or a mix of the two. Next, you can have Flavored, Non-Flavored, or a mixture of the two. Subscribers occasionally get a glass piece with the box which has an estimated value of $35.

Butler Box – $32.99 Per Month

Butler Box

This is Hippie Butler’s most popular option and includes a variety of goods such as a grinder, a glass piece, a rolling tray, and candy to help deal with dry mouth. The brand estimates the retail value of this box to be over $60.

When you get to the preferences page, you first need to choose between Dry Blends, Concentrate, and Mod Sun; the latter two options will cost you an extra $7.

Masters Club – $139.99 Per Month

Masters Club

This is the largest subscription box available, and with new items every month, you are definitely going to be kept guessing. Hippie Butler claims that the box’s contents have a retail value of over $250.

On the Preferences page, you need to choose between Dry Blends, Concentrate, or a mix of the two. I did a little digging and found the following contents in one of the boxes:

  • Four-piece Hippie Butler grinder
  • An ultra-cool torch
  • A rolling tray which includes RAW refined pre-rolled tips, silicone slick for concentrates, a Hippie Butler dabbing tool, carb carp, 14mm nail, 2mm banger, lighter, classic RAW black 1.25 rolling papers, 3-pack of King Palm Slim, Hippie Butler Doob Tube with the cone in it, High Hemp organic wraps CBD, a bowl and a wand.
  • A glass piece. On this occasion, it was a high-quality dab rig. However, after checking the Hippie Butler website, I saw similar rigs selling for less than $70. Of course, it is possible that this was a higher-grade piece, but I didn’t see the exact type on the site so can’t say for sure.

Mod Sun Opulent Box – $799 One-Time Purchase

Mod Sun Opulent Box - $799 One-Time Purchase


This is a limited-edition gigantic box, and the first incarnation came as the result of a collaboration with RooR Pure Smoke Kulture and Mod Sun. These boxes can take up to four weeks to ship, and the first box contained the following from Mod Sun:

  • Rolling Tray
  • Large Rolling Hard Case
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Cotton Mouth Candies
  • Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Grinder

RooR contributed these items:

  • Glass Banger
  • Small Glass Tray
  • Glass Circle Ashtray
  • Torch
  • X Mod Sun 12” Water Pipe

Hippie Butler selected the following from its own brand:

  • Glass Jar
  • Bowtie Stickers
  • Bowtie Dabber
  • Mini Quik Wikk

There is also Blazy Susan King Size Papers and Zig Zag Hemp King Size Papers. I was trying to find out how this box was in any way value for money. That is, until I discovered that the RooR X Mod Sun Water Pipe costs $699 by itself! Case closed.

My Hippie Butler Experience

I wasn’t about to pay for the Masters Club option, so I chose the more affordable Butler Box like most of the brand’s subscribers. I like concentrates, so I paid the extra $7 to get a box that apparently has a retail value of over $70.

First and foremost, the packaging was excellent. The container itself looks like a shoe box but has the little Hippie Butler bowtie logo dotted all over it. When I opened the box, I saw the extremely loud, fluorescent yellow protective paper. I was very happy at the quality of the packaging because it is something so many services get wrong.

Hippie Butler packages all of your goodies nice and tightly in bubble wrap. The brand takes special care to protect any glass pieces it sends, which is the bare minimum you would expect from a reputable company to be fair.

The first thing I picked out was a small bag of Cotton Mouth Candy which costs $2 on the website. There are six candies in a bag, and Hippie Butler picks a selection from its list of 10 flavors. Experienced weed users know that cotton mouth is a real pain as it prevents you from continuing your session. Take one of these candies, and your mouth will return to normal and let you smoke some more if you choose! Please note, you will produce a LOT of saliva!

Next up was a Hippie Butler sticker ($1 each on the store) followed by a mini round silicone container with a divider in the middle, which costs $1.50 on the site. It is designed to store concentrates, so you won’t get this if you choose the Dry Blends option, for example. The next item was a can of King 5x Refined Butane worth $3. It contains 300ml, and you use it to refill your lighters.

In addition, the box had a GStar Quad Torch light (worth $8) which is an excellent tool when you are looking to dab. I have to say; it produces one hell of a flame, so be careful and keep it the hell away from the butane! The second to last item was a silicone dab mat worth $8. It is very easy to use and clean, so prep however you want because this mat will keep things neat and tidy.

So far, the Butlers Box provided me with $23.50 worth of goods with the glass piece to come. It needed to be good to justify the price,  and it didn’t disappoint. The rig came with a dome and nail (worth $7), and a nice Bowtie Dabber which costs $3.50 on the site. I wasn’t able to see the exact glass piece on the website, but it was similar to rigs that cost between $30 and $40.

Overall, the value of the package was between $63.50 and $73.50, more or less what the brand promised, so I was pleased with that.

Another Butler Box

Another Butler Box


I searched online to see if anyone else had a similar experience and was impressed by what I found. Pretty much everyone who used the service was happy with the quality and quantity of the items. Here is another example of what you might find in a Butler Box:

  • Glass Spoon Pipe ($15): This is made from extremely thick glass and has a nicely sized mouthpiece and a deep bowl.
  • 4-Piece Grinder ($20): I was disappointed that I didn’t get one of these, but it is awesome. It is a Hippie Butler branded grinder with diamond-shaped teeth. It is made from aluminum and also has a pollen screen, powerful magnet, and a pollen scraper.
  • Cotton Mouth Candies ($2): I already explained what these do.
  • RAW Papers & Tips ($2.50): Self-explanatory, surely!
  • Pre-Rolled RAW Cones ($2.50): Because you never know when you need a nice fat cone!
  • Juicy Jays ($2.25): In my opinion, these guys make the best-flavored wraps and papers around.
  • Clipper Lighter ($6): Fed up with always losing your lighter? Invest in one of these bad boys!
  • Hemp Wraps ($1.50): These wraps contain no tobacco or nicotine, and the twisted cut edges make sure it is properly sealed.

Overall, the above package was worth over $50, which is a fair deal for what you pay.

What Else Does Hippie Butler Sell?

What Else Does Hippie Butler Sell?


Put it this way; if you are unable to find the accessory you need on the Hippie Butler website, you are either too high to see straight or else you don’t know how to use the site’s search function! The brand has seemingly thought of everything. Here is a very brief list of things you can buy from Hippie Butler, and it in no way covers everything:

  • Concentrate Gear: Includes protective mats, protective cases, bangers, carb caps, nails, vape pens, and rigs.
  • Vaporizers: Top brands such as KandyPen, Volcano and G-Pen.
  • Lighters: BIC, Clipper, Vector brands, along with cigarette & torch lighters, and hemp wicks.
  • Grinders: 2 to 5-piece grinders and brands such as Cali, EZ, and SLX.
  • Cones: Regular, flavored, herbal, and clear in sizes including 98mm and 1 ¼ size cones.
  • Wraps: Natural and flavored from brands such as Kingpin, Juicy, and Twisted.
  • Papers: Brands like RAW, Juicy, and Elements in sizes such as Single Wide and King Size.
  • Pipes: Water pipes, bubblers, spoon, silicone, and cones from brands including Hippie Butler, RooR, and Jane West.
  • Accessories: Rolling machines, cone fillers, ashtrays, apparel, and pipe cleaning.

Hippie Butler also has Flash Sales where you can pick up a bargain. The downside is you need to get in before the sale ends. The brand routinely offers half price on awesome items such as glass pipes and quartz bucket bangers.

Where Can I Buy Hippie Butler Products?

Make your way to the official Hippie Butler website and be in awe at what awaits you. Shipping for the Rollers Club, Butler Box, and Masters Club boxes is free in the 48 contiguous states. Unfortunately, customers in Alaska and Hawaii need to pay an additional shipping fee.

Hippie Butler does not ship at the weekend and tries to ship orders within 48 hours. It accepts returns as long as you do so within 10 days of delivery. There is also a Pipe Protect glass warranty option for selected glass pipes. This purchase offers unlimited redemptions of 50% off a replacement piece for up to two years after it has been purchased. It costs $10 of the retail price of the pipe you want to protect.

Final Thoughts on Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler has become one of the best-loved marijuana accessories companies because it offers value for money boxes, and is extremely reliable. I had no issues with regards to delivery, and the items were well packaged in what was a nicely-presented box.

The quality of the goods is complemented by the sheer range of what you get, and the fact you get to customize it to your own needs and desires. Hippie Butler is very much a marijuana aficionado’s brand. The store itself also offers an outstanding array of accessories and goodies. If you are in the market for a pipe, bong, or vaporizer, for example, Hippie Butler sells these items from some of the best brands around.

The Masters Club box is a little on the expensive side but is definitely worth it for what you get. The Opulent Box is as the name suggests, and could be a fabulous gift for a loved one. The Rollers Club box is great for old-school potheads, while the Party Favors option is a good one for individuals who are always running out of the bare essentials!

Rating: 9/10

Hippie Butler Pros

  • Each of the boxes offers value for money.
  • The boxes are well-presented and properly protected.
  • The glass pieces are typically of premium quality.
  • You get to customize your box.
  • Excellent assortment of goodies.
  • There are boxes to suit all budgets.
  • The site itself sells hundreds of other products.

Hippie Butler Cons

  • It only offers monthly subscriptions, while some rivals provide other options such as quarterly deliveries.
  • It is pot luck what you get in each month’s box.