Daily High Club Weed Box [Fully Reviewed]

It is always nice to join a ‘club’ because it involves getting to know people who share at least one similar interest. As far as marijuana is concerned, users once formed a fairly small and exclusive club. However, it is now legal for medicinal use in many states and legal recreationally in over one-third of states. Marijuana is also fully legal in most of Canada. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to operate in the shadows.

Once upon a time, trying to find marijuana accessories was challenging. It usually involved a secret trip to a well-hidden head shop miles from where you lived. Today, these clandestine jaunts have been replaced by subscription services such as the Daily High Club. These brands sell accessory boxes delivered to your doorstep, usually every month.

It is a niche picking up steam, so let’s see how the Daily High Club, often called DHC, fares.

Daily High Club Summary


  • Discreet delivery
  • A choice of three subscription options catered to your needs and budget
  • An excellent online store with a huge range of products
  • You get a high-quality glass piece with every El Primo box
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The Connoisseur V2 box is fairly basic
  • The RAWsentials box seems expensive
  • Overseas customers may have to wait a long time to get their box

What Does the Daily High Club Offer?

The Daily High Club aims to provide the best smoking supplies for a fair price. The company knows that convenience stores make a killing by charging obscene prices for basics such as rolling tips and papers. It aims to put that practice to an end. DHC takes special pride in the design and technology it uses to create glass pipes.

The company collaborates with various brands monthly to provide subscribers with excellent goodies in their boxes.

DHC operates out of Los Angeles and has dozens of employees who curate glass. The company also collaborates with various brands monthly to provide subscribers with excellent goodies in their boxes. Without further ado, let’s look at their subscription box options.


The RAWsentials kit replaces the All-Natural box once available for about a dollar a month plus shipping. It is designed to ensure you never run out of the joint-rolling essentials. The kit includes:

all natural - $1 per month + $3.25 shipping if you live outside the united states

  • An assorted sticker
  • A RAW clipper lighter
  • All-Natural RAW filter tips
  • 25 wide RAW organic hemp rolling papers

If you’re the type of person who always runs out of rolling papers or other basics, this is a great option. However, at $9.99 a month, it is fairly steep.

Connoisseur V2

The Connoisseur V2 box is a must-have for regular marijuana users on a budget. Each month, you receive a package containing 7-9 items. It replaces the original Connoisseur box, which was about half the price.

connoisseur - $9.99 per month + $7 shipping in canada & $11 shipping if outside canada and america

Here is what you’re likely to find in a Connoisseur V2 box:

  • A Doob Tube
  • 3” of Organic Bee Wick
  • A Daily High Club quote sticker
  • A packet of 50 RAW filter tips
  • A 33-pack of King Size Pure Hemp rolling papers
  • A 50-pack of 1.25 size rolling papers
  • A pack of Juicy Jay
  • A 2-pack of pre-rolled cones
  • A 49-pack of Smoking Maiz 1.25 rolling papers

As you can see, it is a pretty solid collection, albeit one still composed of the basics. You have to decide if it is worth $20 a month. Also, please note that the selection varies each time.

El Primo

According to the Daily High Club, its El Primo box contains around $100 worth of goodies. It is a comprehensive offering and includes a glass piece each month. The list of goodies changes each month and could include something like this:

  • A Daily High Club sticker set
  • Full-size clipper lighter
  • Premium 14mm male glass bowl
  • DHC 14mm bong dab rig/bong
  • Custom DHC heart dab wand & carb cap combo tool
  • Directional flow silicone carb cap
  • Blazy Susan 1 ¼ wide pink rolling papers
  • Premium 14mm male quartz banger
  • Custom DHC east coasters rig/bong mat

If you subscribe at $30 a box, the El Primo option seems like excellent value for money. You can also purchase a box for a one-off price of $50. The Daily High Club pledges always to include new glass along with the essentials.

The Daily High Club Experience

Each month, there is a new theme. On one occasion, the theme was bacon! Let’s be honest: Who among you has NOT thought about bacon (aside from vegans and vegetarians) at least once when stoned?

The first thing you’ll probably note is how plain and inoffensive the box is. Brands like Hippie Butler go all-out in terms of design, but DHC prefers it low-key, and so do most cannabis users. Indeed, DHC boxes resemble second-hand shoeboxes, according to some users.

If you subscribe to the El Primo service for a year, you’ll have a lifetime of glass accessories!

You can also expect basic protective paper, even with the glass pieces, which is slightly concerning. Then again, there are few complaints about broken glass, so DHC seems to get its packaging right.

If you get the El Primo box, you’re in for a treat. You can expect the basics such as rolling papers, filter tips, and a lighter. However, you might also receive blunt wraps, sacks to store cannabis, and a pocket grinder. Then there is the small matter of receiving a cool glass piece every month. If you subscribe to the El Primo service for a year, you’ll have a lifetime of glass accessories!

Best of Daily High Club Boxes

You have the option to check out previous boxes, although some are limited edition. Once upon a time, there was a specially themed 420 Box which included:

  • A DHC sticker set
  • XXL Grape Hemp Wrap from Royal Blunts
  • A full-size RAW clipper lighter
  • A RAW tin ashtray
  • A premium tobacco bowl
  • A premium quartz banger
  • Wiz Khalifa RAW rolling tips
  • A permanent smoking screen from SMOJO
  • A Daily High Club 4:20 clock recycler bong or dab rig
  • RAW organic 1.25 wide rolling papers

You might also see older special edition boxes back on sale at half price, so keep your eyes peeled.

What Else Does the Daily High Club Sell?

DHC knows that it is in fierce competition and, as a result, it offers hundreds of products outside its subscription range. It sells bongs, rigs, and pipes. Remember, Daily High Club specializes in glass curation, so it offers glass pieces you won’t find anywhere else. There is a wide range of accessories, including a reasonable selection for under $30.

DHC sells apparel, bubblers, glass that comes from a collaboration with a celebrity, vaporizers, and special scientific glass bongs. Whether you’re searching for a grinder or a Silenced Hippie Peace Pipe, Daily High Club has you covered.

Where Can I Buy Daily High Club Products?

Make your way to the official Daily High Club website. Once you have an account, it is relatively easy to cancel your subscription. DHC also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee as long as you return all unused, unbroken items within 14 days of delivery. Unlike other brands which have confusing monthly cutoffs, DHC keeps it simple. If you order a box in March, you get the March box, simple as that.

Once you have an account, it is relatively easy to cancel your subscription.

If you are an active subscriber, your billing date is moved up by one week until you are charged on the first day of the month. For instance, if you sign up on March 11, your next bill will be on April 4, and your following bill comes on May 1. It can take up to 15 business days for subscription box orders to process. The company usually processes non-subscription orders in five business days.

If the glass piece breaks during shipping, take a picture of the damage. Then you can return it, along with the glass, to the DHC within 48 hours of delivery.

Final Thoughts on the Daily High Club

Although you should feel free to try the RAWsentials and Connoisseur V2 boxes, we recommend going for the El Primo option. You get everything in a Connoisseur box and a cool glass piece such as a bong or pipe. While the packaging is basic, it doesn’t draw any suspicion, which is the entire point!

DHC makes it simple to subscribe and cancel, and we like how easy it is to buy previous boxes, as long as they are not sold out! As is the case with other subscription services, DHC sometimes teams up with celebrities and notable brands to bring you an array of unique products. Past collaborators include Tommy Chong, Crystal Cult, and B-Real.

We also enjoy the Daily High Club’s blog. It has some fascinating articles, including topics like the history and evolution of 420 and the best bong options for marijuana flower. DHC regularly has sales and promotions, so we recommend checking out its site.

Rating: 9/10

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