CannIBless Box [Cannabis Monthly Subscription Box Review]

Anyone who has used CBD products on a regular basis would quickly understand the frustration that comes from having to place regular orders. Or, even worse, those months when you completely forget to order your favorite CBD products and open the cabinet to find you have run out.

A growing number of CBD brands are offering the ability to sign up for monthly subscriptions of your favorite products. Not only do monthly subscriptions usually come with a small discount, but they also mean that you never have to worry about forgetting to place that all urgent order.

CannIBless has taken the idea of monthly subscriptions one step further, creating a box that includes new and fun products for you every month. The CannIBless subscription box makes it easy for you to try new CBD and cannabis products along with the joy of having something exciting to look forward to every month.

Let’s take a closer look at the CannIBless subscription box and find out what you can expect.

Who Is CannIBless?

Before we look at the different subscription boxes and the kind of products you can expect to find inside, let’s delve a little deeper into the CannIBless brand.

CannIBless was founded by people who are passionate about cannabis and hope that, through these carefully created boxes, they can help others to discover the benefits. CannIBless works closely with non-profits campaigning for the legalization of marijuana.

CannIBless also supports charities who aid in the rebuilding of communities that have been negatively affected by crime related to cannabis.

Every time you purchase a subscription box from CannIBless, you are helping to support the various nonprofits and charities that CannIBless works with. CannIBless also believes in filling their boxes with artisan products that provide a unique way to experience CBD and cannabis and support their creators.

CannIBless has put together three subscription boxes in order to ensure that there is an option to suit everyone. Whether you are entirely new to CBD and have a low budget, or are an experienced user looking to treat yourself every month, CannIBless has the box for you.

So, what can you expect from the CannIBless boxes?

CannIBless: The Minimalist Box

The Minimalist box has been designed for those on a budget and those who do not use CBD on a regular basis.

Each Minimalist box contains four to five products that have been carefully chosen by cannabis connoisseurs. The items inside the box change every month so that you can try as many different products as possible.


CannIBless aims to keep boxes as varied and surprising as possible. Example items that you find inside The Minimalist box include smoke essentials, craft foods, and handmade, CBD-infused treats.

CannIBless: The Maximizer Box

The Maximizer Box is an excellent middle ground, with between eight and ten different items each month. Just like The Minimalist Box, all of the items inside your box have been hand-picked by cannabis experts. The boxes are put together so that each item works alongside the other items in the box, helping to create a complete experience.

Items inside the box change every month, making a pleasant surprise when your box arrives at your door. Popular items from The Maximizer Box include CBD-infused bath bombs, CBD edible treats, and cannabis-themed clothing and accessories.

The Maximizer Box is ideal as a gift as it includes a varied and exciting range of items, making it perfect for any friend passionate about cannabis.

CannIBless: The Ultimate Box

The Ultimate Box lives up to its name, containing between fifteen and twenty different cannabis-themed and CBD-infused items. The Ultimate Box is the perfect way to treat yourself (or a friend) every month, with carefully selected items that have been tried and tested by cannabis connoisseurs.

With The Ultimate Box, every month offers a range of fun new ways to enjoy CBD. Items in The Ultimate Box have been put together to ensure that you can add a little CBD to every element of your day.

The Ultimate Box includes CBD edibles such as gummies, chocolates, and drinks. CannIBless also provides beauty and cosmetic products such as CBD balms, creams, and CBD-infused face masks. Some boxes have cannabis themed clothing, including tote bags, socks, and shirts, as well as decorations and accessories.

If you are someone who loves trying new products, then The Ultimate Box is the perfect monthly treat that you cannot afford to miss.

Where to Find CannIBless Subscription Box

CannIBless’ subscription box can be found on the popular subscription box site Crate Joy. One of the great things about CannIBless choosing to use such a well known-subscription service is that you can benefit from all of Crate Joy’s helpful features that make managing your subscription simple.

A great example of the benefits of this mainstream service is the ability to take advantage of their fantastic savings offers. Crate Joy is currently offering a 30% off coupon, which can be used when you purchase your first CannIBless box and sign up to the mailing list.

There are three price options to choose from, with The Minimalist box starting at just $29.52 per month. Prices increase along with the size of the box and the number of products found inside. Other options include The Maximizer for $40.33 and The Ultimate for $133.68.

CannIBless has carefully designed three different box options so that everyone can find the perfect monthly box to suit both their lifestyle and their budget.

CannIBless offers worldwide shipping, with prices varying depending on your location. CannIBless aims to ship boxes on the 20th of each month from the USA.

Final Verdict on CannIBless Monthly Subscription Boxes

CannIBless monthly subscription boxes are a super fun and convenient way to try a wide range of CBD products that you do not typically find in stores. The CannIBless team uses their expert knowledge to put together boxes that make it easy for you to include CBD in simple, but effective ways into your everyday routine.

As an added bonus, every time you purchase a CannIBless subscription box, you are helping to support a number of different charities and non-profit organizations working to promote the health benefits of CBD.

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