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CannIBless Box [Cannabis Monthly Subscription Box Review]

Is this monthly subscription box worth it?

4 min read
Hemper Box Review: Here’s Our Take

If you are serious about your marijuana usage and are determined to enjoy every last gram, it is essential for you to purchase accessories. If you use joints, you need rolling papers, filters and a lighter at the very least, for example. When it comes to weed ‘extras,’ you don’t realize how much you need […]

3 min read
Daily High Club Weed Box [Fully Reviewed]

It is always nice to join a ‘club’ of some sort because it involves getting to know people who share at least one similar interest. As far as marijuana is concerned, weed users once formed a fairly small and exclusive club. However, now that it is legal for medicinal use in 33 states, and legal […]

3 min read
Hippie Butler Box Review [NEW Updates!]

For decades, we have had to suffer through the entire Christmas hamper subscription service thing. But finally, stoners are benefiting from modern convenience in the form of companies like Hippie Butler. A typical problem associated with regular marijuana use is the fact you keep running out of essentials such as lighters, filter tips, and rolling […]

9 min read