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PAX Vapes: A Comprehensive Guide to Usability, Prices, & More

Top Product Overview The Pax 2 is considered revolutionary in vaporizing flowers. This lightweight device has an impressive, long-lasting battery that takes the stress out of vape-use. Warranty 2 years Heating type Conduction Battery type/replaceable 2600 mAH (USB port) / No Recharge time 120+ Minutes Dimensions 1.21"w3.87"l Bowl size 0.35grams Temp settings Automatic temperature control […]

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Grenco Science: The Comprehensive Guide to All Vapes

Top Product Overview The Grenco G pen Elite has been praised for its user-friendliness. The compact yet attractive design is why it continues to be so popular with newer and older vapers alike. Warranty 1 year Heating type Conduction Battery type/replaceable 2200 mAh (micro USB port/ No Recharge time 120-180 Minutes Dimensions 1.5"w4.5"l Bowl size […]

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Marijuana Wax Vape Pens | 5 Of Our Top Picks

Here’s what made our list!

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PAX 3: What You Need to Know About This Vape

Top Product Overview The PAX 3 is a dual-use vaporizer that can be used with both flower or oil. The app temperature control feature makes using it a genuinely modern vaping experience. Warranty 10 years Heating type Conduction Battery type/replaceable 3500 mAH battery (USB charger) / No Recharge time 90+ minutes Dimensions 1.1"w3.8"l Bowl size […]

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Kandypens: Vape Review for 2020 (Price + Product Comparison)

Top Product Overview The KandyPens Rubi is an easy-to-use vaporizer, and the refillable pod means it's more convenient than ever to use the flavors you love. Warranty Lifetime warranty (battery) Heating type Convection Battery type/replaceable 280 mAh battery (micro USB charger) / No Recharge time 30 minutes Dimensions 4.0"l Bowl size 1grams Temp settings Automatic […]

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The 15 Best and Most Reliable Vapes on the Market [MEGA Review]

All vapes reviewed in one comprehensive guide

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Apollo Ecigs Vaporizers: A Comprehensive Review

Top Product Overview The Solare Evolv DNA 75W is a powerhouse vaporizer. It's tailored towards intermediate users as customers can customize both the battery and sub-ohm tank used. Warranty 6 months Heating type Conduction Battery type/replaceable 18650 battery (USB charger) / no Recharge time N/A Dimensions 1.22"w3.35"l Bowl size N/A Temp settings Manual temperature control […]

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Arizer: A Comprehensive Guide to All the Arizer Vapes

Top Product Overview The Arizer Air provides the ultimate vaping flexibility. The device offers 5 different temperatures to choose from and a heat-up speed of 2 minutes. Warranty Lifetime warranty (excludes battery) Heating type Convection and conduction Battery type/replaceable 3500 battery (plug charger) / No Recharge time 150 minutes Dimensions 1.2"w4.8"l Bowl size 0.2grams Temp […]

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