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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a fast heating and beautifully designed device. It's affordability and auto-temperature control makes it particularly appealing to new users.
Lifetime warranty
Heating type
Battery type/replaceable
AA batteries / Yes
Recharge time
180-240 minutes
Bowl size
Temp settings
Automatic temperature control
Temp range
Heat up time
Auto shut-off

The unique features of this vaporizer will blow your mind…

Made in the United States of America and completely portable, the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer, sometimes referred to as the MFLB or simply “the Box”, has revolutionized the world of pocket-sized electronic smoking devices, making it difficult for others to compete with such unique and intriguing features. Designed by Magic Flight, a company based out of the always sunny San Diego, California, where vaping has been a massive practice now for over a decade, these geniuses really know how to perfect a design to the point where it is almost flawless. The company itself launched back in 2009, so it has almost a solid decade of experience under its belt, and since its beginnings Magic Flight has only grown to become stronger and even more efficient at designing products. There is a lot to love about the Launch Box Vape, and although it is not perfect (because nothing in this world is) it does rank pretty damn close.

Keep reading to discover just what makes the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer so unique with our in-depth review…

About the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer:

Radiating organic goodness, even at first glance it is obvious what vibe the Magic Flight is trying to portray with their exquisite and well-loved Launch Box. The exterior is a beautifully finished, hand-carved wood body, which can be purchased in a variety of natural wood shades, including walnut, cherry and maple – just to name a few – as well as some one of a kind, limited edition designs that are crafted to perfection, such as their interesting monocle Launch Box. Having these stunning, outlandish designs to choose from spices up the buying experience, because the exterior not only feels sleek and modern, but it also offers a rustic and earthy twist that is incredibly reminiscent of cannabis and its ancient practice of being consumed.

The crafters at Magic Flight managed to discover a method of combining both tradition and modern times, and out came the Launch Box. Described officially as a portable, handheld vaping device that is small and relatively discrete, the LB only measures 2.5 by 1.5 by 0.9 inches in size, making it by far one of the most compact dry herb vapes on the market.

Features of the Magic Flight Launch Box:

The biggest feature of the Magic Flight Launch Box is probably the fact that it is a silent and discreet alternative to smoking cannabis. Smoking anything does pose some notorious health issues, but choosing to vape has been shown to do less damage to the lungs and body, especially when there is dry herb involved that is free from chemicals. Aside from being better for the health, the actual design of the Launch Box also makes it very safe, because the device is glass-free, so you never have to worry about any parts breaking. Additionally, the actual combustion of the flower is all natural and involves zero by-products, so there will never be any harmful or toxic chemicals involved. By choosing to vaporize the herb as well, it produces little to no scent, which is ideal when you are in public or vaping around individuals who do not approve of your marijuana use.

You can even vape on the go, because it only takes the chamber about 5 seconds to heat up before it is able to begin producing vapor, so you can even start enjoying a pleasant vape session last minute. The company even claims that the device can be utilized in windy conditions and outdoors, which is brilliant for those who are accustomed to their joints or bowls not staying lit when it gets a bit breezy.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or something goes wrong, do not fret or worry, as Magic Flight extends the offer of a lifetime functional warranty to all those who purchase their Launch Box device, simply because they feel that confident in the quality, efficiency and durability of their product.

How to Use the Launch Box Vape:

It is simple to actually use the Launch Box, even though on the surface the design may seem untraditional and complicated. In reality, it is extremely straightforward. The process begins with a chamber where the dried, finely ground marijuana needs to be added in; it is best to pack a balanced amount where the trench is not too full, nor too empty, but rather the marijuana just sits loosely inside. Then, close the lid on the chamber, making sure it locks completely so that no trapped vapor can escape from inside.

The Launch Box runs on AA rechargeable batteries, so the next step is to insert the positive side (+) of the battery into the power hole. On the draw hole at the top, you then need to insert the draw stem and get ready to take a hit. Note that not everyone has to use the draw stem to take a hit, it is just recommended for those who are not as experienced with utilizing this specific vaping device.

When you are ready to inhale the vapor, squeeze your hand against the battery to engage it into the power supply, waiting for about 5 seconds until the chamber has filled up with the cloudy, white vapor and, while still keeping the battery engaged, place your mouth on the draw pipe or directly onto the device, inhale and disengage the battery once you are towards the end of your hit. Once the battery has been disengaged, inhale the remaining vapor and exhale whatever you filled your lungs with. This process may take a bit of practice, but for those who are accustomed to smoking cannabis, it is not very different.

Durability, Price Point and Quality:

There is no question about the quality and durability of the Launch Box, for it is designed and built with handmade craftsmanship and close attention to details, making it a simple choice to purchase if quality is specifically what you are searching for. You would expect the price point to soar high with a handcrafted item made in the United States, but actually, the Launch Box is very affordable, costing only $119.00, and remember that you get to pick your own design. Although there are maybe some more hi-tech, complex vapes on the market, the MFLB is simple and convenient, and in reality sometimes less really is more. If you are alright with the efficient simplicity, then you are certainly getting a lot of bang for your buck with this portable device.

Pros of the Launch Box:

  • Competitive pricing for the quality, design and functionality.
  • Tailored specifically to dry herb use, so for those who love to vape dried cannabis, this device is specialized.
  • Extreme ease of use, including cleaning and breaking down the device afterwards.
  • It is simple to monitor the leftover quantity of your flower, with a clearly marked amount.
  • Made in the USA from a professional, reputable supplier that has been producing vaporizers for almost a decade.
  • Wastes very little product within the chamber, so don’t worry about losing money.

Cons of the Launch Box:

  • Only for dry herb vaping; cannot be used with waxes, cartridges or extracts.
  • Although competitive pricing, may not be an affordable price point for everyone.
  • Not an especially hi-tech vape, so it might actually be a bit too minimalistic for some consumers.
  • Requires a bit of an initial learning period in order to completely grasp the device’s functionality.
  • The dry herb cannabis must be ground down quite a bit before it can be packed in the device.
  • Some consumers report a slightly burnt flavor after extended use.

Final Thoughts on the Magic Flight Launch Box:

Overall, the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is a very particular and unique device that certainly would not be suited for all individuals. If you are a marijuana consumer that loves to vaporize dry herb specifically, and desires a method that prolongs the majority of the flavor, purity, aroma and medicinal qualities, then the MFLB would definitely be a superb option for you. However, for those that prefer to vape cartridges, waxes or oils, this simply is not a fitting choice, since this device is tailored especially to preserve the herb in its almost original form.

That said, this vaporizer is capable of impressing even the most experienced vapers, even if they would not select the dry herb method, because each hit produces a delicious and thick plume of smoke that is delectable when it touches your taste buds, especially when paired up with the top-shelf, best quality weed. We hope you not only found this review to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

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