Dabatoke 3.0 Review: Exploring the #1 Vape

Dabatoke 3.0 Review: The World’s Most Potent Concentrate Vape?

| “When Megatoke realized they couldn’t rest on their laurels in today’s hyper-competitive market, they created the Dabatoke 3.0 — a truly state-of-the-art double coil vaping unit.”

Megatoke was created in 2015 and is also known as Yets Innovations. Their HQ is in Chicago, and the firm is best known for its ‘Megatoke’ devices which quickly captured the imaginations of weed lovers everywhere.

Like all progressive organizations, however, Megatoke realized that they couldn’t rest on their laurels, which is why they created the new Dabatoke 3.0; a lightweight device that enables you to smoke with a water pipe or on the go. In this review, we check out this innovative vaping option to see if it lives up to the hype.

Dabatoke 3.0 Review: Features

First and foremost, the Dabatoke 3.0 looks like a tiny yet elegant pair of binoculars! Its gorgeous golden or silver color positively glistens and invites you to investigate it further. Where this device differs from its competition is via the double coil system which you can use for dry herbs, essential oils, or both at the same time!

| “The Dabatoke 3.0’s double coil system can be used for dry herb, CBD/THC vape oils, or, if you like to party, BOTH at the same time!”


StandardDry herb
Quartz-wrappedCBD/THC vape oil, dabs
CeramicCBD/THC vape oil, dabs

Here is the full list of features on the Dabatoke 3.0 – as you’ll see, it comes with an awful lot of stuff (although you would expect it to for the price):

  • Dual battery and dual system chamber
  • Smart charger with batteries
  • Small, stylish, portable, and discreet design
  • Butane free, Easy cleaning
  • Dual automatic ceramic plunger for guiding dry herb
  • Oil tool / cleaning brush / mouthpiece
  • Water pipe adaptor

| “At $439.99, the Dabatoke 3.0 is one of the most expensive dual-coil units on the market.”


How to Use the Dabatoke 3.0

The beauty of the Dabatoke 3.0 device is that you get to decide whether you want to benefit from dry herb, or go straight for the ultimate high by loading dabs or high-THC concentrate oil. You can easily pull the top part off the device to expose the O-rings. Unscrew them and add the dual coil option of your choice (see chart above for recommended uses).

Let’s say you want to treat yourself to a 70%+ THC oil, simply choose the ceramic or quartz coils and add them to the device. Screw the O-rings back on and add the smalles dash of concentrate. If you’re clumsy and drop the tiny pieces of herb or dab, simply use the included loading tool.

If you’re concerned that the Dabatoke 3.0 might be too complicated to use, think again! Press and hold the power button on the side of the device, and within seconds, your concentrate or herb will begin to vaporize.

You can actually watch it happen in front of your eyes, but eventually, you’ll have to put the top part back on if you want to vape! Next, inhale through the mouthpiece and marvel as the mouth-watering taste of cool vapor passes over your lips.

| “Marvel as the mouth-watering taste of the Dabatoke 3.0’s cool vapor passes over your lips…”

If you want to use dry herb instead, simply change the coils and get to work. One of life’s simple pleasures is using herb and concentrate simultaneously (hence the name ‘Dabatoke’ because you can ‘dab’ and ‘toke’ at the same time). How often have you tried to sprinkle a little bit of wax on a joint? It enhances the high, but you end up burning off and wasting a significant number of cannabinoids.

As the Dabatoke 3.0 is a vaping device, you get the best of both worlds with NO combustion. All you have to do is use a dry herb coil on one side, and a dab coil on the other — add your substances and enjoy!

Also, one of the many great features of this device is ease of use; you can swap coils within a few seconds. When loading herb or concentrate, though, we recommend taking your time and using the loading tool to ensure your substance of choice is properly loaded. It is also best not to stuff the loading chamber. Although the Dabatoke 3.0 does a superb job of vaporizing herb or concentrate, excess loading could reduce vapor production.

Dabatoke 3.0 Review: Final Thoughts

The main benefit of the Dabatoke is its ability to ensure you get absolutely baked if you so choose. If you use an extremely strong concentrate, you WILL be stoned faster than you can even think! The device offers smooth, cool and flavorful vapor that immediately results in a cerebral head high (depending on the marijuana strain you use of course).

| “Really, the main benefit of the Dabatoke 3.0 is its ability to ensure that you get absolutely baked…”

The dual battery system coupled with the stylish yet discreet design means you can take the Dabatoke with you on the road and enjoy heavy hits of herb or wax without drawing undue attention. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and is incredibly easy to assemble. This is a necessary feature, because most users will experiment by trying dabs, herb, then both together! As a result, it is also extremely easy to clean.

The water pipe adaptor is a fantastic addition because it ensures your Dabatoke is compatible with practically every water pipe on the market. Despite being lightweight, the device is durable and should last you a very long time.

On the downside, the customer service offered by the company is not the best around. We had no issues ourselves, but we have heard from a few disgruntled individuals who say the customer service offered by Yets Innovations is amongst the worst they have encountered. Also, although the Dabatoke worked incredibly well for us, some users say that only one side of the device fires.

| “The water pipe adaptor is a fantastic addition because it ensures your Dabatoke is compatible with practically every water pipe on the market…”

Dabatoke 3.0 Review: Overall Verdict 8/10

Overall, we believe the Dabatoke is a state-of-the-art vaping device with good vapor production and outstanding flavor. Its ability to offer both dabs and/or toking capabilities is fantastic, and helps it stand out from the crowd. That being said, we do find it a bit too expensive for our “tastes.”

Dabatoke 3.0 Pros

  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Dual system chamber and coils enable you to use dry herb or oil, and both at the same time.
  • The loading tool is very convenient.
  • It heats up herb or concentrate very quickly.
  • It is well-built, stylish, portable, and discreet.
  • Easy to use and clean.

Dabatoke 3.0 Cons

  • It is extremely expensive.
  • Many of its components are incompatible with others in the market.
  • It is very difficult to get a refund.