Accessories Part 3

Vape devices, rigs, new products, and more…

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How Do Bongs Work? [EXPLAINED for the Newbie]

Everything you need to know

3 min read
Sabretooth Grinder Vs. Phoenician Grinder: Comparison

Which will come out on top?

3 min read
How Safe is Your Vape Pen? [Exploring the Truth]

Diving into the facts...

5 min read
MyBlu Liquid Pods Review: How Would We Rate Them?

Top Product Overview The Blu ACE™ Vaporizer is a refillable vape device which has been especially popular with beginners. Its simple design and automatic heat control makes it easy to use. Warranty 1 year Heating type Convection Battery type/replaceable 1100 mAH battery (micro USB port) / No Recharge time 60 minutes Dimensions 4.3"l Bowl size […]

7 min read
Fake Vaporizers and e-Cigs: How to Spot Them Immediately!

Why you NEED to avoid these fakes

7 min read
Bubbler Bong: How Do You Use Them?

Our complete guide

3 min read