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The 5 BEST Lighters Every Stoner Will Love | The Complete Review

We’ve done the research work for you

4 min read
How to Clean Your Bong [The BEST Guide]

Gotta keep it sparkly fresh...

14 min read
JUUL Vape Review [The Full Guide for 2020]

Top Product Overview The Slate JUUL device is one of the most renowned vapes on the market and is made to be used with the companies JUULpods. Its weight of 14g makes it a great portable device, and it feels incredibly light to use. Warranty 1 year Heating type Convection Battery type/replaceable USB charging port […]

8 min read
How Long Does a Vape Pen Battery Last?

We take a closer look.

3 min read
What Are Refillable Vape Pens and Should You Use Them?

Everything you need to know

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Would You Spend 1 Million Dollars on These INSANE Glass Bongs?

The most expensive bongs on the planet

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